Everything you need to know about Parisian pharmacies


Whenever one travels to a new country, it is important to understand a few things. Today, I will be telling you everything you need to know about Parisian pharmacies. Getting sick during a trip is the worst! If you have the misfortune of feeling a little sick, you should read this article so you know where to go and who to talk to. Pharmacies are the place Parisians go to when they need to get some drugs, medicine or antibiotics. But also, when they need high quality cosmetics, hygiene and beauty products.

You should also know that most Parisians have a great skin, because they usually buy the majority of their beauty products in a parapharmacie, which works as a pharmacy but aditionally sells beauty and hygiene products. If you’re looking for some high quality skin care, a parapharmacie is the perfect place.

In Paris, finding a pharmacy will be no trouble. There are many on every street! Read on and discover everything you need to know about Parisian pharmacies.

How are Parisian pharmacies different from the pharmacies in the United States?


Parisian pharmacies are quite different from the pharmacies in the United States. Parisian pharmacies sell medicine and self care products. While in the United States, the pharmacies kind of look like little grocery stores. You can buy medicine, but you also can buy some cokes, snacks and a magazine as well. In the United States, there are pharmacy chains, such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and Walmart. Parisian pharmacies are privately owned. In Paris, there are no pharmacy chains.

How to locate the pharmacies


Parisian pharmacies are very easy to spot. There are plenty of them all around the city. Plus, you will easily spot them thanks to the huge green flashing lighted crosses! In Paris, pharmacies close from 8 pm to 9 pm. However, some of them stay open the whole night.

Here is a list of a few pharmacies that are open all night in Paris: close to Montmartre, you have the Pharmacie Internationale de Paris at 17 bis boulevard de Rochechouart, the Pharmacie Internationale at 5 place Pigalle. Next to the Opera House, you have the Pharmacie de l’Opéra at 1 rue Auber. In the Marais neighborhood, you will find the Pharmacie du Village at 26 rue du Temple. Then, you also have one on the Avenue Champs-Elysées.

Ask the pharmacists for help


In Paris, don’t hesitate to ask the pharmacists for help. You can feel at ease and tell them your symptoms. Everyone who works in a pharmacy was trained in Pharmacology. They will be able to diagnose ailments and prescribe the adequate medication. However, if they see that your issue needs a special attention, they will tell you to go to the hospital.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about the language barrier. Learning English is part of the university education, so the majority of pharmacists will talk English with you. However, here are a few French expressions for you to use to describe some pains: “maux de tête” for headache, “fièvre” for fever, “mal au ventre” for tummy ache, “brûlures d’estomac” for heartburn, “nausée” for nausea, “mal à la gorge” for sore throat, “le nez qui coule” for runny nose.

If you have a prescription from a doctor, hand it to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will get the medicine from behind the counter for you, and hand write the instructions on the medicine box. Then, they might ask for the “carte vitale” which is the health insurance card of the national health care system in France. If you intend to get reimbursed by your health insurance, ask for a “feuille de soins” as a proof of your medical expenses in Paris.

Practically everything you need to know about Parisian pharmacies has now been told to you! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been helpful! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! We want you to enjoy Paris in the best conditions in perfect shape and good health. So if you feel a little sick while in Paris, go to a pharmacy! The pharmacists will be there to help you, give you advice and find a solution. See you soon in Paris!

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