Eat Seafood on a Budget in Lisbon


For all lovers of good food and seafood, Portugal is one of the best destinations where you can come to taste and enjoy the best European food dishes. In the city of Lisbon, the capital of the country, you can find many restaurants and shops that offer different dishes of fish and seafood fresher than anywhere else in the world. Among the most fish, the most prepared is the cod, or as the Portuguese say, the Bacalhau.

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Among the varieties of seafood and other sea products, you can find recipes with clams, oysters, mussels, lobsters, squid, etc. All of these can be found in most of the restaurants in the city, although many of them may seem very expensive, there are always several options that will save you money. 

If you are considering coming to Lisbon but have a small budget, then we will help you get the best seafood restaurants where you can taste quality dishes without spending so much money. In addition, Portugal is characterized by being one of the cheapest countries in Europe, so to speak.

The Portuguese are very traditional with their recipes. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Portuguese food is so good and tasty. Between seafood and fish, you can find many recipes which you won’t be able to taste all in one trip.

Seafood can be combined with almost any kind of food and fish can be prepared in a hundred different ways. In fact, cod has 365 ways of preparation, a different way for each day of the year. 

There are many people who are reluctant to eat seafood in Lisbon because they think it can be very expensive, but the truth is that you can find many places where it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money to try these succulent dishes.

D’Bacalhau – by D’Bacalhau – Uploaded by them

A complete meal with a good wine, starter, main course and dessert can cost between 15 and 20 Euros per person, among the average options. However, if this seems too much for your budget, do not worry, you can find cheaper options with menus that include the mimes for half the price, or 10 Euros.

Here are some suggestions that you can consider if you want to save a little money so that your budget does not get out of control.

Penalva da Graça

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If you have come to Lisbon before and liked the Portuguese pubs or you are coming for the first time and are interested in getting to know them, then you should come to this place and feel as a part of the neighborhood.

The Penalva da Graça is a seafood restaurant with a very cozy bar where it is common to find many Portuguese people drinking wine or beer and tasting quick sandwiches.

The place is a bit far from the tourist attractions but its atmosphere is really nice and you can eat for very affordable prices. We are talking about an average of 10 to 15 Euros per person. 

Marisqueira M

Marisqueira M, sourced from wikimedia

Marisqueira M is a much-named place in Lisbon; however, very few tourists come to it because they think it is very expensive. Recommended by most locals, located in Barrio Alto, this place is perfect for dinner before continuing to tour the city and its prices are not at all high compared to other restaurants in the city and the country.

One of its main dishes is the Alentejo dish known as açorda de camarão, which can be eaten by up to two people for a price of 18.75 €; there are also other options such as seafood rice for two people which costs 24.90 €. But these are not the only dishes; the menu has a great list of seafood and fish that can suit your tastes and especially your pocket.   

Populi Restaurant

Portuguese seafood rice

Portuguese seafood rice, sourced from Wikimedia

Populi restaurant has a great variety of Portuguese dishes. However, many of them are often combined with Italian food and make this combination a real success with an exquisite taste. To find this mix of recipes you can go to Populi located in Lisbon’s popular yellow square in Praça do Comércio.

Here you can find delicious seafood sandwiches, which cost no more than €10 or try the cataplanas. If you prefer or want to eat something bigger or want to try the seafood, then you can see the menu and find what’s the best for you.

It may not be one of the cheapest restaurants mentioned here, but it has extensive experience in seafood preparation and is still cheaper than other sites in the city of Lisbon.

Marisqueira Uma

Seafood in Lisbon, sourced from MarisqueiraUma

If you like rice and seafood, or rice with seafood, then coming to Marisqueira Uma will be a delight for you. The main dish of this seafood restaurant is rice with seafood; in fact, it is one of the cheapest and tastiest in the city.

This restaurant is located on the corner of the Santa Justa elevator and is one of the best places in Lisbon to eat at very low prices and stay in the center of the city.

The restaurant space also has a terrace on which you can sit and admire the city or watch the rest of the people who frequent the area while tasting the delicious seafood. In addition, the sauces that serve or accompany the seafood are ideal for dipping a little bread.

Medium dishes cost an average of 10 to 15 € per person.

Cantinho do Bem Estar

For those who are looking for seafood at low prices in Lisbon – Cantinho do Bem Estar, in Bairro Alto. The place is quite cozy, meals are served in moderate quantities and the whole look of the place makes you feel like you’re at someone’s house instead of a restaurant.

As in most restaurants in Lisbon, the dishes are ideal for two people, although only one can also eat enough. The average dishes of this place have an average price of 10 to 20 €. It is best to come on weekdays because it is usually full on weekends.

Baía do Peixe

Image by 昕 沈 from Pixabay

If you want to eat seafood until you can’t do it anymore, Baía do Peixe is the perfect place for you. This place serves so much seafood that you may not be able to eat it on your own.

You can start by ordering a seafood rodízio, with which up to two people can eat and has a price of 22.60 €, this includes oysters, sapateira (stuffed crab), mussels, clams, shrimp, lettuce, barnacles and others.

Or you can opt for the rodízio de peixe which only has finfish, for a price of 15.80 €. Coming here can be really addictive because once you start eating seafood you can’t stop. 

Last Porto

In Último Porto they may not serve many seafood dishes, but fresh fish is an option that cannot be overlooked, least of all at the price of this restaurant. Finding this place can really be an adventure, because it’s not in plain sight, in fact, there are Portuguese people who don’t know it.

It is necessary to go through a few back streets to discover it, but it is really worth coming and tasting its dishes. In spite of being hidden, the place has a distinguished clientele and there are even queues to enter at lunchtime.

Sardines and other grilled fish are a real delicacy here, and their prices are not high at all, so you could fit your budget.

Ponto Final

Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay

Ponto Final is a worthy place for tourists because to get there you have to make some effort. You can get there by taking the ferry at Casi do Sodré station to cross the Tagus River to the Calihas pier. Then you have to walk to the 25 de Abril bridge and walk half a mile along Rua do Ginjal.

After doing this tour and having the most beautiful views of the city, you will have reached Ponto Final. A place that you will not regret as you can enjoy a seafood dinner for only 20 €.


Ocean restaurant

Ocean restaurant, sourced from their website

This may be the most expensive restaurant on this list, but if it’s here it’s because it’s really worth coming and it could still fit your budget. Ocean Restaurant is a luxurious restaurant that is located in an Algarve hotel. Many of its clients are locals but it is also frequented by some tourists.

This place has sea view that is really unique, but it’s not the only thing that attracts to this restaurant. This is definitely for its exquisite and varied dishes. Among them, you can find violet prawns, fish with artichokes, scorpionfish, and chipirones. The dishes can have a price of up to 30 €, but it’s really a place worth coming to. 

If you come to Portugal and don’t taste the seafood or other sea products, then they will be wasting your trip. These are just some of the places where you can eat seafood at affordable prices.

Ask a local! The Portuguese will always be attentive and sure to recommend one or several of the best places where you can indulge.

Visit Lisbon and learn more about its great gastronomic culture. You can save more than you think!

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