Department stores in Paris


Paris is known as the city of fashion worldwide. Shopping in Paris is one of the main activities if you visit the City of Lights. Our big department stores are the place that spread fashion all across Europe in the nineteenth century. With 25 million visitors a year, both Parisians and tourists, the Galeries Lafayette are one of the most visited places in Paris. Thanks to this article, you will get to know which ones are the best department stores in Paris! Read on and try to figure out the one that will best suit your tastes!

The tourist favorite: Galeries Lafayette

Located in the Opera area, this department store is the paradise for tourists. The wideness of the collections will allow you to find really different styles but still from reputed brands. Each floor has its particularities: bags, jewels, suits, dresses, shoes… Even the building itself is worth the visit: the rotunda has a roof with incredible stained glass. The cafeteria on the last floor allows you to have an amazing view on the Paris’s roof. This is the most profitable department store in western countries, beating Harrods in London, and Bloomingdale’s in New York. Victim of its success, the only problem is that it is always crowded: 25 million people are doing their shopping there each year.

Parisian department stores: which is the best?
Galeries Lafayette

The most creative: Printemps

The second most important department store in Paris is established just in front the Galeries Lafayette, it is the Printemps. The building is part of the French patrimony. Smaller than the neighbor store, it is almost the same kind of brands and goods that are sold in this store. There are three different building, each with its specialty: women fashion and beauty, house and men fashion. It was also the first store that has invented the Christmas display, mixing fashion and toys, it is aimed to make the whole family dream during winter time.

Le Printemps

The Parisians favorite: BHV «Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville»

Located in the Marais neighborhood, you will find the BHV. Less known from tourists bunches, this department store is mostly for the Parisians of the close-by districts around the Town Hall. There are several buildings providing everything you want, and also everything to take care of a home. Tools, crockery, bed clothes, but also entire floors dedicated to fashion… Characterized the «BHV» as the Parisians call it. It is more practical than chic!

BHV « Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville »

The whole package: Le Bon Marché

This one is the most luxurious of the department stores of Paris. In the Saint Germain-des-Près area, you will need a strong budget to do your shopping at Le Bon Marché: the most refined brands are gathered in this historical building, known as one the creator of the concept of department store. You should also have a look on the great grocery store of Le Bon Marché. Fresh food and products from all over the world are waiting for you!

Le Bon Marché

The most innovative: La Samaritaine

La Samaritaine is located just by the Seine river, next to the nicest bridge of the city, which is the Pont Neuf. La Samaritaine has been closed since the year of 2005 without a warning. That was a big shock for all the Parisians regular. We don’t know for sure how or when it’s going to reopen its doors but we’ll keep you posted. It is however believed to happen in 2018. It is supposed to still be a department store, but it will also include a hotel, a gourmet restaurant and some offices. Now this building is also quite famous as Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) gets on the top of this building in the Bourne Identity movie.

La Samaritaine

You now know some of the best department stores in Paris. I hope you’ve liked this article and that it has provided you with some valuable informations for you to pick the one that will best suit your tastes and interests. Parisians love department stores! It is a fun thing to do on a weekend; plus, you will easily find anything you need. From last minute presents or even a wedding dress, you will be pleased with the variety of items department stores in Paris can provide. See you very soon in Paris!

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