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The Best Universities in Copenhagen


Understudies at the College of Copenhagen have long delighted in being a piece of one of the most exceptionally positioned foundations of higher learning on the planet. With 40,000 enlisted understudies, it is the biggest college in Denmark. It right now offers more than 60 English-showed concentrates on programs across all disciplines.

For more specific instruction, there are additionally the Copenhagen Business college, one of the world’s best MBA schools, and the Specialized College of Denmark. Both deal remarkable training in a city that is notable for its excellent living and understudy cordial climate.

For those looking for top-notch training in expression, engineering, or planning, the renowned Imperial Danish Foundation of Expressive arts might merit a look. Today teaching around 2,000 understudies, it glances back at over 250 years of custom.
Different choices for more practice-arranged training in Copenhagen incorporate the Metropolitan College School, the UCC, and the IT College of Copenhagen.

In this article, we will examine the best colleges in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

1. The University of Copenhagen

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The University of Copenhagen is the biggest instructive organization in Denmark. Together, the six resources offer north than 200 projects to concentrate on well-being and clinical sciences, humanities, regulation, science, sociologies, and religious philosophy.

The College plans to get ready understudies for an expansive scope of occupations in the private and public areas. Consequently, instruction at the College covers explicit abilities, logical strategies, and other more hypothetical abilities that will empower graduates to work on their capabilities. Educating and research are firmly coordinated to accomplish this, above all else by agreeing on their equivalent significance in the everyday work of the scholar and logical staff and while conceivable putting together the instructions concerning exploration.

ADDRESS: Krystalgade 25 1172 Copenhagen K

2. Technical College of Denmark (DTU)

For nearly two centuries DTU, Specialized College of Denmark, has been devoted to satisfying the vision of H.C. Orsted — the dad of electromagnetism — who established the college in 1829 to create and make esteem utilize the natural sciences and the specialized sciences to help society.

Today, DTU is positioned as one of the premier specialized colleges in Europe, keeps on establishing new standards in the number of distributions, and steadily increment and foster our organizations with industry, and tasks achieved by DTU’s logical guidance.

ADDRESS: Anker Engelunds Vej 101 2800 Kongens Lyngby

3. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Copenhagen Business school (CBS) is a state-funded college arranged in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. CBS was laid out in 1917. Today CBS has more than 20,000 understudies, and 2,000 workers and offers a large number of undergrad and graduate projects inside the business, regularly with an interdisciplinary and global concentration. CBS is licensed by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement Framework), AMBA (Relationship of MBAs), as well as AACSB (Relationship to Progress University Schools of Business), in this manner making it one of a handful of schools overall to hold the “triple-crown” certification.

ADDRESS: Solbjerg Plads 3 DK-2000 Frederiksberg

4. The Royal Danish Academy of fine arts

Image: The Life Class at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. By Wilhelm Bendz. Wikimedia Commons

KADK joins three fields of information: scholarly examination, imaginative exploration, and expert practice as three unique ways of finding, designing, and making.
These three fields are firmly interlinked in the training, empowering us to foster alumni and information, which match the requirements of the calling, while at the same time contributing a-list research, pivotal imaginative plan, and new trial understanding. Our insight base gives KADK a novel situation among instructive and research establishments both in Denmark and abroad.

ADDRESS: Philip de Langes Allé 10 1435 Copenhagen K

5. Metropolitan University College

Metropolitan College School can measure up to a college of applied sciences with grounds in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the more prominent Copenhagen Region. Metropolitan College School offers Four-year certification programs, Foundation Calling Certification programs, postgraduate examinations, and behaviors applied to innovative work exercises in government assistance area subjects like well-being, recovery, government assistance innovation, executives, training, and social work.

ADDRESS: Københavns Professionshøjskole Humletorvet 3 1799 København V

6. University college UCC

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UCC is one of Denmark’s fundamental suppliers of educator schooling, social instruction, and postgraduate and beneficial certificate degrees in related fields. We likewise instruct medical caretakers, physiotherapists, psychomotor specialists, and communication via gestures translators, and material and workmanship planners.
Global, expert and scholastic systems administration is at the center of UCC’s undertakings to help the nature of our review programs, proficient improvement exercises, and examination. Other than understudy and staff portability, UCC participates in innovative work inside the Nordic and European instructive establishments.

ADDRESS: Københavns Professionshøjskole Humletorvet 3 1799 København V

7. IT College of Copenhagen (ITU)

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The IT College is the most youthful in Denmark laid out in 1999. Given its main goal of adding to making Denmark especially great at making esteem with IT the IT College endeavors to convey globally perceived and profoundly applicable examination and training.

Roughly 2,600 understudies are signed up for the college. Since the foundation understudies with more than 100 different four-year certifications have been conceded. By far most of the alumni are utilized in the confidential area.

Albeit simply a little country of around 5 million individuals, Denmark’s colleges guarantee a portion of the best positions in worldwide rankings.

Three of the best colleges in Denmark are situated in Copenhagen, the capital: the College of Copenhagen (KU), emphatically positioned among the main 100 colleges on the planet; the Specialized College of Denmark (DTU), one of the world’s best designing schools; and the Copenhagen Business college (CBS), widely acclaimed for its highest level MBA program.

While picking a college in Denmark, note that the most well-known global college rankings depend vigorously on research yield – and subsequently, miss a ton of Denmark’s college universities and business foundations that emphasize pragmatic schooling.

Concentrations over and again show that individuals in Denmark are the most joyful on the planet. Furthermore, global understudies can’t help but concur: Colleges in Denmark offer great schooling with a cutting-edge way to deal with education, there are no educational expenses for Europeans, and you can look over many Single guys or Bosses in English.

These open doors consolidate to establish a scholarly climate that helps deliver probably the most brilliant personalities on the planet. While not considering, nights will see numerous understudies congregating in the endless bars, bistros, and eateries coating the waterfront. With committed bike paths, those on a tight spending plan can undoubtedly get around the requirement for a vehicle.

However, for those hoping to enjoy some time off from metropolitan life, escaping town is likewise surprisingly simple. Consolidating this with the gentle climate and the city’s advantageous area inside Scandinavia and Europe, it is not difficult to see the reason why youngsters from around the world decide to concentrate on Copenhagen. View our website for more on Copenhagen and guided local tours.

ADDRESS: Rued Langgaards Vej 7 DK-2300 Copenhagen S Denmark