Mental health is a conversation that has always been talked about. There are so many organizations, institutions and movements trying their best to address it. What I’ve come to learn however is that as human beings, we all have our demons whether we show them or not. The assumption made unfortunately is always that if you’re rich or famous, this thing called mental health challenges shouldn’t even be in your vocabulary and I think that’s why the more famous and prominent you are, the more you won’t talk about it and the more you drown with no one to help.

Jason Frank, unfortunately, passed away on November 19th, 2022 at the age of 49. His wife confirmed that the cause of death was suicide revealing that Frank had been battling depression and mental health issues for quite a long time. In her own words, she said, “I lost the love of my life. Jason was a good man, but he was not without his demons.” In an attempt to describe what went down that fateful night, his wife, Tammy, in an emotional interview said, “I must’ve been gone no more than 10 minutes. I went back upstairs and began knocking on the door to no answer. I knocked repeatedly and kept calling for his name to open the door. I don’t know if the hotel staff or a guest called the police, but after I was taken downstairs by the police, they were able to open the door and found that Jason took his life.”

Jason Frank was a very prominent and famous figure in the Hollywood scene. He graced our TV when we were when power rangers were first aired. It’s ironic how he played the role of a superhero (basically someone who is invisible, indestructible and a saver of humanity) but in the end, there was no one to save him. It’s so sad and heartbreaking. Why? Because for someone to commit suicide, it means they’ve come to an end and no matter how hard they’re trying to see that silver lining everyone keeps blabbering about, they really can’t. Having lost someone close to suicide, I can only imagine what his family is going through. The blame game that’s going on. The unanswered questions that you’re desperate to get answers to. I hope that at this trying time they may find peace and healing and that his children will always remember him as the best dad they ever had. A dad who gave his best until he couldn’t.
It kind of shows how depression doesn’t choose whom to attack and who not to attack. We’re all human. Life is quite challenging and if you have no reason to want to hold on, if you feel like you’ve got nothing else you lose, then you can easily just give up. Please remember that everyone even if they aren’t showing it is battling something. That’s why I always like to say and remind myself every single day, to “Be kind. Everyone is suffering from something.” 

It is also good to note that talking is good. I know it is easier said than done especially when you keep wondering if anyone really will understand you but you know how they say a problem shared is half solved? They weren’t tripping when they came up with that saying. See, we all need a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. Because guess what, the more you bottle up things, the more the chances are of them exploding one day and when that happens, salvaging anything will be a lot harder than you think. I know life has its challenge but there’s nothing that doesn’t have a solution. Even when it seems like the situation will never be solved, believe me, there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel. Our job as human beings is to constantly look for that light no matter how much tempting giving up is and every voice in our heads is asking what is the damn point.

Sadly, yet another soul has been lost due to suicide. I hope and pray that he finally got the rest he craved to reach that point of no return.