Spain has one of the most diverse cultures in the world, and visiting it is worth every penny. So, if you are searching for a country to travel to, where you can live a different experience depending on the city you are in, I think you should consider Spain. I will tell you more reasons in the following paragraphs.

Spain’s culture fascinates me, mainly because of the influence of numerous people that inhabited the country. Arabic people have enormously contributed to some regions, especially in architecture. When you visit Andaluzia, you can see this influence in multiple regional buildings. Many castles, Arabic Baths, and many other types of construction. Granada is one of my favorite cities and exemplifies it. Walking around its streets, you can easily find a sumptuous Arab palace.

Let me tell you what I think is the most fantastic thing about Spain: There are 6 languages in the country Castellano, catalán, Valenciano, Gallego, Euskera y Aranés. But, unfortunately, the languages suffered a massive drop in the number of speakers, mainly because of the dictatorship period in Spain, when just the Castellano was allowed in the schools and Universities. But you can still find people that speak these languages, mainly the elderly.

Paella – by Joost van Os – Pexels

What about the food? Hmmm… The food plays a massive role in my decision of what place to visit. The food in Spain varies depending on your region, but it is always good. Seafood and rice are the main ingredients in most areas. Still, vegetables, pork, or steak are very common. The Cochinillo, the Paella, and the Jamon Iberico are my favorites, and I strongly recommend you try them.

History is also an important part when I’m choosing a place to visit. Across Spain, you can see a lot of museums that are filled with history and beautiful art. In the Capital, Madrid is where are 2 of the most important museums of the world, Reina Sofia and El Prado. You can easily spend almost a day looking at the thousands of art pieces. Barcelona’s most important museums are the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Picasso museum.

Finally, let’s talk about the beaches. I love beaches, especially the ones with crystal-clear water, and Spain has many places like this. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Cantabrian Sea. Each one has a beautiful and fantastic coast. But, of course, the most famous beach destinations are Barcelona, Ibiza, and Mallorca, all of which are by the Mediterranean sea and have breath taken landscapes.

 So if you want to see many countries in one, you should spend a couple of weeks traveling throughout this amazing country. Que desfrutes!