By George Wilson

I'm George, but my friends and family call me Geordie, so feel free to call me whatever you like best. I've been a Football freak since I'm a kid. I remember playing and watching it all the time, which made me grow up and become a football scout for a small club in the Uk. So here I'll share my thoughts about the industry and the players I like the most.

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By George Wilson

How do we get more black coaches in Pro Sports

It does not have to take you years or centuries to notice this because it is a common occurrence. Take a minute this weekend to watch the National Football League. The most likely observation is the presence of a few black players led by a white coach. The assistant manager is also likely to be […]

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By George Wilson

Overpayment in football—ruining careers?

Imagine a world without football, and football itself did not exist in the first place. We can all agree that the world is changing, but that change is diminishing some critical individuals. I’ll take a close look at the football clubs. Are the standards that existed with football legends and clubs still in place? Is […]