They say age is just but a number. They also say (whoever ‘they’ is) that you should enjoy the days of your youth because you’ll be curtailed from doing so many things when old age starts creeping in. Shema Moore would however beg to differ.

At 52 years of age, Moore welcomed a bouncing baby girl, and he was all giddy and super excited. He described his daughter as “already the love of my life.” The proud father admitted that he couldn’t wait to see how the journey of fatherhood unfolds.

Of course, not everyone in these streets known as social media, was amused by this. Some people felt that it isn’t fair for the kid because, by the time that child is 20 years old, the dad will be about 72 and heading towards his grave.

There was also another argument that men who have advanced ages should be careful because more often than not, their children end up having a low IQ. Hey! I’m no doctor, but I believe people should really learn to mind their own business.

The guy is thrilled to have a small human who will be calling him dad and though I’m not a parent myself, I think that’s the greatest honor and blessing that can be bestowed on a person. So instead of tearing him down, we should all be celebrating and being happy for him because, after all, everything happens at the right time and at the right season. It could be that his season is now and NOW is his time to actually be a dad who will make a difference in that kid’s life.

I don’t know about you, but my belief is that it is never ever too late to become a dad or a mom. At whatever age, you can become a parent. I mean, in the bible Sarah got pregnant when she was freaking 90 (I hope I haven’t exaggerated much) but she did. And that child ended up becoming a forefather to some of the most respected and important people in the world of Christianity.

Anyway, to the new father in town, congratulations to you and all the best!