I know this is a conversation that has constantly been talked about, but it is so heartbreaking that discrimination in America is still a very big thing. The black community in America is facing so much, and every day you sign into your social media account, there’s always a story. The other day in TikTok, a hashtag known as “#blackgirlfollowtrain,” really trended and I was so shocked by how non-black people were quick to scream racism and discrimination. Where are they when young black men are being murdered and harassed by the police? Where are these voices when black women are being dissed left, right and center? But wait until black women on social media join forces and try to empower one another. It becomes an issue. Really??!! I mean, even the hashtag was taken down by TikTok.

Honestly, I am tired of this old conversation. Another video on TikTok popped up where a black man died after calling EMT to help him because he had some medical issues. The team didn’t even take his case seriously, and one hour later, this man died. Do you want to take a guess what his race was? Yea, your guess is as good as mine. I can’t help but wonder if this man was Caucasian, would he have received the same treatment? It’s the one question plaguing my mind and every time I think about it my heart breaks more. Black people in America are facing so much, and I do not know if this narrative will ever change. It is so bad that black men passionately hate black women and when asked why this is so, they honestly don’t even have a legit reason. The inferiority complex because of being treated like shit has become so bad that subconsciously their self-esteem has been badly injured to the point they don’t want anything to do with the black race. It’s a bit hurting, to be honest whenever you see black men in America tearing down their women instead of lifting them up given how much they are already dealing with at that point.

Anyway, the question is, will this vicious cycle ever end? Will black people ever be treated as human beings? I mean, they have already suffered so much for crying out loud. Wasn’t slavery enough?