On October 2022, the UK made history with Rishi Sunak being elected as the new prime minister. It was such a big deal and every tabloid talked of how the UK had made history and done something that is unheard of. Don’t mean to rain on the whole parade but I can’t help but wonder, why is it even a big deal ?? Why is it that when someone of another race other than white gets international recognition, it’s news?? I repeat, why is it a big deal? Well… I’ll tell you why. It’s because, for such a long time, any other race apart from white has always been deemed inferior.

As much as Rishi is very well accomplished and even the youngest to have taken the position, I hate how the tabloids specifically focused on the fact that he’s of Indian descent. Okay fine, it’s good for him, hurrah! But why should that matter?? It’s attitudes like these that convince me we’ll never get rid of racial inequality. Why are people shocked that a brown person was elected? Why is it that history has been made in the first place? If we had equality, then the topic of his race wouldn’t even have surfaced. It wouldn’t even have been a surprise that he was elected.

Goes to show how we really have a long way to go as a civilization. How I long for a day when as human beings we will never look at each other in terms of race. I long for the day when that won’t even matter or better yet, be a determining factor of anything. Anyway, I’m truly happy for Rishi but I also dread how many stereotypical analogies will arise if he was to make a mistake or even make an opinion that’s a bit unpopular with the mass.  You’ll see how brown people will be crucified and the kind of prejudices they’ll face. I truly dread it.