Clothes Shopping in Rome


Rome is one of Europe’s thriving fashion capitals.  An old Cervantes quote says” to Rome, for everything!’’

Rome has it all when it comes to fashion and style. Clothes shopping in Rome is a truly enjoyable experience. Avid shoppers will have the time of their life while they explore the city’s numerous boutiques.

Most Roman clothing stores feature unique accessories and outfits for every taste and budget.

For different people, clothes shopping in Rome means a different experience.

Exclusive Brand Name Shopping

Via Dei Condoti, image sourced by Bvlgari

Are you looking for an alta-moda (high-fashion) shopping adventure?

Fashion afacionados with a considerable shopping budget can stroll down the iconic Via Dei Condotti for a chance to view the latest collections of renowned fashion designers, including Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari or Armani.  Being known as one of Rome’s most exclusive streets, this chic spot attracts elegant customers from all over the globe for clothes shopping in Rome.

Via Dei Condotti is in proximity to Piazza Spagna (The Spanish Steps) where shoppers can head out for a relaxing sight-seeing ‘’time-out,’’ and also mingle with the international crowds.

Market Shopping

Via Sannio Market, image sourced from Rome Luv

For those who prefer to go clothes shopping in Rome with the goal of finding trendy outfits in an open-air, casual environment, the Via Sannio Market has plenty of varieties, including casual and more elegant styles.

The outfits are affordable and if you have some extra time on your schedule, you can find the perfect matching jewelry or an accessory from the offerings of multiple local vendors.

The Via Sannio Market is open daily from early morning until 8pm.  Not only the market features spectacular hand-made clothing, but it also boasts items for sports activities, including fishing and hunting.

Work hours are Mon-Sat 09.00-16.30. Sun closed.

Commercial Malls

Galleria Alberto Sordi

Commercial malls in Rome are not as common as commercial centers in other major European cities. Clothes shopping in Rome is frequently related to traditional boutiques, exclusive brand name stores and open-air markets.

Those who favor commercial malls for their shopping activities can check out the Galleria Alberto Sordi on the famous Via Del Corso. The mall is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, and features mainstream brands like Calvin Klein Jeans, Bershka and Furla, all amazing recommendations for those looking to do some clothes shopping in Rome.

For those who don’t mind the charm of the Roman suburbs, Porta Di Roma in the city’s northeastern part has a lot to offer for locals and tourists alike, from universal brands like Zara and Mango to Italian-inspired fashion such as Antony Morato.

The Porta Di Roma commercial center also features a variety of cafeterias and bistros for a short respite from shopping activities.

The Monti Neighborhood for Local Shopping

LOL Boutique – Via Urbana in Monti

If you want to feel Roma’s true spirit and go clothes shopping in Rome like a local, head out to the vibrant Monti neighborhood where you will certainly come across an impressive piece of roman-inspired clothing to add to your fashion wardrobe.

With legends dating back to 14th century, the Monti neighborhood is known for its unforgettable historical charm and traditional family-run stores.

In this chic area, old shops are mixed with modern stores, providing tourists with the chance to enjoy the best of both fashion worlds. Stroll along its romantic cobblestone streets and drop by the numerous tiny stores to find yourself an unforgettable clothing piece to bring home with you.

The recommended street for a casual shopping visit and a coffee break under the marvelous Roman skies is the cozy Via Urbana, with taverns, authentic Italian restaurants, and artisan shops.

One of the recommended stops for clothes shopping in Rome is the iconic LOL store, strategically located in a central and sun-kissed Monti location. The LOL boutique features trendy fashion tendencies of Italian designers and French- influenced pieces.

The clothing follows a rainbow color pattern, and you can easily spot the color you want and match it up with a trendy accessory.

LOL, Via Urbana, 92, Rome, Italy, + 39 06 9603 8607

Via Del Governo Vecchio – A Vibrant Area for Clothes Shopping in Rome

Ibiz Leather Store – an Iconic Neighborhood Symbol

If you want to continue your shopping experience in a scenic historical setting amid cozy, trendy shops, Via Del Governo Vecchio is the right destination. In this amazing neighborhood, you can find cute fashion boutiques featuring trendy deals on a budget, or high-quality hand-made accessories for those who don’t mind spending extra time identifying the right outfit to take home.

Mixture of classical models from 1980s or 1990s with a trendy vibe will appeal to those looking for outfits that bring about the charm of the past.

One of the tourist favorites is Ibiz, a cozy leather goods shop that provides high-quality leather-made accessories to locals and visitors. A family-run store in the heart of Rome, Ibiz offers excellent gift for those looking to bring a high-quality Roman treasure home.  Products are hand-made and customized, with a touch of elegance and finesse.

Via dei Chiavari 3900186 Rome, Italy Phone number+39 06 68307297

Trendy Brand Shopping: Via Del Corso

Via Del Corso, image sourced from Wanted in Rome

Via di Corso is one of Rome’s most happening destinations, and an arena for tourists, locals, socialites and shoppers from all over the globe. There, you can find everything from high- end goods, silken ties and leather accessories to alta-moda shoes or towering stilettos.

Via Del Corso is one of Roma’s more affordable shopping options, featuring brands of the likes of Benetton, Nike, Puma, Zara and Pinko. The street is also an iconic destination for casual walk, or a cocktail stop for both visitors and locals.

Clothes shopping in Rome is not limited to the main commercial areas. As you stroll the streets of the Eternal City you can come across a variety of open-air stalls, cute little boutiques and even street traders offering a Prada or Armani brand replica for less than 15 euro.

No matter whether you shopping trip has been carefully planned or spontaneous, you will certainly find something that will appeal to your taste in the multi-faceted city of Roma. Rome shopping is not only limited to clothes and accessories. Rome is the shopping land for unique antiques, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and varieties of gifts and memorabilia to make your home unique.