Cheap Places to Drink Beer in Prague


Jorge Láscar from Australia [CC BY 2.0 (]

Why pay $9 for a pint in New York when you can have a Pilsner for $1?

Prague is known for being an inexpensive destination spot that is popular among tourists from all over the world. The beautiful architecture, numerous attractions, and friendly people make this a sought-after holiday location. Even more important – the beer here is cheap. And not only cheap, but very good.

You won’t be finding watery-Miller Lite on tap here. No, you’ll get quality Czech and craft beer, expertly poured, for about a third of the price of a London pint. No more waiting in line at Wetherspoon’s for a £7 Smithwick’s. No more roaming around Times Square to find a beer for less than $10. You’ll be able to stroll up to a bar in the city and order a pint of Pilsner for less than $3. Welcome to Prague. We’ll give you a few good spots to check out for the cheapest places to drink beer in this eclectic and atmospheric city. 

1. Café Bar Propaganda

First up, we have Café Bar Propaganda. Situated near the National Theater in a bustling part of town in Prague 1, this bar is always busy, filled with locals and tourists alike. Despite being smaller than most, the tiny atmosphere creates a homely and welcoming vibe.

The unassuming interior and tiny space make this feel like a traditional Czech spot that has been inhabited by the local crowd for years. Since it’s pretty small, it can get pretty crowded during peak times – all the better reason to day drink. The beer here is really cheap, with a good selection that almost everyone will enjoy. 

2. The Cafe-Pub Atmosphere

Next on our list, we bring you The Cafe-Pub Atmosphere. Also located in Prague 1, this pub gives off a great vibe and cheap beer – some for less than $1. Steep steps lead down to a beer garden which is perfect for the summer months. To your right, you can head inside to the café – and beeline it to the bar.

The tavern style inside creates an unpretentious and relaxed space to sit and have a few drinks, with low lighting and modern decor. Small bars in each room give you a chance to sit in any space you want to, and be sure you’re close enough to easily grab another beer.

This place is just as popular as Café Bar Propaganda since it’s in the center of town, so if you’re sitting down for some food with your beer you’re going to want to get there early.

3. Beer Geek Bar

If craft beer is your thing, check out Beer Geek bar. This Prague 3 spot was one of the first bars in this neighborhood, helping transform this area from an up-and-coming location to a destination for a night out. Here you will only find Czech and international craft beer – we love this rule.

The 32 rotating taps and plenty of bottled-options give some of the best diversity in the city. The minimalist vibes provide an Instagram-worthy spot for hipsters, with few pictures and decorations, and the wood-topped bar with taps in plain view giving an industrial look. For real craft-beer lovers who want something a little different from the traditional Czech hole-in-the-wall pub, this is a great spot. 

4. U Zlateho tygra

Detouring back to traditional Czech establishments, we have U Zlateho tygra, being one of the most famous bars in the city. The people who work here aren’t going to be overly friendly to cater to your current beverage-happy mood – no, you’re going to get stoic looks as you are served a great beer.

The people who frequent this bar match the attitude of the staff – half of the pub dwellers are locals who don’t understand why all these tourists are coming in and smiling and taking photos.

The juxtaposition of stone-cold locals mixed with smiling and half-nervous tourists is what makes this place so fun to visit. Personally, I love the bars and pubs that don’t try too hard – after all, tourists come to Prague to enjoy in traditional Czech culture, right? Well, an unpretentious bar with real people – both workers and patrons – and high-quality beer is exactly why you should visit Prague.

5. Jazz Dock

If you want some entertainment with your beverages, head to Jazz Dock in Prague 5. With unparalleled views of the waterfront, this eclectic building uses unique architecture and interesting designs to capture your attention. The entrance to this venue is only 150 CZK, and only 90 CZK if you’re under 25 – coming out to $6 and $4 respectively.

The prices of beer are great for a music venue, being only $1.50 for a hearty pour. That’s a great price for a drink in general in the city, let alone for a music venue, where the prices of everything are usually multiplied tenfold.

With concerts usually beginning at 10 pm, and followed by typical impromptu jam sessions, this music venue is a great spot to do something different, listen to some tunes, and enjoy cheap drinks. 

6. The Pub

For those all-you-can-drink drinkers, we recommend checking out The Pub. If you don’t know when to stop drinking, we don’t recommend this spot – for safety reasons. Each table has their own tap, and you are in charge of your beer pouring. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul – good luck.

You are logged in with other patrons in the pub, so you can track the amount of beer you’re drinking (responsible) and compare and compete with others in the venue (not responsible). The pub also is hooked up to other locations of this chain, with ‘stats’ broadcasted on massive screens. This fuels the competition even more, so you are challenging others in countries from all over the world.

For the athlete in you, this could be a dream come true. The competition that ensues creates a lively and electric atmosphere that only spurs on more drinking. If you don’t like beer, we don’t recommend this spot. But everyone who’s read this far loves beer – so definitely check this place out. And please have some of their delicious food when you go here, even though it’s not the cheapest. After a few pitchers of Pilsner, you’re going to need something. 

7. U Vystřelenýho oka

Somewhere with cheap beer and cheap food, we head to U Vystřelenýho oka. Another loud and unapologetic spot, this bar is known for its rough atmosphere, loud music, and beer drinkers. When concerts are on, this place is wall-to-wall and you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with locals and tourists – which makes the atmosphere incredible.

As far as rock bar goes, you’ll find nothing better. Don’t expect to come here for a quiet pint and conversation – you’ll quickly find out the noise level is consistently equal to drunken shouting, and you just have to rise to the occasion.

The quirky interior, with immaculately-decorated ashtrays and slogan t-shirts, also boasts interesting artwork on the walls. If you come during the warmer months, you can sit outside at the beer garden to get a break from the rockers. With cheap beer and cheap food, you may never leave.

Open until 1am Monday – Saturday, this is a fun spot that is recommended for music enthusiasts and no-nonsense beer drinkers. 

8. Na Hradbach

Ulice Na Hradbach – By Elrim at Czech Wikipedia [Public domain]

Next on our list, we have Na Hradbach in Prague 2. The views, combined with the cheap beer, provide some of the best ambiance in the city. The view is unobstructed, and once you reach the hill top you won’t be disappointed.

With dozens of picnic tables and umbrellas, you can have a reprieve from the sun and enjoy the warmth while sipping on a Birell or Pilsner. This relaxed and local spot provides a casual and relaxed vibe that can’t be beaten on a sunny summer day. 

9. Kavarna Jarda Mayer

Continuing this guide to cheap beer, we recommend Kavarna Jarda Mayer. A real local-type pub, the quirky atmosphere, friendly barman, and nice music playing in the background gives a welcoming space to stay and have a few cheap pints.

The artwork provides some good conversation starters, with a lizard lamp looking at you while you sip your lager. The bar is two levels, with a main area upstairs, and a lower area providing ample seating. If you sit in the lower area of the bar, you can leave the door open and enjoy a nice breeze coming through on a hot summer evening. 

Get ready to have a pint – or five – for the price of a turkey sandwich…

Prague is home to numerous cheap drinking establishments. The thing with Prague is that almost every place, excluding the tourist traps, will serve up a beer for less than $2. Therefore, almost anywhere you go that is slightly off the beaten path will be cheap, especially in most foreigner’s eyes.

Finding the even-cheaper places is a feat in itself – you can scope out some spots that dole out a beer for less than $1, an accomplishment many other cities in the world can’t brag about. With inexpensive bars and pubs all around the city, you can find something that will suit your style. Sports bars, craft beer pubs, and specialty locations provide a drinking hideaway for everyone – locals and tourists alike.