Planning on catching a cab in Paris? – Are you sure? Who does not have a hellish story to tell. And if you do catch a car, there’s the driving. The local joke runs that when they arrive in heaven taxi drivers are well-rewarded, only because their passengers prayed passionately during the rides.

For some 5 years, starting in 2009, the government has tried to change this, by opening the way for private cars to service clients alongside regular taxis. Government would grant licenses for private-hire licenses, provided that such vehicles need to be booked in advance, at least 15 minutes ahead, and they do not pick up random people by the roadside. No more waiting for cabs in Paris, they thought.

Catching a cab in Paris? Taxi-strike

Paris taxis were not pleased. And they made it public. They are demanding that the Government set a 30-minute minimum booking delay, and a floor fee of €60. And to drive their point (if not their passengers) home, taxis staged a go-slow strike on January 13, 2014.

Catching a cab in Paris? Taxi strike

So the day when catching (or booking) a cab in Paris is easy is still far in the distance. Meanwhile, rejoice – Paris is a great walking city. Just bring walking shoes with you on your next trip!

Just bring walking shoes with you on your next trip!

Planning a trip to Paris ? Get ready !

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