Everybody seems to agree on it: Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Still, lots of people also agree on other things about the Parisians people. Here is a few examples of what you could think about us! The biggest prejudices about Parisians and their explanation…

Parisians are rude


The biggest prejudices about Parisians and their explanationLots of people are totally afraid of the Parisians. Why? Because they believe that they are unfriendly and you could encounter rudeness if you venture yourself to ask them some information or advice.

But it will be in your experience, if you try, that Parisians are in fact really kind and helpful. Of course, it depends on the people you meet! Still, here are some tips if you want the conversation to be easier. First, start by a “Bonjour”: Parisians will be glad that you are trying to speak a little bit French and then, if you are not good enough, ask if they speak English. If you start by a “Do you speak English”, they will feel that it was an assault. Because Parisians are very happy when you are trying to speak their language, even if it is not perfect, they will be in a better mood to help you! A very little effort will short the distance to get a friendly treatment from the French people.

The French hate Americans


The Parisians and globally, the French seem to be totally opposed to the foreign policy of the USA, especially since the French opposed the war in Iraq in 2004. This could argue that the French don’t like the Americans but it fact, this is totally wrong! Of course, there might be some Parisians who don’t like American, for some very specific reasons but most are friendly with them (remember, it will be easier if you learn some words in French!). On the contrary, they are sharing many things: American and French both are proud and nationalistic. And to reassure you completely, Parisians teens and young adults are totally fond of the Americans!

The Parisians smoke cigarettes and carry baguettes (and most of the time, also a beret)

paris child

So yes, it is still fashionable in France to smoke some cigarettes and to throw you butt in the middle of the street. But you don’t have to generalize: lots of people aren’t smoking anymore. The government has prohibited smoking in the public areas and the cigarettes prices are incredible! And when you are thinking about some Parisian, don’t you imagine him carrying a baguette in his arms, with a beret? The baguette thing might be true because yes, Parisians love bread and the baguette, so they are eating it almost every day. But I’m sorry to disappoint you; the beret is not very popular anymore…

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