Paris is a historic, beautiful, romantic and magnificent city; but it’s a city with a lot of fun for kids! The best spots in Paris for kids are numerous but not really easy to find. How to find great activities for parents and for young people? This summary of the best tour for kids will help you to make your children falling in love with Paris!

Galerie de l’Evolution: the craziest way to learn!



This gallery is really the best place in Paris for kids. Prehistoric animals, impressive creatures and skeletons of dinosaurs: it’s like the French Jurassic Park! Not frightening at all but very majestic and incredible, every child likes this place, especially the gallery for kids (6-12 years old) which explains three different ecosystems with a lot of games and play activity. The rest of the gallery is also very interesting and in an intimate ambiance that will make you to fall back in childhood! Sure one of the best memory for the kids! They learn a lot – like adults! And it is so impressive, impossible to miss this place. Explanations are in French and English.

Every day, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Jardin des plantes
57 rue Cuvier
75005 Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg: for a sunny day in the green heart of Paris


The most beautiful garden in Paris, and the best garden in Paris for kids! Ideal to do picnics with them, or to play soccer, tennis, basketball; and the trees can give the impression of being in a forest. Then, it’s possible for kids to do a tour with ponies! You can also rent little boat that the kids could drive on the beautiful pond. There are some sandboxes, an old gallery (Orangerie) sometimes transformed in a free exhibit, and very cute places. Then, play-spaces are specially installed for kids like the Poussins Verts, with a lot of games (tunnels, toboggans, sandboxes, and with a rubber floor for safety). The ticket is for complete days so don’t hesitate to eat and to come back later! A very nice place in the Latin Quarter for adults and kids. Finally there are some concerts under the music kiosk – check the program on Internet (in French)!

Opens and closes with the sunlight!
75006 Paris (near from the Pantheon)

Aquarium de Paris: no fish in the Seine, but a lot in this aquarium!


If your children like animals, this aquarium in one of the best repair of fishes in Paris for kids! In a beautiful park (Trocadéro), in the 16th quarter, this aquarium is very special – the oldest in the world. In Summer, its sunny terrace becomes a perfect place to have a lunch with an incredible view on the Eiffel tower. With more than 10000 specimens and 3500 m², kids will be satisfied and surprised. There are some cinema rooms, shows, educational speeches, fish feeding activities, caress pool for fishes… A large underground aquarium but really interesting and funny for the young people!

Every day, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
5 avenue Albert de Mun
75016 Paris

La Ménagerie: a part of nature in the capital


This very old zoo, one of the oldest of the world (created in 1794) is the best zoo in Paris for kids. Located in one of the most beautiful parks of Paris that you can visit too, the Jardin des Plantes (Plants’ garden), it’s not far from the Galerie de l’Evolution. More than 2200 animals, mostly endangered species, will delight adults and children. This zoo isn’t like any other thanks to the historic architecture, for example the huge and amazing aviary built in 1888 or the reptile’s palace with a lot of crocodiles and alligator. It’s a heaven of calm and of exoticism in the heart of Paris. You will learn a lot about the environment and the life of the animals. I warmly recommend it!

Every day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Jardin des Plantes
75005 Paris

Eiffel tower: the classic one


The lady you cannot miss: the Eiffel tower is definitely a great adventure in Paris for kids. You can avoid the elevator, the children enjoy racing each other in the stairs (but only at the beginning; after two stairs, they will be just impatient!). It’s a big challenge and the end gives an incredible feeling of power: you see the whole city, you are in the heart of the most famous monument in the world, and you are so high! Kids are always really impressed. I advise you to buy the tickets on Internet, a few months before your visit, if you want to skip the waiting lines!At least, the Champ de Mars is quite majestic, green and with nice pools. Another solution to have a great view on Paris thanks to a monument is to take the stairs of Notre-Dame’s cathedral and to visit its high towers. It’s also so beautiful and children will keep it on memory forever.

Every day, 9:00 am – 00:00
5 avenue Anatole France
75007 Paris

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