Best things to do in Paris 19th district


The 19th district of Paris is in the Northeastern corner of the city, and is one of my favorite neighborhoods! This neighborhood was historically working-class, home to the city’s traders and craftsmen. Today, the 19th is one of Paris’ up and coming neighborhoods, with some of the best views of the city. Since the 19th isn’t exactly in the city center, it’s often overlooked by visitors, which means there are lots of hidden gems to uncover! In this article, I’ll be sharing with you all about the best things to do in Paris 19th district. Read on to discover what makes this Parisian neighborhood worth a visit!

Explore the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

One of the best things to do in Paris 19th district is to explore the neighborhoods’ most famous park. Craving a taste of nature during your stay in Paris? The Parc des Buttes Chaumont will be your new favorite spot in the city!

The park comprises 25 hectares of hilly green space, ponds and gardens to explore. The Buttes Chaumont is set on a hill overlooking the city, and even has a gazebo tower with great views of Montmartre. You can enjoy a walk or bike ride on the parks’ awesome paved pathways, or opt for a relaxing picnic by the lake. The Buttes Chaumont also has Paris’ only waterfall! If you’re up for a party, the park even has its own bar, the Rosa Bonheur. This friendly tavern has outdoor and indoor seating; perfect for a drink with a view.

1 Rue Botzaris, 75019

Attend a concert at the Philharmonie de Paris

The Philharmonie de Paris is an exceptional symphony venue that showcases talented orchestras from around the world. The Philharmonie is one of the most modern buildings in Paris! Constructed in 2015, this space is equipped with the latest sound technology and makes an excellent choice for a concert. Comprised of 3 concert halls, the Philharmonie can seat over 3,000 people! The Orchestra of Paris is the resident orchestra, which means they play regularly at the Philharmonie. But there are also jazz concerts, chamber music and world music performances almost every night!

Because it’s so affordable, a concert at the Philharmonie is one of the best things to do in Paris 19th district. You can find adult tickets to most any performance for €10 and children’s tickets are even less! With a full calendar of upcoming concerts and affordable ticket prices, there’s no reason not to check out the Philharmonie de Paris!

221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019

Have a drink at a local brewery

Paname brewing company is a Parisian microbrewery based in the heart of Paris 19th district. Their brew pub is perfectly located on the Bassin de la Villette; the body of water connecting the Canal Saint-Martin and Canal de l’Ourcq. Paname’s staff has a friendly vibe, and their interior dining room overlooks the water! They also have a huge outdoor terrace right on the water, the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

At Paname, you can try true Parisian beer and gourmet brasserie food. There are five delicious beers to choose from, plus seasonal rotations, all brewed in Paris! My personal favorite is a pale ale called l’Oeil de Biche, which actually translates to “eye of the deer”. But don’t just take my word for it, try for yourself! Guided tastings are available online, otherwise it’s first come first served.

41 bis Quai de la Loire, 75019

Discover the villages of Paris

Parc des Buttes Chaumonts – by Tom Hilton – Wikimedia Commons

Did you know there are still some villages in Paris? Most Parisians don’t even know about these tiny neighborhoods in the 19th district! If you’re looking for a relaxing stroll, this neighborhood should be first on your list of best things to do in Paris 19th district. The Butte Bergeyre is a tiny cobbled village just next to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. A quaint reminder of old Paris, the several streets that make up this village are small and winding; populated by locals. The Butte is perched high on a hilltop offering great view of the city below. Have a walk up the Rue Georges Lardennois for a  trip back in time and unbeatable views of Montmartre.

76 Rue Georges Lardennois, 75019

Visit the Parc de la Villette

One of the best things to do in Paris 19th district is to visit the Parc de la Villette. This is because la Villette is so much more than just a park. There’s an endless list of activities awaiting you at la Villette, which makes this is a great place if you’re visiting Paris with kids. This community space has multiple museums, the Philharmonie de Paris, an outdoor park, an indoor children’s space and much more!

The Cité de la Musique is a music museum within la Villette. There, you can learn about the history of music, try out different instruments and even see a concert at Philharmonie de Paris just next door. If you’re visiting during the Summer months, be sure to catch one of the park’s outdoor movie screenings! Bring a blanket, some picnic supplies and get ready to enjoy a classic film under the Parisian sunset.

221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 75019

That just about rounds up my recommendations for the best things to do in Paris 19th district. I hope that this article has been helpful to you and that you enjoy discovering this unique Parisian neighborhood! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more information about anything. And don’t forget to let us know some of your favorite things to do in Paris 19th district!

See you soon in Paris!

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