Best things to do during the summer in Lisbon

In my opinion, Portugal is the best country to spend the summer. We have the best beaches, the best music festivals, the best nightlife, one of the most pleasant Mediterranean climates in Europe.

If you come to Lisbon during the summer, it really is important that you experience the city like the locals do. People are relaxed, they love to enjoy everyday, they like to take the time to enjoy a coffee or a cold beer with friends at the end of the day. On weekends, the Portuguese always appreciate every minute of their day to spend it with family and friends. So, you can imagine that during the Summer, the atmosphere is even more joyful and cheery.

I always spend the summer in Portugal, because despite the fact it is a small country: it is only 92 256 km², there is so much to see and to explore! Dare to venture, visit Lisbon, experience its lifestyle, visit its neighboring regions. If you want to know a little more about what kind of activities you can do in summer, read on and find out some of the best things to do during the summer in Lisbon!

Go to the beach


I couldn’t imagine one summer without going to the beach! While in Lisbon, if you have some extra time, try to go to some of the beaches around Lisbon. Going to the beach is very beneficial for your mental health and for your physical health as well, because Portuguese beaches are very rich in iodine, which is very valuable for your health.

The Portuguese sea salt is of the highest quality. It contains iodine, which provides plenty of health benefits, such as proper body development and prevention of certain diseases. Your hair, nails and teeth will get strengthened, your immune system will be boosted, your energy will be optimized, and there are few a few of the many well-being advantages you get from iodine! So, basically, apart from having a great time at the beach, enjoying the waves and the sun, you will be doing something great for your body and mind! Read this article and find out the best beaches around Lisbon!

Have a boat cruise on the Tejo river


One of the best things to do during the summer in Lisbon is to take a boat cruise on the Tejo river. This is a great activity, you will discover Lisbon on a new perspective. You will get to see the enlightened landmarks of Lisbon while the sun either rises or sets. The company BYX offers great options. Their boat cruise lasts for two hours, and the drink is on them! This deal costs 69,90 euros for two persons.

Enjoy music festivals

Watch this video on YouTube.

Every two years, Rock in Rio comes to Lisbon. Its first edition in 2004 marked a growth in the music festivals culture in Portugal. So if you happen to be in Lisbon during the summer July one of the best things to do is to go camping in one of the annual music festivals that flood the city with international performers.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Two of the most famous Portuguese music festivals take place in Lisbon. I’m talking about NOS Alive and Super Bock Super Rock. The NOS Alive Festival is happening from July, 11th until July, 13th for this year edition we can count with the presence of The Cure, Jorja Smith, Robyn, Vampire Weekend, Tash Sultana, Gossip, H.E.R., The Chemical Brothers, The Smashing Pumpkins, and many more. And, the Super Bock Super Rock Festival is taking place from July, 18th until July, 20th. Where Lana del Rey, Migos, Cat Power, Christine and the Queens, Disclosure and many many others will be performing!

In my opinion, music festivals in Portugal are the best. Many people go to these festivals not only for the artists performing but also for the atmosphere that is incredibly friendly. Music festivals are an awesome way to make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.

Have a night out


During the summer, you should definitely have a night out at least once! The nights are warm and pleasant, and people are friendly. In Lisbon, you will definitely have a night to remember. There are activities for all ages and all tastes. The preferred neighborhoods to have a night-out in Lisbon are Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré. Read on this article to find out the best places to go to according to your tastes!

In my opinion, it is important to experience the nightlife of the cities one visits. It tells a lot about the way of thinking and the perspectives on life of the locals. You also get to know more about their open-mindedness and kindness. I think people are usually more at ease during the night, on the weekends, after a week of work when they can finally relax and be their whole self.

Join a food tour


One of the best things to do during the summer in Lisbon is also to join a food tour. For most people when travelling, they look forward to trying all the best traditional food. To be honest, I think the Portuguese food is one of the best!

By joining a food tour, a local will guide you through all the most delicious traditional dishes. You will get to taste many codfish specialties, polvo à lagareiro, plenty of sweets, liquor, port wine, ginjinha are just a few of the many things you will be able to try while a local gives you insights on the recipes, the history, and the Lisbon lifestyle.

Have a picnic

To properly enjoy the summer in Lisbon you should have a picnic in the city.

After joining the food tour, you will know what to bring to a picnic. You can, then, head to the Jardim Tropical which is one of the most beautiful gardens to have a picnic at. The place is located in Belém, nearby the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, with plenty of exotic trees from Portuguese former colonies in Asia and Africa. I love this place, because one usually feels connected to nature with the ducks and the peacocks roaming around the garden while you enjoy your lunch.


The Gulbenkian gardens are another great place where you can enjoy your picnic. If you’re coming with children, they will love it. There are hidden spaces among the trees, lakes, birds. These gardens are lovely. I guarantee you will spend a charming picnic there.

Then, you also have the Tapada das Necessidades. However, there are a lot of open spaces without shadows. So, make sure you do not forget your sunscreen, a hat and some sunglasses.

Visit Belém


History has shown us that Portuguese are closely connected to the sea, to the sailing life, and to new discoveries. Belém is the district that best symbolizes the Age of Discovery. In the past, Portugal was once the number one maritime power in the world and Belém is the proof of it!

Belém is kind of a tourist area, but it’s totally worth it, especially during the summer! You need to see and visit the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, the Torre de Belém, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, and have a look at the incredible Ponte 25 de Abril.

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Belém provides the opportunity to witness the beauty of the blue water and the blue sky while admiring the monuments. And we all know blue is such a peaceful color. A desire of sailing away to new adventures grows in you when in Belém. You will feel the urge to embrace your freedom and ambitions!

You now know some of the best things to do during the summer in Lisbon! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has inspired you. Walk the city, enjoy the gentle Belém sea breeze, have some pastéis de nata, relax in a garden, dive into the sea, sunbathe at the beach, party with the locals at music festivals. Simply enjoy yourself and cherish every moment! However, do not forget to stay hydrated, drink water throughout the day, because Lisbon weather can be very hot! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. See you soon in Lisbon! Até já!