Best tea salons in Paris


When you are in Paris, there’s nothing better than just stopping at a tea salon with your friends or family to relax in the middle of the afternoon, drinking tea (or hot chocolate, if you don’t like tea), while enjoying delicious pastries.

Whether you like Asian tea, French pastries or a cosy atmosphere, you will find everything you want in Paris. Here are a few good places to go to, read on and find out some of the best tea salons in Paris!

Classical and Prestigious


Best tea salons in Paris

You will not find a more Parisian place than Angelina in Paris. It opened over a century ago, and it was frequented by famous people of the Belle Epoque, like Coco Chanel. There, you will be able to drink tea while tasting delicious pastries and enjoying the beauty of the place. But as a Parisian, I’ll tell you that you have to taste their hot chocolate, known to be the best in Paris.

Location: 226 rue de Rivoli.
Metro Tuileries, Line 1

Ladurée Royale


Ladurée Royale was made famous by its amazing macarons and pastries in general, but their tea salons are also quite amazing. You get to try a large variety of teas and to taste the incredible number of flavours for the macarons. The tea salon located in the Rue Royale was one of the first to open in Paris, and it still has its original woodwork and frescoes, but all of them have refined decorations.

Location: 16 rue Royale.
Metro Concorde (Line 1, 8 &12) or Madeleine (Line 8, 12 & 14)

Mariage Frères in Rue Tibourg, shop and tea salon


But if you are really fond of tea, then I suggest you go to Mariage Frères. There you will find a very large variety of teas, from Russian teas to Japanese classics and flavoured mixtures. You have five different shops in Paris, and all of them are decorated in a very colonial style, with the gorgeous black tea boxes on the wall. You will even find a Museum of Tea at the main address.

Location: 30 rue du Bourg-Tibourg.
Metro Saint Paul (Line 1) or Hotel de ville (Line 1 & 11)

Asian Traditional Tea Salons

L’empire des thés


L’empire des thés is famous for an excellent reason: You will not find a wider choice of teas anywhere else in the world. There, you will be served in the perfect tradition in a beautiful wooden place. It’s a very soothing, zen tea salon, right in the middle of our Chinese neighborhood.

Location: 101 avenue d’Ivry.
Metro Tolbiac or Maison Blanche (Line 7) or Olympiades (Line 14)



If you love the Japanese tradition, Toraya is perfect for you. Its a few centuries old (though they only settled in Paris a few decades ago), and it offers some of the best Japanese tea with traditional pastries and dessert. Somewhere between the old Japanese atmosphere and the modern feel of the 21st century, it is a great place to go to.

Location: 10 rue Saint Florentin.
Metro Concorde (Line 1, 8 &12) or Madeleine (Line 8, 12 & 14)

Insolite but cosy

Le Loir dand la Théière and La Fourmi Ailée

Le Loir dans la Théière is a very typical picturesque place. It’s a direct reference to Alice in Wonderland, and has a very retro, intentionally special feel to it. The furniture comes from all sorts of places, the walls are covered in pictures and posters and some corners are a bit dark, but its a perfect place to eat some of their delicious pastries, right in the middle of the Marais.

Location: 3 rue des Rosiers.
Metro Saint Paul (Line 1)

On the left, Le Loir dans la Théière and on the right, La fourmi ailée

Another unusual place is La Fourmi Ailée (literally “the winged ant“). It is located in what used to be a bookstore, so once inside the restaurant, you will find a literary decoration and loads of books on the wall. It is a very intimate, cosy place where you are allowed to flip through the pages of the books.

Location: 8 rue du Fouarre.
Metro Cluny la Sorbonne (Line 10 and RER B) or Maubert Mutualité (Line 10)

Salon de thé de la Mosquée

Now if you like oriental tea, you should try the tea salon of the Great Mosque of Paris (Salon de thé de la Mosquée). When it’s hot outside, you’ll enjoy the wonderful scenery while drinking sugary green mint tea with oriental pastries. A very quiet place where it is even possible to hear the birds!

Location: 2 bis Place du puits de l’Ermite.
Metro Place Monge or Censier-Daubenton (Line 7)

La Poussette Café


Finally, one last place for those of you who want to enjoy their tea/coffee without leaving out their children is: La Poussette Café. The place is entirely dedicated to babies and to their parents (or babysitters, who knows!) and is designed so that the entire family can have a good time with coffee or tea.

Location: Square Montholon,
Metro Cadet or Poissonière (Line 7)

Now that you know the best tea salons in Paris according to a local, you have no excuse not to stop for a nice cup of tea! Feel free to share your favorites and let us know what you liked about them! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I hope to see you very soon in Paris!

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