Montorgueil Street is a pedestrian way, very lively and picturesque, and finding the best shops in Montorgueil street basically means you’ve found some of the best Paris food. Here’s our list of the best shops in Montorgueil Street in Paris.

For shopping in Paris there are few better streets. Many Parisians as well as tourists are used to coming here for shopping.

But there maybe too many shops and without a clue on which ones are best, I would like to give you my favorite ones as a Parisian.

Best shops in Montorgueil Street in Paris

Stohrer pastry shop


Stohrer is the oldest pastry shop in Paris. It was established in 1730, and was the official supplier of the royal court. The most famous pastries are the rum baba and the “petit puits d’amour” (“little love well”) made of vanilla cream and caramel.

But actually, all the pastries and the chocolates are excellent and you have to try some of them, to decide on what you love the most!

La Fermette

This shop was created in 1895 and is a must-see in Montorgueil Street. Besides having a nice and vintage decoration, you will find here about 250 different types of cheese.

Most of them are French, obviously, but there are also some excellent Dutch and Italian products. Anyway this is the place to go taste the famous French camembert; as they may be the best of Paris!


Alain Tribolet

Alain Tribolet is very well-known in Paris for his high-quality meat. You will not find such delicious pieces of meat anywhere else. The butcher is the main supplier of many excellent restaurants around. Of course the prices are quite high, but the quality is well worth it! You can even try some game meat during certain periods of the year.


Charles Chocolatier

This place is dangerous! Indeed, if you go inside, you will fall in love with the wonderful smells, the precious chocolates, and all the amazing flavors. Consequently, you cannot leave the shop without having bought something!

The specialties are the Black Diamond (a melting and creamy sweet ), the Gianduja (a delicious hazelnut pasta: one of my favorites!), and the plentiful log chocolate. Finally, you have to know that all the products are delicious because Charles Chocolatier does not add any animal fat.


La Mauvaise Réputation

Actually, this restaurant is not in Montorgueil Street, but in Léopold Bellan Street, not far away from there. In English, La Mauvaise Réputation means “bad reputation”, and this is quite ironic because this restaurant is well-known to be one of the best of the quarter!

The lamb with zucchinis is wonderful and the desserts are equally amazing. I would really recommend the roasted pear with Tonka bean, the cheesecake and the chocolate fudge. The prices are also quite nice for such a high-quality cuisine!


Le boulanger de Monge

This bakery is the supplier of many starred restaurants. The bread is excellent and organic. if you want a simple and nice snack, I would advise that you take the little bread with ham and comté cheese.

Otherwise you can still buy a baguette and some ham (and a camembert from La Fermette!) to make a French sandwich. For the dessert, try the specialties: either the famous mille feuille (the praline one is just indescribable), or the palm, which is exclusively composed of puff pastry layers.

All these delicious Paris food shops are sure to make your mouth water. If this experience wasn’t enough though, you should really consider taking a French cooking class!!

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