France is well-known for food, obviously, so don’t hesitate to taste our bistros and cafés. However, Paris is also a cosmopolitan city, and you can find many foreign and exotic restaurants which will make your mouth water.

Best foreign restaurants in Paris



bolognese_parisIn Giallo Oro, 90 bis Avenue de Versailles, you’ll find traditional Italian dishes, which are personalized by the chief.

For example, there’s a surprising risotto with claims. For the dessert, just try the best panna cotta in Paris: creamy, and sweet… And finally the portions are all plentiful!


One of my favorite Irish pubs is Bugsy’s, 15 rue Montalivet. Besides having a very nice atmosphere (the setting is all about cinema and rugby), the cheeseburgers and cheesecakes are a must-do. Cocktails cost about 9-10 Euros, but are wonderful and tasty. If you want to spend a British and friendly night, just go there!

Bugsy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant


The best Japanese restaurants are located in the Opera quarter, especially in rue Sainte-Anne. Here, you won’t find the common sushi and maki, but authentic soups and delicious noodles. My favorite ones are:

  • Aki, which specialises in okonomiyaki (a crepe with vegetables and meat or sea fruits)
  • Kunitoraya which is more expensive than the other restaurants in the same quarter, but the whose food is more “gastronomic” and has a native Japanese feel, as if you were eating at home.

Aki Restaurant Paris


In Chinatown, Vietnamese restaurants are becoming more crowded and popular than the Chinese ones. The best address I can recommend to you is Song Huong, 129 avenue de Choisy. It is located next to a very touristic and huge restaurant, so usually people don’t notice it easily… But I am sure you will find there, the best “pho” (a delicious soup with beef and rice noodles). By the way, the boss and the waiters are very welcoming and smiley!

Song Huong Restaurant


The best Indian restaurants are in the 10th district. One of these, the Jaipur café (17 rue des Messageries), makes you travel with its fabulous and exotic setting and its spicy dishes. There are many different dishes: you can eat beef as well as chicken or lamb, for a price between 15 and 35 Euros. I really recommend the “Jaipur lamb”, which is cooked on charcoal, with vegetables and spices…

Jaipur Cafe


If you want to have a real and authentic experience in Maghreb, just go to the Great Mosque of Paris. You’ll enjoy couscous and tajines, sitting on comfortable armchairs, in a very calm and lovely place, far away from the traffic jam of the city. But you especially have to taste the mint tea and oriental pastries for only 2 Euros each!

Maghreb Restaurant

Africa and Antilles

Kamukera (113 rue du Chevaleret) is a unique restaurant in Paris. It is driven by Ketty Sina, a nice lady who was also, one of Claude François’ dancers, the popular French singer during the sixties.

Anyway, besides good African dishes (the maffé chicken is perfect), the atmosphere deserves your presence. Everything in the restaurant is a curious mix between African culture and Claude François. Sometimes Ketty herself does a show for the customers. That’s a weird but friendly experience!

Ketty Sina performs a dance at Kamukera restaurant, Paris


Argentina is specialized in grilled meat. La Cueva del Diablo, 13 rue du Cardinal-Lemoine, proposed dishes which entirely respect the South-American tradition.

There, the meat is cooked with a very special coal which comes from the forests in South America. That gives it a unique and smoky flavor. For the dessert, you have to try the milk- ice-cream: it’s just toothsome for ending your lunch or dinner.

Cueva del Diablo

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