This article is all about the best cupcakes in Paris. Out of the many types of French food to be found in Paris, cupcakes are definitely amongst the best you can find. Read on to find the best cupcakes in Paris, to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Best cupcakes in Paris

Paris-cakeA cupcake is an American cake that is colored and very sweet. It can be pink, green or even yellow! It is made for only one person, and it is often baked in aluminum or in a thin paper cup.

The cupcakes are very trendy, so you can find many recipes from the internet, but the different cupcakes use the same basic ingredients: sugar (probably the main one), eggs, butter and flour.

And then it’s up to you! You can decorate your cupcakes as you want, with fruits, pastry cream or even frosting.

Then if you want to taste some cupcakes from a Parisian bakery, here are some very good places where you can find those cakes that almost look like pieces of art!

BERKO, 23 rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris


Probably the most famous cupcakes bakers of Paris, and not surprising they provide some of the best cupcakes in Paris.

On Berko’s website, you can find over 160 pictures showing the different types of decoration, butter cream, mascarpone, foams, cream cheese…

You can find about 42 varieties of cupcakes! Each one of them is sold at 2€ but, is one cupcake enough? If you don’t like the cupcakes, Berko also does lots of salted cakes (pies, quiches).

Sugar Daze, 20 rue Henry Monnier

Paris-cake The best cupcakes in Paris are also made at Sugar Daze, they use the finest ingredients, and everything is cooked on site.

Plus they are located in South of PIgalle neighbohood, one of the trendiest area of Paris where you will have to go at some point to see the real Paris or to party.

OH MON CAKE (typical French name!), 154 rue St Honoré, 75001 Paris

Paris-cake This bakery lies not far from the Louvre, and is a very trendy place.

There, you will find unexpected cupcakes, such as the “Mojito Cupcake”, or the “cosmopolitan” made with vodka and cranberry! Of course you can find the basic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate cupcakes Too.

All these pictures really are appetizing, don’t you think? And with all these addresses, there is no way you miss tasting a good cupcake in Paris. So, don’t wait and have a try!

If just finding them isn’t enough for you, consider taking a cooking class to learn how to make them yourself!

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