The best beaches around Lisbon to have a delightful swim


Lisbon is a great city, and you will love exploring all its landmarks, discovering its highlights and hidden gems. But if you have some extra time, try to go to some of the beaches around Lisbon.

Going to the beach is very beneficial for your mental health and for your physical health as well. Speaking for myself, whenever I get the chance to go to the beach, I always feel much more relaxed and light-hearted. Moreover, the Portuguese beaches are very rich in iodine, which is the best you can ask for your health.

Indeed, the Portuguese sea salt is of the highest quality. Since it contains iodine, you will actually get plenty of health benefits, such as proper body development and prevention of certain diseases. Also, for instance, your hair, nails and teeth will get strengthened, your immune system will be boosted, your energy will be optimized, and many more well-being advantages! So, basically, apart from having a great time at the beach and enjoying the waves and the sun, you will be doing something great for your body and mind!

The Portuguese are people who are closely connected to the sea and the sailing life. It’s part of their history. There’s a good reason most of Portuguese traditional food is based on seafood. The Age of Discoveries is a very important history period to learn about if you want to understand the Portuguese lifestyle and culture. Join the Belém tour and then, if you have time, go to some of the best beaches around Lisbon!


Have a peaceful day at Portinho da Arrábida


First on my list of the best beaches around Lisbon is Portinho da Arrábida. Located in Setúbal, this beach is about one hour away from Lisbon. You can take the Fertagus train in Sete Rios station to Setúbal. It will cost you around 4.50 euros. You will be amazed by its crystal-clear waters.

Portinho da Arrábida is surrounded by the Arrábida mountains (Serra da Arrábida) which will make you feel like you’re away from any civilization in an island. However, you should know that during the summer, it is quite popular so it’s almost impossible to park. You should prefer access the beach on foot.

Enjoy Praia do Tamariz


The Praia do Tamariz is located in Estoril. You can catch the train at Cais do Sodre train station to Estoril. The ticket price is of 2.25 euros and in half an hour you will get to your destination. The beach is right by the train station at Estoril. So the access to the Praia do Tamariz is really easy. There’s also the famous casino of Estoril close to the beach, in case you feel like playing some blackjack!

And you will also appreciate the Forte da Cruz which you can see from the beach. The fort was built in the seventeenth century as one of the defense fortifications to protect the coast from enemy invasions. The new owner of the fort has renowned it and it now provides much more modern comforts. Events, such as wedding, lunches, lectures can now be organized there.

Take your kids to Praia da Figueirinha


This beach is perfect if you want to enjoy the water or don’t appreciate waves very much. The water is always calm. So you can actually enjoy a swim or teach your children how to swim. The Praia da Figueirinha is one of the best beaches around Lisbon.

It is also located in Setúbal. Plus, the water is so clear you get to see some fishes, which your kids will love to. Take your children to Praia da Figueirinha and raise them awareness and understanding on how to preserve and protect our environment.

Go on an adventure at Praia dos Galapinhos



Next on my list of the best beaches around Lisbon is the Praia dos Galapinhos. Located in Setúbal, an hour away from Lisbon, it is actually one of the best beaches of Portugal.

The sand is fine and white. Anyone who gets there is fascinated by the beauty of the place. Since the access to the beach is kind of difficult, it ensured the place to be well-preserved. To walk to the beach, forget the flip-flops and bring some tennis shoes. Because you will have to walk downhill.

However, every year the Praia dos Galapinhos gets more famous and people get more adventurous. So in the summer, it can get crowded. So the best summer months to explore this dream beach are June and December.

Have an ice cream at Praia da Conceição

For 2.25 euros, you can take the train in Lisbon at the Cais do Sodre train station and get to Cascais in about thirty five minutes. Once you get there, you can walk to the Praia da Conceição which is really close from the train station. Both locals and visitors love to have sunbathes at this beach or enjoy an ice cream in the surrounding cafés. You also have the possibility to rent a lounge chair and sunshades. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Free your mind at Praia do Meco


This beach is the favorite of anyone who loves large natural spaces where they can feel at ease. At the Praia do Meco, you have a naturist part which is signalled. You don’t need to worry about parking because the parking area is really huge and there will always be room for you.

The Praia do Meco is very wide, so you will always have a spot for your towel. This beach is also very popular because for some years, the Super Bock Super Rock festival used to happen there, unfortunately it no longer is the case.

Find heaven on earth at Praia da Ursa


The Praia da Ursa is definitely one of the best beaches around Lisbon. Isolated and very difficult to access, it is a pure beauty! If you manage to get to the beach, you will be fascinated by this heavenly place. The way down the cliff is steep but it is possible. You should ask the locals because there are different ways to the beach. If you don’t feel safe, you can also watch the splendid scenario from the top. You will feel in harmony with nature.

Recharge your energy at Praia do Magoito


Another one of the best beaches around Lisbon is found in Sintra. The Praia do Magoito has a very easy access. It is very quiet and peaceful. It is worth the visit in the summer and in the winter as well. Walking this beach is revigorating, because it is very rich in iodine.

Mesmerize yourself at Praia da Berlenga Grande


If you have some extra time and love to explore new places, take the bus at Sete Rios stop in Lisbon towards Peniche. It will cost you about nine euros and the trip lasts one hour and a half. From Peniche, you can get in a boat cruise to the Berlengas Island, which is a true masterpiece of nature.

If you’re in Lisbon, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to visit the Berlengas Island, all its caves and beaches, such as Praia da Berlenga Grande. I guarantee you won’t regret it, it really is worth the visit. The Portuguese love to explore and discover new places, as you will get it during our Belém tour. If you’re curious and adventurous as they are, you will thoroughly enjoy the Berlengas Island.

You now know some of the best beaches around Lisbon. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it has inspired you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything.


After visiting and experiencing all the best Lisbon has to offer, if you have some time left, you can grab a picnic and go to one of these beaches. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen, a hat and some sunglasses.

One thing you should also know is that it is very important to preserve our environment, so always pack a garbage bag and don’t leave any trash after you.

See you soon in Lisbon!

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