Best bars in Paris


You should definitely consider finding the best bars in Paris as one of the main things to do. In Paris with more than 500,000 students and many more young adults, there are a lot of bars all around the city, but you have to look for the one that will best suit your interests.

For instance, when I am looking for a bar in Paris, I usually meet my friends outside a metro station and then we search together for the one that looks the most appealing to us. There are some districts in Paris in which you can easily find some nice bars such as Oberkampf’s and Odeon’s. But, don’t worry, I will help you by sharing with you, my personal opinion and tell you about some of the best bars in Paris.

The typical French bar


Le Connétable is located at 55 rue des Archives in the third arrondissement. If you want to drink a glass of wine in a place that looks like an old and traditional tavern, you have found the right place. Located in Le Marais, it’s a restaurant during the day and turns into a bar during the night. At 8 pm every day the atmosphere radically changes, French bands play a few songs while people have a drink. This place is without a doubt one of the best bars in Paris. This bar is also famous because it closes its doors at 5 am in the morning. This is a bar where you can enjoy a very good night with friends, and easily meet people.

Put on your dancing shoes


If you want to dance and go to a bar during the evening, then get down to the Café Oz. These are actually Australian bars. There are three cafés Oz in Paris, but my favorite is at “Grands Boulevards”, at 8 Boulevard Montmartre. There, all the waiters at the bar speak English and even serve you Australian beer. I love these bars simply because they are not expensive and you can meet interesting people there. But in a Café Oz, it’s not just about drinking. During the weekends, the café Oz invites a DJ, turning the whole café into a nightclub with loud music. It’s a nice way to spend a fun night if you don’t want to go to a nightclub but you still feel like dancing!

The funny bar


The Urgence Bar (which means “emergency bar“), located at 45 rue Monsieur le Prince, is one of the most famous and best bars in Paris, thanks to its very specific theme. The bar is about 5 minutes’ walk from the University of Medicine of Paris. The whole bar has been inspired by medicinal stuff, that’s why all the names of the cocktails are named after illness and medicines.

Some cocktails are served in feeding bottles; others are brought in false syringes and shots are served in phials. Everything is thought to plunge you into the medicinal universe. It’s a good way to have a drink in an original and entertaining place in Paris. It’s a bit expensive because it’s famous and located at the core of the Left Bank of Paris. It’s very popular and a lot of Parisians go there for its fun atmosphere and for its unique theme.

After this bar, you can go to other bars on Boulevard Saint Germain, which is also a good place to have a few drinks during the evening.

The right place to have a discussion


The Comptoir General is located at 80 Quai de Jemmapes. It is a place where Parisians go to chill out. It is a really nice place next to the Canal Saint Martin, where youngsters love to spend the night. This bar is also the kind of place Parisians go to after work. If you go there at 7 pm, you can be sure to experience a real Parisian bar. Once you get there, you’ll see that the atmosphere is very different from what we are used to seeing in bars in Paris, as the decoration is done in a colonial style, which gives you the feeling of going back in time.

The people going there are mainly Parisian hipsters and fashion lovers. I love being there because there is a lot of space, the ceiling is high and you can really rest in a peaceful and original atmosphere. It reminds me of the type of bars that one can find in Berlin, with a lot of space, but with the Parisian spirit.

The bar tour in Oberkampf


Espit Chupitos is located at 144 rue Oberkampf. This bar is at the core of the true bars district in Paris. To get there, you just have to join the rue d’Oberkampf. The metro station Parmentier on the 3rd line is the closest. This bar is very special because the only drinks that will be served are shots – chupitos in Spanish. You are not allowed to sit and talk as in the Comptoir General. You simply order your shot, drink it and then leave to the next bar.

But don’t think that this bar is just a quick stop over. There are so many different kinds of shots, you might find yourself hesitating and thinking about the best choice for at least 20 minutes before making up your mind. Then, you’ll have to queue for your order. Because the bar is small and crowded. Despite these downsides, if you are at Oberkampf, the bar is a definite must- visit in the district.


Close to this bar, at 72 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, you have the Orange Mecanique, a bar inspired by Kubrick movie “A Clockwork Orange“. A little farer is the UFO in which you can have drinks at a cheaper rate.

I really recommend that you to go to Oberkampf area, especially on Saturdays nights, just to see how dynamic the district is with all the students hanging out.

I’ve now shared with you, my favorite bars in Paris! These are the bars I consider to be the best bars in Paris for so many different reasons. I think it is important to go out at night in Paris at least once during your stay. Paris nightlife is one-of-a-kind and you will love to meet new people and have a talk with Parisians. I hope you’ll enjoy my bars suggestions as much as I do every weekend!

See you around!

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