Top 10 Things to do on Your Birthday in Barcelona


They say that when you have nothing major planned for your birthday, the best thing to do is simply something memorable.

If you’ve made it to Barcelona, you’re well on your way to a memorable turn of the year just by being there. To further enhance the experience of the event, there are many things one can partake in around the city to remember their birthday for years to come. Here are some ideas:

1. Rent & Party in an Airbnb in Barcelona

This one is becoming more and more popular given the growing community of Airbnb rentals available across Europe.

Instead of going out on the town, individuals celebrating their birthday are opting to rent apartments in the city center where they invited over their fellow travelers or newfound Spanish friends and create festivities accordingly.

A lot of European locals actually book Airbnbs in Barcelona and fly over for the weekend, treating their friends to a weekend away.

by Kelsey Chance – Unsplash

2. Climb the Sagrada Familia Towers in Barcelona

A lot of people opt for the standard entrance ticket for their visit to the Sagrada Familia, or they simply observe the church from the outside and don’t bother with the entrance queues or fees.

Since it’s you’re birthday, and we are making it memorable, why not opt for the full price ticket that gets you extended access inside of the building.

These tickets will give you direct access to the towers of the Sagrada Familia, and you’ll have to climb your way up to the top to experience the view. More than this, it’s somewhat like climbing your way into Gaudi’s mind; experiencing the intricate thought process that must have gone into creating these towers that so few people will ever get to see.

by The Joy of Film – Unsplash

3. Go Bar Hopping in Barcelona

This is one you’ll encounter a lot on the streets, particularly in the main city center. Birthday celebrations and bachelor/bachelorette parties take to the streets on a regular basis, making their way between different bars as the night grows older.

The best neighborhoods in which to attempt this kind of celebration would be the Gothic Quarter, el Raval, Poble Sec or el Poblenou.

4. Walk to Each of Gaudi’s Creations in Barcelona

I don’t know about you, but I find this option to be one of the most memorable ways to welcome in a new year while in the very city that saw so many of Gaudi’s own birthdays take shape.

I did this with a friend not so long ago on her birthday. We began at Casa Mila and then walked between each of his masterpieces for the duration of the day, eventually landing up at the Park Guell where we watched the sunset.

I took a polaroid photograph of her outside each of the attractions, and by the end she had enough for a full birthday album. Memories, darling!

by Jacek Dylag – Unsplash

5. Take a Guided Walking Tour Through Barcelona

If you’re not really up for a self-guided experience through the streets, then any of the guided walking tours in Barcelona are equally as exciting to do on a birthday.

This is a great option for anyone interesting in Spanish architecture, history and culture. The tours tend to touch on each of these subjects, from a local’s perspective.

They will always end off in the more popular neighborhoods, putting you in prime position for a drink and some tapas.

6. Enjoy a Birthday on the Beach in Barcelona

This is how I like to spend my birthdays, no matter where I am in the world.

The Barceloneta beaches are a great spot if the weather is good in Barcelona, which it rarely is not. Pack your snacks, towels and entertainment for the day and set up anywhere along the coast line.

You can also consider renting out any of the boat tours on offer from the beachfront, and invite your friends to join you for a sunset birthday booze cruise!

by Seondol Son – Unsplash

7. Spend the Day at Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona

At the summit of the hills just behind Gracia is the Tibidabo Amusement Park; Barcelona’s main theme park that overlooks the entire city from above.

It’s good fun for adults and children, with ample rides pertaining to each age category. Spending the day here for your birthday will reconnect you to your inner child for a few hours, while simultaneously putting you in prime position for a memorable birthday sunset as well.

by Luismi Sánchez – Unsplash

8. Take a Day Trip Out of Barcelona

If you like being high up but would prefer to escape the city on your birthday, a day trip to the Montserrat Mountains is always an option.

Likewise one can also make the journey out to Figueres, Sitges or even the Penedes Wine Region not far outside of Barcelona.

Read more about these day trips here. Fantastic birthday excursions!

9. Take a Paella Cooking Course in Barcelona

I’ve heard that it’s good luck to learn a new skill on your birthday, and when in Barcelona, cooking definitely becomes a worthwhile endeavor.

Learning the local cuisine is undoubtably one of the most valuable things one can acquire from a trip to a foreign land. Paella is one of the most important Catalonian dishes, and there are many cooking courses available in Barcelona where you can learn to make it authentically.

Book for yourself and your friends for a day of cooking, wine and feasting in this dream of a Spanish city.

by Petr Sevcovic – Unsplash

10. Spend the Day Vintage Shopping in Barcelona

I like this as a last resort for anyone who is really at a loss for what to do on their birthday in Barcelona. It’s also great if you are met with rainy weather on the day and can’t enjoy any of the outdoor excursions.

Barcelona has a really wonderful vintage and thrift scene, most of them being situated in the Old Town. Arm yourself with an umbrella, comfy walking shoes and an empty tote bag and treat yourself to a new, thrifty wardrobe — it’s your birthday!

by Osman Rana – Unsplash

While thrifting in the Old Town you are also in prime position for a free guided walking tour! These take place daily and won’t cost you a cent, but you will need to reserve your place in advance. Take advantage on your day of birth!

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