The Best Nail Salons in Barcelona


Barcelona is home to the best beauticians in Spain, so if you need to have your nails done while you’re here, you’ll be in great hands!

These are five of the nail bars that I love and frequent in the city. Remember, during peak season in Barcelona you’ll need to make appointments prior to arrival at the salons — everything is filled to the brim during the Spanish summer. 

1. The Beautery in Barcelona

If there’s one spot in Barcelona that understands the dilemma that is traveling nails, it’s The Beautery. 

Situated in old town, The Beautery is a bargain spot, offering full manicures for just €15. They also do pedicures and waxes, and though they aren’t partial to helping those who walk in without an appointment, they always make a plan to get everyone sorted out!

The Beautery in Barcelona – by The Beautery – Uploaded by them

The reviews for this salon speak for themselves. Take note that The Beautery is only open between Monday and Thursday. On this note, good luck finding a nail salon anywhere in Barcelona that will help you over the weekend. 

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Hours: Monday TO Thursday —  10am to 7:30pm
ADDRESS: Carrer del Bruc, 41, 08010 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Girona

2. Kolors Nail Bar in Barcelona 

Just before you enter the Gracia district, you’ll find the Kolors Nail Bar offering a variety of treatments under one very professional roof. 

Kolors is one spot in Barcelona that offers soft gel tips. The nail technicians are unbelievable talented and have been hand picked by the salon owner to form a very comprehensive team. 

Kolors Nail Bar – by Kolors Nail Bar – Unsplash

Price wise, Kolors is easily overcharging, coming in at around €20 per pedicure. This may be a lot, but you’ll never walk out unsatisfied by the job done — so perhaps a small price to pay, after all?

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Hours: Monday TO Friday —  11am to 8pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de Pau Claris, 112, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Girona 

3. Strawberry Nails in Barcelona

Strawberry Nails is a charming, unassuming little nail bar in the heart of Barcelona. This is a local favorite, and a best kept secret at that. 

Slowly but surely, travelers to Barcelona are learning about this salon, and of the great prices & treatments on offer here. 

by Quino Al – Unsplash

Strawberry Nails make the effort of playing lively music throughout the day, setting the scene for and inviting time in the salon. The staff are extremely chatty, and quite a lot of fun. Having your nails done here is always memorable, and feels like visiting extended family. 

Hours: Monday TO Saturday —  10am to 8pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de l’Equador, 10, 08029 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Entença

4. Claudia Mosquera The Nail Lounge in Barcelona

You’ll find this nail bar just north of les Cortes. It’s small and extremely understated, but they’ll give you the manicure of your life — that I can assure you!

The team here can do mannies and peddies simultaneously. I find I get so relaxed in the process I am tempted to drift off. The time saving element is great, too!

by rashid khreiss – Unsplash

I should mention that Caludia Mosquera is run by a mother daughter duo. They should both be there when you arrive, and always make a point of making their customers feel right at home. 

Try to make the effort of booking an appointment slot, as opposed to showing up unannounced. This is a small operation and you’re unlikely to be assisted immediately upon entering. 

Hours: Monday TO Saturday —  10am to 8pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de Manuel de Falla, 13, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Sarrià 

5. Le Manicure in Barcelona

Le Manicure is another wonderful nail bar near to Gracia, in Barcelona. 

Their clientele are mostly locals who have remained loyal to this establishment for year; this is testament to the kind of service one can expect from a le Manicure visit. 

Le Manicure in Barcelona – by Le Manicure – Uploaded by them

As far as pricing goes, this is one of the most affordable nail bars in Barcelona. They have a great environment, comfy chairs, and highly sanitary procedures (something worth commending). 

Everyone at le Manicure speaks English. 

Hours: Monday to Sunday — 10am to 8pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de París, 215, 08008 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Diagonal