The Best Instagram and Photography Spots in Barcelona

Once you get to Barcelona you’ll understand the majestic allure that the city holds and why millions of people flock here every year.

Barcelona is a big attractor of artists. The city itself is a work of art, and the inspiration for many individuals to pursue architecture around the world. It is also a big influence for photographers, with thousands showing up day after day attempting to photograph sights that have been documented many times before.


But since anyone with an Instagram is a photography in 2019, we can revisit all of the most photo-worthy landmarks time and time again. Here are some of the best spots around the city.

Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona

Construction of the Palau de la Música Catalana began in 1905, in Barcelona’s trendy el Born district. It is the most famous concert hall in the city center, offering alternative architecture to what this part of the city is generally accustomed to.

It is an Art Nouveau take on modern architecture. The beautiful mosaic throughout the space makes for a highly Isntagrammable attraction in Barcelona.

Palau de la Música Catalana – by Thomas Ledl – Wikimedia Commons

Casa Milà in Barcelona

Another modernist building in Barcelona that makes for quality photographic content is the Casa Mila in the north of the city center .

This was the last known private residency of architect Antoni Gaudí. The building is notably rough around the edges, offering a perfectly imperfect take on symmetry. The top of the building is where you’ll get the best photo opportunity. The rooftop holds strange stone structures each about five times the height of your average human being.

Casa Milà in Barcelona – by Txllxt TxllxT – Wikimedia Commons

Parc Güell in Barcelona

Speaking of Gaudí, your photography collection simply wouldn’t be complete without at least a handful of the landmarks he left behind. No doubt the Sagrada Familia is already on your list of places to visit, the Parc Güell is equally not to be missed.

This public park in the city center is an opportunity to delve deep into the mind of the artist. As you make your way around you’ll find countless photo opportunities and Instagram worthy spots. It is known to feature often in films set in Barcelona. 

It’s astounding to see what the colors and soft corners do to the light of day. It’s rare to find a park in a European city that requires so little editing of images.

Parc Güell – by – Wikimedia Commons

The Magic Fountain in Barcelona

The Magic Fountain of Barcelona was build into the side of the Monjuic hill in 1923. It has since become a sought after tourist attraction thanks to the daily light and sound shows that the fountain puts on.

Observing is free to the public, so expect the space to be quite crowded. Early morning or late evening would be a good time to visit if you want to capture imagery without stray people in the frame.

The Magic Fountain in Barcelona – by Carlos Cunha – Wikimedia Commons

Montjuic Summit and Castel in Barcelona

Montjuic is the mountain, and surrounding hillsides, that tower over Barcelona. Making a trip to the tip is considered one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset — making for equally as magnificent photo opportunities as well.

The Montjuic Castle sits at the summit and is another photography worth spot. The old castle was a military fortress built way back in 1640. It now serves municipal functions for the city of Barcelona.

Montjuic Castle – by Ronny Siegel – Wikimedia Commons

El Born District in Barcelona

Take a free guided walking tour through el Born or stroll the neighborhood yourself; this is one of the trendiest parts of the city center and a highly photogenic part of town.

The architecture is somewhat Spanish meets French, and most of the building offer charming balconies that set the perfect scene of a beautiful foreign land.

El Born is also full of cafes and boutiques that attract people from all different scenes. For documentary photographers this is a prime location for capturing the city on a diversity travel level.

Anywhere Along Barceloneta in Barcelona

The stretch of beaches along Barcelona’s coastline were constructed in 1992 (historical fact of the day). They are not a natural part of the Catalonian coast, but were instead made thousands of tons of sand flown in from Egypt.

The result is a rolling coast of blue water and lush beaches. Barceloneta is a prime photographic location across the entire 5km stretch of land. Instagram lovers will also enjoy showing off their beach time in a city that actually didn’t offer beach getaways prior to the 1990s — what a time to be alive.

Barceloneta – by Ralf Roletschek – Wikimedia Commons

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The first time I walked into the Picasso Museum in Barcelona I remarked that I had been transported to Morocco. The architecture is prime example of why putting this city into a few distinct words is so difficult.

The Picasso Museum is housed in an old gothic style building in el Born. The light stone used in its construction, combined with the plant life throughout the space, make for a distinctly Moroccan ambiance that comes out beautifully on camera.

The museum also happens to have one of the most extensive permanent collections of Picasso artworks in the world. They are 4,251 of his works on exhibit here.

Picasso Museum – by Picasso Museum – Uploaded by them

Any Rooftop Bar in Barcelona

If you want to capture the best angles of any European city, the trick is to go up.

Force you way onto the rooftops if you have to; Barcelona is best viewed from above and there are many a spot to enjoy it from.

Rooftop bars remain the easiest and safest way to take advantage of Barcelona from above. Not only will you be allowed to photograph to your hearts content, but you can enjoy a drink and some tapas simultaneously.

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