Dim Sum in Barcelona: Where To Go


I was once on the Barcelona metro and overheard a friend ask another friend what she believes to be true happiness. Without missing a beat, the girl responded “I really don’t know. But dim sum does make me very happy”.

Dim sum, done properly, makes me very happy too. You’ve probably come to this page because you already agree. Let’s cut to the chase and show you where to go for the very best dim sum in Barcelona.

Kao Dim Sum in Barcelona

Something to always keep in mind when it comes to dim sum is that you get what you pay for. Finding €2 dim sum might send you over the moon, but it will likely be nothing more than a sticky, chewy clump of dough with mediocre fillings inside at best.

The more you spurge, the better this cuisine gets. Kao is a higher end dim sum eatery in a neighborhood just south of Gracia. There’s nothing to do in this area aside from eat dim sum and watch a film at the arthouse cinema nearby, making it the perfect date night out in Barcelona.

Kao Dim Sum in Barcelona – by Kao Dim Sum – Sourced from their Facebook

Kao is high quality food and impeccable service under one roof. Making a reservation for dinner dining is necessary.

You’ll be given the choice of crispy, boiled or steamed dumplings. I highly recommend the red prawn! During lunch time, on week days, they offer a €16 special menu that is excellent value for money.


OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday –  1:30pm to 3:30pm // 8:30pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: Carrer del Bisbe Sivilla, 48, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Metro Station: El Putxet

Fan Dim Sum in Barcelona

Fan Dim Sum brings Shanghai style dumplings to the heart of Barcelona. Travelers flock to this spot in the center between their sight seeing and guided walking tours. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few minutes at the door.

Considering the quality of the dim sum, this spot is exceptionally priced. They also do a two person shared platter for €25, but you will need a few side dishes to go with it as dim sum alone wont fill you up.

Fan Dim Sum in Barcelona – by Fan Dim Sum – Uploaded by them

If you want to have dinner at Fan Dim Sum you will need to make a booking. Their night service is perpetually packed.

Try their green tea ice cream at the end!

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday — 1pm to 3:45pm // 8:30pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de Laforja, 128, 08021 Barcelona, Spain
Metro Station: Muntaner

Boko in Barcelona

Boko is a hit or a miss. I really enjoyed my meal here, but I have friends who refuse to go back after their own less than pleasing experiences. You’ll have to go see for yourself.

It’s a convenient restaurant to get to if your hotel or Airbnb is in Gracia. Admittedly the atmosphere of the space could be better, but I came for the dim sum and left satisfied so I didn’t mind much.

Boko in Barcelona – by Boko – Uploaded by them

This is an authentic Thai restaurant, so everything is Thai inspired if not traditional to the cuisine. They do great curries, pad Thai and a range of Thai dumplings with interesting fillings.

Portions aren’t huge so you might want to treat this like shared tapas dining amongst a few of you. The Balmes Multicines Cinema is two blocks north from the restaurant; making for another good date night option.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday –  12:30pm to 4pm // 7pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: Ronda del General Mitre, 169, 08022 Barcelona, Spain
Metro Station: El Putxet

Mian Restaurant in Barcelona

Mian is the only dim sum spot I’ve gone back to after my first dining experience here. I guess you could say this is my favorite dim sum in Barcelona.

It’s situated in the Old Town, right in the hub of the shopping, drinking, dancing and free guided walking tour districts.

Mian is not solely a dim sum restaurant; their menu is extensive and filled with Asian dishes. But we’ve come for dumplings and that’s what we’ll eat!

Mian Restaurant in Barcelona – by Mian Restaurant – Uploaded by them

They prices are very reasonable, service is great and the setting is really trendy & laid back. Vegans and vegetarians can dine easily here; whatever is not veggies based on the menu can be easily altered.

During lunch service they do a fabulous €8 special where you can get a main, a drink and a coffee. Unfortunately the dim sum quality as appetizers, so you’d have to order these separately — but good to know regardless!

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 4pm // 7:30pm to 12am
ADDRESS: Carrer de Girona, 49, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
Metro Station: Girona

Nomm in Barcelona

A little secret from me to you: you’ll find the best Asian food in Poble Sec and el Raval in Barcelona. These are neighborhoods with strong immigrant presence, naturally fantastic food has to follow.

Nomm is an Asian fusion spot that does dishes from all over the continent. Dim sum features briefly on the menu, but it’s generously portioned, properly prepared and tasty as hell. Pair it with some fresh bao buns and a side of fried veggies and you’ll be as happy as the girl on the train.

Nomm in Barcelona – by Nomm – Uploaded by them

Please note that you have to pay cash only at Nomm, they are unable to accept cards.

Rumor has it that Nomm also makes the best steak tartar in all of Barcelona. Let me know your thoughts… 

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OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday — 7pm to 1am
ADDRESS: Avinguda del Paral·lel, 130, 08015 Barcelona, Spain
Metro Station: Poble Sec