Best Street Food in Barcelona


Street food is a meal quantified by its ability to be eaten almost immediately from wherever you are. Whether this is on a street, or seated in a “street food” restaurant is irrelevant. The point is that the meal should be quick, tasty and convenient.

In Barcelona, this food trend has completely taken off. There are an array of global cuisines available in street food style, particularly in the newly gentrified areas of the city center. Read on to find out where…

Chivuo’s in Barcelona

Chivuo’s has completely changed the street food scene in Barcelona. They now have a handful of different branches across the city, and are the go-to for local Catalans who want someone delicious on the go.

Chivuo’s is a street food grill, with a simple menu of a few burgers, hotdogs, nacho chips and patatas bravas. All served hot and fast, & optionally with an on tap beer of your choice!

Chivuo’s in Barcelona – by Chivuo’s – Uploaded by them

Their bar snack menu is not to be overlooked, either. They do spring rolls, mozzarella balls and deep fried meat of some sort that I have yet to sample! You won’t find a more vibrant spot for a craft beer on a Friday night in the city. 

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 1pm to 12am
ADDRESS: Various
Metro STATION: Varioua

Kriminal Street Food in Barcelona

Kriminal is an easygoing street food join in Poble Sec, down the southern end of the city center. This is one of those newly gentrified parts of Barcelona where dining options just like this one are becoming more and more popular.

Kriminal is a Mexican inspired street food restaurant, with a few dishes exempt from this cuisine (like the burger).

Kriminal Street Food in Barcelona – by Kriminal Street Food – Uploaded by them

The menu is quite simple: a variety of snacks, quesadillas, burritos and salsas.

Everything is served on disposable plating, making it suitable for eating in or eating while you walk the streets. Poble Sec is a popular nightlife spot in Barcelona so a lot of bar-goers come in search of food between their drinking spots!

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 6pm to 1am
ADDRESS: Carrer de Magalhães, 83, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Poble Sec

La Trocadero in Barcelona

Vegans deserve street food too, and Barcelona is one of the few cities in Europe that actually gets it!

About ten paces from the Sagrada Familia you’ll find this little vegan haven. It’s street food delux, and everything is cruelty free, with no animals being harmed in the making of their juicy hotdogs, nachos, chicken wings and burgers.

La Trocadero in Barcelona – by La Trocadero – Sourced from their Facebook

Complete your main meal with a side of fries, onion rings or coleslaw. Perhaps even a donut for dessert.

La Trocadero keeps things relatively inexpensive considering the quality of the plant-based meats used in the making of the meals.

Veganism aside, this is one of the best street food spots in Barcelona hands down.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 11:30am to 12am
ADDRESS: Carrer de la Marina, 269, 08025 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Sagrada Familia

Toma Ya Street Food in Barcelona

Toma Ya hasn’t stuck to any conventional cuisine laws when curating their street food menu. They’ve taken the best of the best street food dishes from around the world and brought them into one little eatery right here in Gracia, Barcelona.

At Toma Ya you’ll have the option of eating an array of Asian style noodles, authentic Mexican tacos, potatoes in many different forms, some interesting burger options, gnocchi, a curry of sorts, meatballs… I could go on.

Toma Ya Street Food in Barcelona – by Toma Ya Street Food – Uploaded by them

In terms of variety, it doesn’t get much better than this. Toma Ya also has ample options for vegans and vegetarians. Come hungry and come with friends!

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday — 1:30pm to 3:15pm // 8pm to 10:15pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de Nil Fabra, 34-36, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Lesseps

Bo de B in Barcelona

Bo de B is the most tucked away, unassuming street food bar you’ll find in the city center. It looks like a hippie hideaway; as if you’d walk in to find a care circle taking place on the floor.

This is, in fact, good old Spanish street food. Sandwiches, wraps and salad bowls are the order of the day, and you’ll actually have to eat these all on the street as there is little to no space inside.

Bo de B is just inland from Barceloneta beach, so this is where you should grab a bite when too much time in the sun begins to take its toll.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: Carrer de la Fusteria, 14, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Barceloneta

Machete Latino Street Food in Barcelona

Machete is just a very short walk from Bo de B, also in close proximity to Barceloneta.

This is traditional Latino street food; a fun place for cheese covered dishes and imported Latin beers.

Machete Latino Street Food in Barcelona – by Machete Latino Street Food – Sourced from their Facebook

Machete is very good at creating a vibe; they play old school hip hop throughout the space daily, with service continuing through until 2am. The laid back nature makes it welcoming to those coming straight off the beach, with no specific attire necessary (though shoes are preferred).

Machete does taco Tuesday! Come for €1 tacos all day.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 1pm to 2am
ADDRESS: Carrer Ample, 20, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Metro STATION: Barceloneta

Street food will come in handy more often than you think once you arrive in the Catalan capital. You’re going to spend a lot of time exploring on foot, be it self-guided or with one fo the free guided walking tours.

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