Best Restaurants at Disneyland Paris

Planning a trip to Disneyland is no easy task. There are so many things to consider logistically such as transportation, costs of tickets, and most importantly what to eat!

I’m going to make your lives a bit easier in this article by giving you a list of restaurants in and around Disneyland Paris, located just 25 kilometers outside of Paris.

Sure Disneyland is usually considered mostly a kid’s attraction (although I would argue it’s more fun as a grown up!) But I’m not going to give you menus of chicken nuggets and fast food pizzas, like you’d find at most theme parks. Disneyland Paris has a wide variety of eateries that will satisfy your hunger pains after a long day of rides, fireworks, Princess parades and other Disney park shenanigans.

Besides the iconic attractions and rides, Disneyland Paris’ line-up also includes more than 25 places to eat. These vary in size and type, including table service, counter service and buffet restaurants, offering many different types of cuisine in fun-themed settings.

One big tip to consider is to try and reserve your restaurant of choice in advance as they fill up quickly! For those restaurants that require it, bookings can be made 60 days in advance of your stay. For those that require bookings, I’ve included the reservation number.

Another insider tip is to eat at unusual times, such as around the times of the parade in the Disney Park. Most people will be watching it so some restaurants will be quiet and have more availability.


photo from Disneyland Paris website

I’m going to start with my personal favorite, Vapiano. What can I say about Vapiano, besides it being one of the best Italian food chains out there (and good Italian food chains are hard to come by) . Located in Disney Village, this pizza and pasta restaurant offers meals suitable for all ages. The concept is quick, easy, and delicious. With a menu of large variety offering pasta, pizza, salads, and cheese, you won’t have a hard time picking something tasty.

The chefs take your order and make the plate right in front of you. It’s a treat to watch the pasta boil, and see them make the sauces from scratch. Not to mention the scents of fresh Italian food fills the air and the food is simply delicious. My personal favorites are the cream de fungi and pesto rosso pasta dishes. I can vouch for the salads being copious and fresh, too. This is a great option that is on the less expensive side and is also quick and easy!

Bistro Chez Remy

photo from Disneyland Paris

Creatively designed restaurants are part of the Disneyland experience! If you’re a Ratatouille movie fan, this might be the place for you!
Located in Walt Disney Studios, this Ratatouille-themed restaurant is a table service restaurant serving traditional French cuisine. The decor is quite adorable, with giant corks for chairs and jam jars for tables. In addition to the Disney decor, Chez Remy restaurant always is highly recommended as one of the best Disneyland Paris bistros, and is probably the only time you’ll enjoy eating at a rat-themed place!
You can book a table by calling +33 1 60 30 40 50.


photo from Disneyland website

This restaurant allows guests to enjoy contemporary, delicious recipes from all over the globe among the Victorian era decor.
You’ll find it inside the Disney Hotel, at the entrance to the Disney Park. It is one of the Disneyland Paris restaurants where some character dining happens. The character interaction is highly raved about. Each character spends  time at the guests tables and several add another layer of entertainment to your meal. I would definitely recommend visiting with children! They even offer photographs and autograph signings!
This is also one  of the  more popular places to eat so reservations are recommended and can be made up to 2 months prior to your arrival date.

You can book a table at Inventions by calling +33 1 60 30 40 50

Restaurant des Stars

photo from Disneyland Paris

An all you can eat buffet-style restaurant serving an international menu, Restaurant Des Stars is located right at the heart of Walt Disney Studios. Famous faces from films fill the walls in this classic art-deco French restaurant.
Restaurant des Stars is extremely popular and in demand so advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to 2 months prior to your arrival date.

You can book a table by calling: +33 1 60 30 40 50

Annette’s Diner

photo from Disneyland Paris

Another table service restaurant in the Disney Village, this is a 50’s themed American diner with a menu of large variety.
The Annette’s Diner will make you live or relive the 50’s, the Happy Days and the legend of Route 66. Sit at the counter for a fast-food type meal, take your meal to go, or take a seat at a table! Enjoy the vintage atmosphere, featuring giant hamburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes, and real American breakfasts served by waiting staff on roller skates! Visitors are swept back to the time of bebop, rock & roll, the twist, bobby socks and two-tone shoes. All while your favorite vintage hits are playing from the jukebox!

One of the things I’ve missed since living in Paris is classic American diner food, so when I stumble upon a treat like this one, I feel right back at home in a classic style American diner with all the tasty comfort food.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

photo from Disneyland Paris

A dining show experience, located in the Disney Village, you’ll enjoy a Wild West show featuring Mickey and friends while dining on a hearty Texan meal.
The western style food features camp cornbread, cattleman’s chili, Texan skillet, old-style potato wedges and warm apple dessert with vanilla ice cream which you can wash down with water, beer, Coca-Cola and tea or coffee. The perfect meal for a deputy.

You can book a table by calling: + 33 1 60 45 71 00


photo from Disneyland Paris

A table service restaurant serving grilled specialties, this eatery is located in the Disney Village and is styled as a downtown Chicago jazz restaurant.
Here, you will taste American cuisine through meats, grills, fish, poultry and desserts, all presented on fancy platters within a setting themed on the windy city’s famous theaters and gentlemen’s clubs.

Auberge De Cendrillon 

Located in Fantasyland is Disney Park, this is a character dining experience restaurant where guests get to meet Disney Princesses, including Cinderella’s mice friends, while eating French cuisine. It is by far the best place to eat in Disneyland Paris if you’re a fan of  Disney Princess. If you come in costume, you have an even better chance to interact with the characters!
It’s also one of the only restaurants offering authentic French food at Disneyland Park,  and located right next to Sleeping Beauty Castle. Food options are smoked salmon, duck breast, medallion of veal, roasted rack of lamb or scallops with Champagne sauce. The children’s menu offers slight twists on classic favorites, such as beef burgers in gravy.

Be warned that it is one of the most expensive dining experiences at Disney– around €60 for adults and €25 for kids.

call +33 1 60 30 40 50 to reserve a spot.

King Ludwigs Castle

Discover the Inspiration Behind Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is actually a real castle called King Ludwig’s Castle in Germany!
Take a trip to a more romantic time, inspired by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his taste for the medieval. The wooden royal banquet hall is the perfect setting to be served burgers, sausages and delicious chocolate desserts straight from Germany. Adults can enjoy König Ludwig brewery on tap.

Information : +33

California Grill

Photo from Disneyland Paris

On the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel, a Californian-inspired culinary restaurant invites you to discover high class cuisine, by chef Philippe Geneletti.
It’s California-inspired fine dining in a Victorian setting. Enjoy a sophisticated and family-friendly  experience, offering wine from its very own wine cellar! Sounds like the perfect complement to an authentic Californian meal.
The reservation for this restaurant is highly recommended!

Call +33 (0)1 60 30 40 50

Restaurant Hakuna Matata

Head over to Adventureland, where you’ll find quick bites if you’re in a hurry to meet your fast pass ticket time!

This restaurant offers African favorites, such as kebabs, salads and rice dishes.
It’s a counter service restaurant, and the African inspired decor offers a fun adventurous ambiance for all to enjoy.

Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates

Housed inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride building (right next to the ride itself), Disneyland Paris’ restaurant is themed around a Caribbean beach.

Dive into a pirates’ feast of exotic seafood and Creole cuisine on the shores of a dimly lit lagoon

Restaurant goers are seated in area adjacent to the opening section of Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and lighting and sound effects are used to create the illusion that it is perpetually night-time.

Ask for a table near the water, and you’ll be able to watch the ride’s boats peacefully floating by.

I hope you enjoyed this thorough list of Disneyland restaurants! Let us know which ones are your favorite!

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