10 Best Things to do around Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona


The Placa de Catalunya is a large public square in the center of Barcelona. It’s an inevitable meeting point during your trip, as it’s where taxis, locals, Tinder dates, friends and walking tour groups all seem to converge before venturing out into the surrounding neighborhoods. 

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There is much to do in and around the Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona! Here are 10 thing to keep you busy:

1. Go to a Theatre near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

Just around the square itself, there are four fantastic theatre houses that are open to the public year round. They put on an array of performances, ranging from musicals, to operatic productions and even one-man/woman shows. 

Teatre Poliorama – by Yeagov – Wikimedia Commons

The theaters are:

Teatre Tivoli
Teatre Coliseum 
Teatre Poliorama
Teatre Borras 

2. Shop at Centre Comercial El Triangle near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

This shopping block is actually attached to the square, and it’s a wonderful place to spend a rainy day in Barcelona. You’ll enjoy big name brands from all around the world, in and amongst small local Spanish boutiques. 

There is something for everyone in this mall, no matter your budget or taste. 

3. Walk Down the Pg. de Gràcia near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

About a 30 second stroll from the northernmost point of the square will bring you to the Passeig de Gràcia; a historic street in Barcelona. 

Not only is this street a hub for business and shopping, it’s also home to fine art galleries, the Spanish perfume museum and a few Michelin star restaurants. Most notably, however, this is where one can come to view Gaudi’s famous Casa Batlló.

Casa Batlló – by tato grasso – Wikimedia Commons

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4. Find the Font de Canaletes near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

The Font de Canaletes is one of the most famous fountains in Barcelona, and it serves as a convenient alternative meeting point for all those who don’t want to deal with the chaos of the main square. 

The feature itself is indeed underwhelming, but when you really get close to the structure of the fountain you can absolutely appreciate the history that this landmark holds.

Font de Canaletes – by Enfo – Wikimedia Commons

5. Book Tickets for Flamenco Barcelona SL near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

Watching Flamenco dance live is a right of passage for all newcomers to Barcelona. This Flamenco theatre is just outside the northwestern side of the square, and is known for being one of the best places to view this kind of performance while in Spain. 

Guests are taken on a whirlwind adventure through Flamenco song and dance, accompanied by your choice of drinks. 

Flamenco in Barcelona – by Wikijamanna – Wikimedia Commons

6. Stroll in the Jardins de la Reina Victòria near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

The Placa de Cayalunya is not a green space like other places in Barcelona. It’s more of a concrete square, and there aren’t necessarily places to sit and picnic on the ground if so desired. 

A short walk to the Jardins de la Reina Victòria nearby brings a small zone of greenery where one can walk, picnic or sun gaze at any time of day, any day of the week. 

7. Find the The World of Banksy Exhibit near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

This is a temporary exhibit near the Placa de Catalyna that was set up to give people a glimpse into the world of Banksy and the art that stunned the world. The collection is outstanding, and people come from far and wide to do the tours. 

Entrance is around 12 euros, or 8 euros for discounted tickets (pensioners, children, locals etc).  

8. Or Visit the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

This is another museum near to the square that attracts art lovers from around the globe. Objectively, it’s one of the best museums in the country, offering an array of art spanning from 1940 through to today. 

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art – by local louisville – Wikimedia Commons

The building itself is worth a visit, since it catches the Spanish light in ways that other local architecture simply cannot. I love walking by here during golden hour in the afternoons; magic made real. 

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9. Eat on la Rambla near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

Exiting the square south-bound will bring you to la Rambla; a bustling Barcelona street known for being one of the busiest and most social spots in the city. 

Here you’ll find row upon row of local eateries and bars, all pining to take your money and offer you a memorable meal/drink combo. Take your time strolling the road and pick a place that speaks to your soul — make sure they have sangria on the menu, too!

la Rambla – by Didier Descouens – Wikimedia Commons

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10. Venture to the Cathedral of Barcelona near Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona

Walking from the square in the direction of Barceloneta beach will eventually bring you past the famous Cathedral of Barcelona. This gorgeous gothic-style cathedral has played a crucial role in the history of the city, and now holds a residency belonging to the Archbishop of Barcelona. 

Cathedral of Barcelona – by Didier Descouens – Wikimedia Commons

Make your way to the observation deck situated on the cathedrals rooftop. Here you’ll enjoy panoramic views over Barcelona that are unmatched (provided the weather plays its part). 

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