The Best Tennis Courts in Bangkok


Bangkok is an ever-expanding city that does happen to have a fairly diverse range of activities for both locals and visitors alike, aside from shopping and eating.

And although the locals don’t generally care too much for outdoor sports (due to their disdain for the tropical daytime sunshine and humidity), you are still likely to find areas such as the many impressive parks in the city, often with jogging tracks and other fitness facilities, fairly brimming at certain times of the day.

Again due to the temperature and bright glare of the sun (in fact the very things that many visitors to the city from colder climes are more likely to revel in), to the Thais the only times worth even considering any kind of outdoor activity are early morning (usually between around 5 am to 8 am) and later evening (after 5 pm), with the Thai word for evening (yen) actually translating as ‘cool’.

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To be honest it’s not that much cooler at all during these times, as Thailand’s tropical climate, with its humidity and monsoon season, rarely drops below 30 Degrees Celcius, but the main issue for the locals seems to be the sunshine. This means that Bangkokians indulging in any physical activity during the daytime hours are most likely to be doing so within the confines of an air-conditioned facility.

So anyone visiting the city who is not put off by the heat or sunshine, and who fancies a bit of outdoor activity or exercise, may find to their delight that they can virtually have the park, swimming pool, golf course or even tennis court to themselves if they are not averse to the prevalent daytime conditions.

And this brings us to the main focus of this particular post – tennis courts in Bangkok – of which, like most of the wide range of Bangkok facilities and attractions, there are many different options and varieties.

Any Bangkok tennis courts designed for general public use are most likely to be found in the city’s parks. This means that they are usually very cheap or even free (in terms of admission prices), but of course it is not guaranteed that they will be available at any given time.

And much like everything else in the Thai capital, if any degree of privacy of higher quality is to be found to it is more likely in the realm of a private, fee-paying or even members-only facility (although walk-in fees and day passes are usually available for such places).

The selection of Bangkok tennis courts included in this post comprises a few varieties, from park to downtown city centre, to private membership clubs, just to provide a taste of what’s on offer. 

If you do happen to find yourself in the city of Bangkok and the urge to indulge in a spot of tennis takes you, then this particular post may be right up your street. So here we go with our guide to some of the best tennis courts in Bangkok.

 1. Vachirabenjatud Park (Train Park/Suan Rot Fai) Tennis Courts

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The first tennis courts on our list can be found on the outer edges of one of Bangkok’s finest parks, on the Central Ladprao shopping centre side of this vast stretch of greenery in the city.

The area is best known as the train park, or suan rot fai in Thai, and is one of 3 parks within close proximity of each other, accessible from both the BTS (Mo Chit) and MRT (Chatuchak) stations. The tennis courts are surrounded by other outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, and even kayaking.

If you turn up sometime between 6am and midday you should be able to find a court, but after that, reservations tend to be a requirement. Booking on the day is acceptable (according to availability) from 10 am onwards, and the good news is the cost is only around 35 baht per/hour.

You should bring your own rackets and balls though, as there isn’t anything available to rent in the park in terms of equipment.

Vachirabenjatud Park (Suan Rodfai), Chatuchak, Bangkok
Tel: 02-272-4844-5.
Open daily from 6am-9pm.


2. The 50 Tennis & Fitness Club

Heading into the city and onto the Sukhumvit Road, we can find the trendy 50 Tennis & Fitness Club. This facility comprises six standard courts that are available to rent at 160 baht per/hour.

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The club operates between the hours of 6am and 6pm at the standard rate, but this increases to 260 baht per/hour between the peak (cooler) hours between 6 and 10pm.

Classes and tuition are available both privately and in groups, although reservation is required for this, and equipment can also be rented here.

Sukhumvit Soi 50, Bangkok
Tel: 02-742-8889, 086-623-8888.
Hours: Daily from 8am-10pm


3. Sun Tennis Courts

Heading back just a little bit down the Sukhumvit Road from the 50 Club brings us to the Sun Tennis Courts.

Here you will find 2 tennis courts, along with equipment for rent and the option of classes and coaching, as well as a few other perks like free Wi-Fi.

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This particular court is popular of an evening with locals as it employs white lighting for better night vision, and is slightly cheaper than the previous option, being a slightly smaller facility. Court rental weighs in at 120 baht per/hour from 6am-6pm and again the slightly more expensive 200 baht per/hour between 6pm and midnight.

Location: Soi Samarnchunt, Sukhumvit Soi 40, angkok
Tel: 081-875-9285
Hours: Daily from 6am to midnight.


4. Phut Anan Stadium

Phut Anan is another tennis facility in the Sukhumvit region of Bangkok with four outdoor tennis courts, and all of these contain big shot soldiers.

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Again you should be OK here in the daytime but expect numbers to increase around late afternoon, so a reservation might be an idea first. This place is a little bit cheaper than some of the others in this area at 80 baht per/hour before 6pm, which rises to just 100 baht per/hour afterwards.

Location: Soi La Salle 17, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02-475-2043, 02-393-7228
Hours: Daily from 6am-9pm.


 5. Soi Klang Racquet Club

Sticking with the popular ‘downtown’ Sukhumvit area for just one more offering, again within the same region as the previous two clubs, we come to the slightly more upmarket ‘Soi Klang’ Raquet Club.

Here you will encounter a total of 7 indoor courts, and non-members can purchase a day pass that will allow them to play all day for 500 baht (on weekdays – 600 baht on weekends and holidays).

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The really good news is that included in the price of the pass is access to the club’s other facilities, namely the fitness centre and swimming pool. For anyone on a longer stay in Thailand, membership on both a monthly and annual basis is available.

Location: 6-8 Amara 3, Sukhumvit Soi 49/9, Bangkok
Tel: 02-714-7200
Hours: Daily between 6am and 11pm



6. Chulalongkorn University Sport Centre

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Moving away from one popular city-centre region to another, namely the Siam area of Bangkok, we can find yet more tennis court options within the grounds of one of Bangkok’s top universities.

Here you will encounter 10 hard courts (situated right behind the MBK shopping complex) and six tennis courts proper located behind the National Stadium. These are the courts used by the students of the university, who enjoy fee-free entrance; otherwise there is a small fee of around 50-100 baht for anyone else which apparently covers electricity.

Booking is available and is recommended as this is a busy area of the city with plenty of students knocking around

Location: Chulalongkorn University, Phayathai Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02-218-2839
Hours: Daily from 7am-9pm


7. The Olympic Club

Staying in the same area as the Chula tennis courts close to MBK, we can find The Olympic Club.

This facility has two grass courts which comprise a small section of its massive fitness centre. The fees for the tennis courts are around 120 baht per/hour before 6pm, and 180 baht after that when we are into the peak hours for tennis hobbyists in Bangkok.

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Equipment by way of rackets and balls are available for rent in this busy, central facility.

Location: Pathumwan Princess Hotel, 8/F, MBK Centre, 444 Phayathai Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02-216-3700 (extension 20805)
Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-11pm, Sat-Sun 7am-10pm



8. Trinity Fitness Centre

This city-centre Bangkok tennis facility in the Silom district is likely to be a little more suitable for Bangkok ‘long-termers’ in that the courts are exclusively for members and residents.

As the name suggests, Trinity fitness Centre comprises not only tennis courts, but also a pool, gymnasium, running track and a few classes such as yoga and aerobics.

A one-year membership is somewhere in the region of 16000 baht, and six-month membership is also available. The downside is that you still have to pay 100 baht per/hour for the tennis courts and they charge for electricity on top of that. Private classes are available along with equipment rental.

Location: Silom Soi 7, Silom Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02-231-5333
Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun 7am-8pm.