The Best Tattoo Parlours in Bangkok


In the time-honoured tradition of going on holiday to sunny climes and getting a new tattoo to take home, it would appear that this age-old holidaymaker rite of passage has taken hold of many of the vast numbers of visitors to Thailand in recent years.

With the somewhat questionable ‘trend’ of getting a ‘Sak Yant’ (an ancient-style sacred tattoo usually based around the Pali language and other SE Asian religious and pagan imagery) having found its way on to everyone’s ‘must do’ list in the last decade or so, the tattoo industry in Thailand has found itself in something of a boom time.

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It may also be true that not too long back the idea of getting involved with anything involving needles in a SE Asian tropical country with justifiably questionable hygiene would have seemed perfectly out of the question for the majority of all but the most daring of travellers from overseas.

However, as long as a little background research and logical planning is done beforehand, these days there are a variety of modern, hygienic, and skillful tattoo artists in Bangkok, some of whom are award-winning, world-class artists.

Jumping straight into the nearest tattoo parlour that you come across is not exactly highly recommended, however, but once you start digging for quality tattooists in Bangkok you might soon find that you are spoilt for choice!

The country is in fact now quite famous in tattoo circles, and it may be true for many visitors to the Thai capital that getting inked is one of the best ways to etch in the memory of a great time had in the Land of Smiles. 

With no real intention of exploring the Sak Yant theme in this post though, we are focusing more on the traditional Tattoo Parlours and their designs and workmanship.

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So, with the intention of saving you some research time, and for the purpose of reduction, we’ve narrowed down and included some of the best tattoo parlours in Bangkok, in no particular order, in this post.

These are the tattoo studios in Bangkok that have already earned a name for themselves, through the various accolades that they have won and through reports of them delivering a high standard of service, cleanliness and customer satisfaction that is relatively consistent.

1. Bangkok All Day Tattoo

Located just 200 m from the famous Emporium and Emquartier Malls in the heart of Bangkok’s trendy Prom Phong area, All Day Tattoo has made its name as one of Bangkok’s finest tattoo parlours in recent years.

Obviously you want to be as clear as possible when deciding what kind of tattoo work you are going to get done, so the big bonus here is the native English-speaking staff. (English speaking management and staff are still reasonably rare in this SE Asian country, even in the capital, it might be noted).

The members of staff at this Bangkok tattoo shop are pretty much on hand throughout the entire process, from your first inquiry to the finished product, in order to ensure that all goes as planned.

This includes walking and talking you through the design and its possible application using computerised graphic designs along with some rather more old school sketches. This means you can choose any design or bring your own, and easily do any fine tuning to get your planned tattoo looking exactly how you want it to.

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One of the key focal points at Bangkok All Day Tattoo has always been to ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene on a par with those in the west. All equipment in terms of ink and needles are known brands imported from the U.S.

Although there are plenty without one, tattoo studios in Thailand do require a license from the local authority, and as this studio is based in Bangkok’s city centre district, you can be sure that it had to jump through hoops and back to attain one, particularly as Western management is involved.

The studio has a reasonably-sized team of artists, some of whom have worked abroad and/or won awards and competitions. The staff will do their best to match you with the artist best suited to your style of interest to again make sure that you are fully satisfied with your tattoo.

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Of course if this all sounds a bit too good to be true – well, obviously this kind of standard and service won’t come that cheaply – and it doesn’t. You can expect to pay the same or even quite a bit more in some cases than you would back home (depending on where home may be), but the obvious advantage is that you leave with a quality tattoo that will last, all done in a safe, hygienic  environment.

Address: 710/4 Sukhumvit Road, Phrom Pong, Bangkok 10110 (BTS Phrom Pong Exit 4)
Tel: 0983814364



2. Tattoo OD

OD Tattoo parlour was apparently one of Bangkok’s first ‘proper’ studios, in that it got a proper licence according to industry standards. Whether this is the case or not, this tattoo shop in the city has retained its links with any humble beginnings by way of operation from its almost tiny premises.

As it turns out, this takes nothing away from the quality of the work and designs that come out of this shop, which happens to be set in the happening district of Thonglor. This is the neighbourhood of choice for trendy and affluent young Bangkokians, meaning that there is no shortage of eager tattooees lining up for the work the four artists working at the parlour.

Image from by wza hk

As with many of the other tattoo parlours in Bangkok, each artist brings something unique and distinctive to the work done in the studio. This means that whatever kind of design you come here with or choose from the shop, your requirements will be catered to ably.

This also means that you might be well to consider an appointment, although walk-ins are accommodated time permitting. Tattoo OD is an in-demand Bangkok tattoo studio though, with early evenings tending to be the peak hours.

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 53, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok 10110


3. Inkception

Here we have an established, long-standing tattoo studio found in Siam Square’s Lido Theatre. With five resident tattoo artists, Inkception will undoubtedly have the expertise and experience to cater to your desired design and style.

This Bangkok tattoo parlour in the capital’s main shopping district is bright and modern, and due in no small part to its location, it is also rather busy. With a wide range of different tattooing styles on offer here, from traditional Japanese to U.S. West Coast.

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Unsurprisingly then, ink work here is by appointment only, so be sure to check that out as much in advance as you are able if you seriously intend to visit this studio.

Location: 2/F, Lido Multiplex, Siam, Bangkok (BTS Siam)
Tel: 097-126-7130
Hours: Daily 2pm-10pm


4. Black Pig

As the old-town district based around Charoen Krung Road continues to grow in ‘trendiness’ with the hipsters of the city, any artistic tattoo studio around the region would likely count itself lucky.

As it turns out, Black Pig happens to be just such an establishment, and it is the brainchild of established tattooist (and former street artist) Luke Satoru. The main niche of this Bangkok tattoo studio is based around designs leaning more towards the bold and the classic, but Luke remains open to any challenge by way of innovative designs.

Image by tattooenthusiast sourced from wikimedia commons

Unsurprisingly, this is yet another hugely popular destination for local tattoo afficionados, and so operates on an appointment-only basis. Guest artists also take residence from time to time, but Luke himself is most into highly-detailed designs bought to life with retro coloured inks.

This means anything and everything from traditional Japanese designs to tribal and geometric-style tattoos. Worth checking out if you are anywhere near to the area – but don’t forget that appointment if you are serious about receiving the ink.

 Location: 672/65 Charoenkrung Soi 28, Bangkok
Tel: 080-595-2999
Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7pm


5. Common Ground

Heading over to the downtown Silom/Sathorn business and entertainment district, we can find Common Ground — another Bangkok tattoo studio with that name, that is.

Here is another modern, east-west mix tattoo parlour, which claims to offer ‘Western hygiene standards alongside Eastern vibes’. Common Ground is also an established city tattoo parlour which formerly went by a different name (Six Fathoms Deep) a few years back, and it is not that difficult to find being located just across from a BTS station (Saphan Taksin).

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Walk-ins and bookings are both catered for, but it’s always worth checking in advance depending on when you visit.

Location: 300 Rimklongsatorn Rd, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +6620739161


6. The Golden Triangle

A bit of a follow-on connection here with Golden Triangle as this place is actually owned by the Common Ground Tattoo team.

The Golden Triangle Tattoo Parlour in Bangkok is in the more upmarket Thonglor area though, and obviously caters more for the trendy young tattoo-seeking Thais with its boutique studio and psychedelic-style, Hindu-inspired artwork and designs, instantly identifiable by their bright and vivid colour schemes.

Image by dolla photography sourced from wikimedia commons

The Golden Triangle also houses a small boutique by the name of Loco Mosquito, which displays vintage-style unisex designs with trendy-looking Asian-styled motifs. Again this place is not the cheapest option –- like most of the studios on this list you can expect to pay upwards of somewhere in the region of 3000 baht for a small to medium piece. 

 Location: 3/F, Black Amber Social Club, Thonglor Soi 6, Bangkok
Tel: 02-073-9161
Hours: Fri-Sun 1-8pm


7. Saklai Tattoo Studio (by Poo & Leck NY)

Heading up the Sukhumvit Road and past the trendy Thonglor district into one of the neighbouring areas of Ekkamai, we can find another well-established Bangkok tattoo studio by way of Saklai.

Formerly situated in the Siam shopping district, the studio moved a little bit further out of the centre of Bangkok in 2018. Saklai is reportedly one of the Thai capital’s longest-running licensed tattoo studios, and the owners Poo and Leck, a tattooist couple, have been operating for around 25 years now.

Possibly the most impressive fact of all related to Saklai is that the pair learned the art of tattooing in New York way back in the 90s, before deciding to move back home and open a studio of their own –- so doubtless no language barriers or culture shocks to be had here.

Obviously with this much experience Saklai is able to turn its hand to just about anything, but the real speciality here is freehand Japanese designs, which the studio is probably most renowned for locally.

Image by tattooenthusiast from wikimedia commons

Of course standards of hygiene and safety are high, as is the popularity of the place, so needless to say bookings are again the order of the day. Prices again will be in similar bands to the other shops in this post, all of which are in prime areas and features slightly unique and highly-experienced artists.

Location: 45 Ekkamai 2 Alley, Bangkok (BTS Ekkamai)
Tel: 081-830-8325
Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-7pm


8. Mimp Tattoo Studio

Forget dark and gloomy backstreet tattoo parlours – Mimp Tattoo is anything but that with its modern and bright, loft-style shop. Situated on an avenue within a complex which is also a popular nightlife haunt for the young Thai party crowd known as RCA, this is another studio in Bangkok regarded highly, mainly for its Japanese tattoo style.

Mimp Tattoo Studio is almost too good to be true for many first-timers from abroad, with its spacious, airy and well-lit studio, and needless to say imported equipment and hygiene standards.

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Mimp himself is an award-winning Bangkok tattoo artist who specialises in a wide range of both Japanese and Thai designs. Prices are comparable to most of the others in this post, as is the recommendation for inquiry and or booking first.

Location: 21/64 RCA Block C, Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9, Bangkapi, Khet Huay Kwang, Bangkok
Tel: 095-949-1778
Hours: Daily 10am-9pm