The Best Health Food Stores in Bangkok


Thailand can be a great place for health-minded people, with its huge range of widely-available exotic fruits that don’t cost the earth, and anyone who is a sucker for Thai cuisine knows that much of it is prepared with a variety of herbs with potential health-inducing properties.

That’s not to mention the mega-doses of readily-available vitamin D in this sunnier-than-sunny country!

However, as previously mentioned in one of our earlier posts about Farmers’ Markets in Bangkok where we highlighted some of the rather perilous aspects of Thai cooking -– namely an excess of sugar, high-dose pesticides, MSG, and low-grade, potentially harmful oil that is often used on more than one occasion — it turns out that Thai food is not always that health-oriented. This is particularly true of much of the street food that many visitors to the nation are prone to rather unwittingly making a beeline toward.

Today though, we are going to focus on the more healthful aspects of food in Bangkok, by way of some of checking out the health food stores in the city — especially for those growing numbers of visitors to the Thai capital who have something more than a passing interest in healthy food choices.


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The first point of note is that healthy lifestyle information, along with any related available products, are largely still considered ‘new’, or ‘trends’ among the majority of Thais who, by their own admission, often go for price over quality, or even ‘taste’ over ‘healthy’. This is often a case of economics, but sometimes just convenience and personal preference.

Many people in Thailand do in fact still remain unaware of any recent developments in the health and nutrition sectors, while as always, there are thankfully those interested in developing both themselves and the information that is available to Thai society in terms of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle

(Unfortunately no such information is made available in the Thai educational system, and the nation has seen the health of the average Thai plummet in recent decades with rises in diabetes and obesity having become major issues, even in school children, along with a growing list of other serious ailments).

On the upside, there’s certainly no denying that over the last decade or so, with increased access to the internet having become more mainstream for the majority of people in Thailand, both the health and fitness and the organic food sectors have seen boosts in popularity.

Some of this popularity is a direct result of the growing number of image-obsessed, influential Thai ‘celebrities’ who continue to adopt the latest fitness trends, which have included Callisthenics, Pilates, Yoga, Muaythai, Meditation, and Paleolithic, Ketogenic, and Vegan dietary habits over recent years.

Many of these local personalities then go on to release their own products and brands, or feature as the face of advertising campaigns promoting products related to these trends – none of which are exactly new – but they have nevertheless continued to gain exposure via a nation of internet and ‘app addicts’.

So a few of the stores in our post today have been established for a while, and hence have become the ‘tried & tested’ options for health-minded individuals (along with some of the Farmers’ Markets with their organic produce featured in a previous post), while others have popped up fairly recently, as other stores are doing almost constantly.

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It is also worth noting that some of the more upmarket supermarkets in the city of Bangkok have begun introducing and expanding their ranges of organic and health food products, with many of them now featuring a ‘superfoods’ section (most notably Tops and Villa).

So let’s take a closer look at some of the best health food stores in Bangkok.


1. Healtholicious

Healtholicious was founded in 2017 under the ethos that the right food and nutrition, in conjunction with an overall healthy lifestyle, can not only contribute to increased health and strength but can also heal any existing ailments.

Like any good health food brand, Healtholicious takes a stance against misinformation regarding nutrition and and other lifestyle choices, encouraging empowerment through the awareness of over-dependence on modern pharmaceutical medicine. As much of this dependence has been implemented by an industry that tries to first make people sick through misinformation before offering the ‘cure’, the Healtholicious brand is on something of a mission to challenge the definition of healthy lifestyle.

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The team behind the Healtholicious brand had also had their fair share of illness, fatigue, and other health-related issues –- including infertility — that they found were largely related to poor lifestyle choices and in particular processed and other ‘suspect’ foods that were later identified as all-round major contributors to poor health.

Hence, after making a few alterations to their lifestyles in terms of health such as ceasing to consume processed food, substituting unhealthy oil with healthy saturated fats, and doing away with all reliance on any kind of pharmaceutical drug or treatment, the proof was in the pudding, and the Healtholicious lifestyle brand was born.

Healtholicious eventually found its way to becoming one of the leading keto diet-related stores in Thailand, fuelled by their initial championing of the low-carb diet concept behind it. However, after further research and experimentation, the brand experimented with various other dietary-related ideas, and came to the conclusion that being on a low-carb did not support everyone in the most health-optimal way.

So Healtholicious moved away from the promotion of any specific diets, preferring instead to focus on a more holistic approach to all-round health, although the store does continue to offer the best selection of quality keto-related products that may be otherwise difficult to find in Bangkok.

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The Bangkok health food store is now a distributor of coconut-based pure C8 MCT oil and C8/C10 MCT oil, as well as having obtained licensing rom the FDA to be a manufacturer of grass-fed ghee. This is sold in a variety of flavours, alongside other speciality products such as sugar-free organic chocolate, plant-based products, and other specialist healthy options that may otherwise not be widely available in the Thai capital.

Healtholicious offers a 24/7 online ordering option, or you can drop by the store to discuss any healthful requirements that you may have with the owners Tobias & Ayano.

Location: Healtholicious, 2991/20 Visuthanee Hi-Tech Office Park, Lat Phrao 101/3 Road, Klongchan, Bangkapi, Bangkok
Hours: 9 am-5 pm
Mobile: 097 065 5482
LINE: healtholicious


2. Sunshine Market

Sunshine Market is probably one of the best-known health food stores in Bangkok to both residents and visitors of recent years, and is a family-owned business.

The origins of the store are related to the fact that owner Prem Srichawla became interested in organic and wholefoods when she first became a mother and started to consider that feeding her family with natural, organic, and unprocessed foods was the way to go.

Prem got even more into the idea after her son had become ill, and after finding little inspiration in pharmaceutical and other medical options she started looking more into in nutrition, and in particular the role of food disease treatment and prevention. The eventual result, after she had decided that ‘health is indeed wealth’ was the founding of Sunshine Market with the help of her sisters and other family members, almost a decade ago.

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This small, healthy, city-centre supermarket (and bakery) was the end product of the family’s wish to pass on their new-found passion for food of the healthful variety, and thus be of service to people health problems caused by intolerance to less-natural products.

Aside from their own produce, the store also imports more than 10 brands from around the world, many of which are also distributed to over 50 supermarkets across the country which obviously makes their availability much wider.

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Sunshine Market’s home-made specialites include gluten-free, organic and vegan baked treats like cookies, energy bars and brownies, which can be enjoyed oven-fresh in the store.

You’ll also find a range of vegan protein powders and bars, pulses, beans lentils, rice dried fruits, and other organic food etc., along with outsourced skincare products from around the world containing what the store considers the best and healthiest ingredients. Sunshine Market also redistributes bulk stock and wholesale items.

Address: 28 Soi Sukhumvit 22, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Phone02 258 3424
Email: info@sunshinemarketbkk


3. Radiance Wholefoods Co., Ltd

Radiance was also established a while back, in fact in 2011, with the purpose of introducing and spreading more awareness about food product standards in Thailand, and particularly in Bangkok.

The store began selling a range of natural and organic products, and in recent years has relocated to a larger premises than when it initially opened, helped in part by an increase in online orders.

The brand has strict sourcing procedures for its range of products, which includes the authentication of organic certifications and on-site visits to suppliers, as well as ensuring that all produce supports sustainability. With that in mind, the brand prioritises products sourced from Thai farmers that support local communities and the environment.

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Packaging and waste reduction is also a consideration for Radiance Wholefoods, whose aim is largely to create a healthier and more positive impact on society than the majority of large-scale producers.

Address: G1, 106 Klang Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Hours: 11 am-7 pm
Phone095 549 4084


4. Rawganiq

Rawganiq is a Bangkok health food store offering certified organic health foods and ingredients sourced directly from farmers around the world. The proffered wares in this store in fact originate from such diverse destinations as Peru and Mongolia, in order to ensure the best quality wellness products.

All ingredients received into and shipped out of the store are vacuum packed at their source of origin to maintain maximum freshness and damage reduction. They are assessed and handled at the certified organic processing and packaging facility operated by the company in Chonburi, on the eastern side of Bangkok, where the same ethics and approach are applied to the produce.

The products are all tested & verified in terms of their safety and natural nutrition content, to make sure that only the best products make it into the company’s superior tested and certified packaging formats.

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Rawganiq prides itself on the fact that all of its products are free from chemicals by way of artificial flavourings, colourings, pesticides, preservatives, and any genetically modified ingredients.

Some of the health food store’s speciality products include organic, virgin cold-pressed oils, organic nut butters and pastes, organic superfoods various like nuts, grains and seeds, and Himalayan gourmet salt, to name but a few.

Address: 988/30 Greenwich, Ramindra Road, Kannayao, Bangkok 10230
Hours: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Phone062 696 2447


5. Organic Supply

In the Ladprao district you can find a smaller healthy indoor market that stocks homemade treats, pre-made meals, organic items, gluten-free food, and other organic grocery items including grains, noodles, pasta, honey and a variety of jams.

The place has a kind of trendy, juice bar feel to it, and indeed it does have a corner for juices and other snacks, including desserts.

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Flour-free less chocolate zucchini cake, anyone? There is even a section in the store entirely for natural cosmetics and sanitising products.

Location: 148 Nakniwat Road, Ladprao, Bangkok
Hours: 10 am-7 pm
Tel: +662 101 6410


6. Lemon Farm 

Lemon Farm is a fairly well-established brand that has a number of small to medium-sized stores dotted across Bangkok.

It is basically an organic food-based set up founded by a membership of consumers whose primary aim has always been to connect local farmers with consumers in city regions.

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Every Lemon Farm store is positively brimming with healthy, organic fresh food and produce, which also includes seasonal fish, along with natural cosmetic products. You can find Lemon Farm stores in areas of Bangkok like Thonglor, Chit Lom, Ratchayothin, and Srinakarin.

Location: (Chit Lom) 31, The Portico Langsuan, Lang Suan Road, Lumphini, Bangkok
Hours: 10 am-8.30 pm
Tel: +662 015 1159


7. Sustainia

Sustainia Organic Shop & Restaurant is one of the more recent additions to the health food scene in Bangkok which has made it that little bit easier to find a decent snack and shop for organic food in central city areas like Sukhumvit Road.

Sustainia is actually a combination of a Japanese restaurant and supermarket loaded with healthy products, and is supplied by Harmony Life Organic Farm in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park.

Here you can find high-quality seasonal fruit and vegetables for grocery supplies – alternatively head to the second floor organic restaurant and sample clean, healthy, Japanese-inspired fare.

Location: 1/40 Soi Sukhumvit 39 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
Hours: 10.30 am-8.30 pm
Tel: +662 258 7516/7573