The Best Mind and Body Wellness Centres in Bangkok


Bangkok has long been known for its huge number of massage parlours and spas of various types and qualities. In fact, we covered some of the best Bangkok spas on offer in one of our previous posts.

However, as is typical of this particular region of the globe, there is quite a bit more on offer than massage alone in a country like Thailand, not to mention a city like Bangkok, by way of health and wellness treatments.

That’s not to play down the effectiveness of a proper Thai massage, which can be highly therapeutic, but what about mind and body wellness, in terms of Ayurvedic treatments, or maybe even a bit of chakra realignment?


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There is certainly no shortage in the Thai capital of pretty much any kind of treatment that you may care to put your mind to, including (but not limited to) physical therapy and re-alignment, cleansing and detoxification, Reiki, and even flotation tanks for a sensory deprivation excursion into total relaxation.

The health and wellness field has now become a massive global industry, and now encompasses  anything and everything from therapeutic massage to meditation, spa treatments, and some of the previously-considered ‘new age’ channels that have now seeped more and more into the mainstream, in the heart of SE Asia.

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And where better to check out and experience some of the delights that this field of therapy has to offer, both traditional and modern, than in one of SE Asia’s most visited, and still-expanding cities – Bangkok.

So, in the following post you can check out our brief guide to some of the best mind and body wellness centres currently operating in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

1. Omroom

Omroom is a tranquil and holistic space in the city ideal for those interested in well-being, healing, and spirituality-themed practices.

In something of a contrast to what goes on within the walls of this Bangkok wellness centre, it is located in a central shopping area of Bangkok, and offers healing through a somewhat diverse range of methodology for those looking to find positive balance in their lives.

The facility provides wellness classes and private therapies, along with various workshops, and courses. Omroom’s services and treatments range from the clinical to the therapeutic, by way of Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Yoga.

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If you are looking for something even more esoteric than that, then the centre has skilled practitioners who will guide you through other more diverse sessions in memory therapy, chakra cleansing, shamanic light and transformation, reconnective energy healing, cranio sacral therapy, and even tarot readings.

The practitioners in this top Bangkok wellness centre include specialists in all of the offered fields from various points of origin (Japanese-Chinese, British, French, and Thai), all of whom are highly experienced within their relative fields.

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This diverse range of mind and body modalities is accessible by appointment only, and the centre is even able to arrange consultations via Skype or WhatsApp. The centre also offers various retreat programs.

Address: 909 J.C.Tower thonglor soi 25, Khet Watthana,, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok 10110
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm
Phone081 422 8171


2. Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Bangkok

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Ayurvedic wellness is well-known pretty much all over the world for its efforts in achieving balance in terms of body, mind, and spirit. The Bangkok Ayurvedic Wellness Centre offers holistic treatments blended to help sufferers of anxiety, depression, and insomnia, as well as other types of ailment stemming from some kind of imbalance such as diabetes and many others.

The facility has its own qualified, experienced, in-house team of therapists, not least of all Dr. Neha, a Panchakarma therapist with almost 2 decades of experience treating all modes of clientele.

The centre’s main aim is to provide a traditional, authentic service based around the ancient science of life known as Ayurveda, and this includes various workshops and presentations related to this holistic treatment. Both day and weekend detox packages are available for those with limited time in the city.

Location: Building 2, 43-47 Sukhumvit 12 Alley, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Hours: 9.00 am – 7 pm
Tel: (+66) 22617040


3. Ariya Wellness

Ariya Wellness is a Bangkok wellness facility that provides treatment for people with various types of pain in the body, and in particular the body structure system.

The treatments are geared towards finding the root causes of pain issues rather than simply treating the symptoms, and this is done through the stimulation of bone, muscle, joint, tendons, nerve, blood, and lymph systems.

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The treatments are designed to balance the body structure, and include body structure analysis, realignment and adjustment, detoxification, massage, fat burning, and specific pain therapy.

Much of the centre’s approach is achieved through the manipulation and strength building of certain areas, and creating balance in order to alleviate existing symptoms and disallow any recurrence of the problem. The centre also believes that once a balanced body structure is achieved, it will help to create protective immunity against any future severe diseases as well.

The facility is operated by a team of professional physiotherapists with expertise in the musculoskeletal system, and the treatments are centred around the techniques of physiotherapists combined with traditional science. This means that no potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals are involved in any of the centre’s practices.

Location: 1, Q House, Lumpini Building, South Sathorn Road, Tungmahameak, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
Hours: 10.00 am – 8 pm (M-F), 9 am – 7 pm (weekends)

4. BodyConscious BKK

BodyConscious is a Bangkok wellness centre that was put together more than 5 years ago by a small team of health and wellness practitioners from overseas, namely Joy and Sharon Menzies, and Samantha Foster.

The team had worked previously in the management and development of wellness resorts, and they identified the need for those living in the city, with its stressful daily challenges and related ailments, to have access to wellness support a bit closer to home without having to go off on a retreat. 

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Body-Conscious at Y Wellness as it stands today, right in the centre of Bangkok, actually opened its doors in 2018, with the intention of making available competitively-priced wellness treatments based around four main principles related to underlying causes of existing or potential conditions.

The four principles are primarily related to identifying root causes, providing natural solutions, using only tried and tested therapies, and instilling personal empowerment. These principles are applied to help with the treatment of clients’ existing conditions and health difficulties so that they achieve better health and wellness for the long term. 

The centre uses consultations, questionnaires and diagnostic tests to initially determine the root causes of ailments, followed up by recommended natural, tried and tested treatments geared towards overall lifestyle improvement and long-term health.

The practitioners at the centre cover a broad range of wellness fields, from functional natural medicine to naturopaths, and their aim is to assist with physical, mental and emotional conditions. The idea is to alleviate and remedy existing ailments and prevent any future conditions with an all-round, holistic approach.

Location: 7th floor, Column Bangkok, 48 Sukhumvit Soi 16, Khlongtoei, Bangkok 10110
Hours: 10 am – 7 pm
Tel: (+66) 2302 2861


5. Bangkok Float Centre

Bangkok Float Centre is a state-of-the-art floating facility where you can find a relaxation experience like never before.  This is a Bangkok wellness facility with a difference that will provide you with the opportunity to allow your body, mind and spirit to unite in a feeling of complete weightlessness.  

If you’ve never experienced or even heard of flotation tanks before, they are basically small chambers specifically designed to accommodate the shape and size of a human form, containing around 1000-litres of water heated to body temperature, which ends up as 30 cm-deep solution comprised of specially-formulated, therapeutic salts.

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The idea is that the body-temperature-water allows you a feeling of weightlessness without the usual feeling of separation that comes from being in cooler or hotter water. The Epsom salt solution further facilitates the removal of any sensation of gravity, and you can even go the whole hog for total sensory deprivation by way of ear plugs and no interior lights (which the tanks do have as an option).

The idea is that the quietness, darkness, sensory deprivation, and complete solitude will facilitate the deepest state of relaxation for both body and mind. Most people are unaware of the amount of energy that is used to deal with the effects of the earth’s gravity, along with the constant bombardment of the senses from external stimuli by way of vision and sound.

So when all of that external activity is reduced or even cut off completely, energy is conserved and re-directed to aid in both relaxation and healing processes, effectively resetting hormonal and metabolic balance. This is the flotation tank experience in a nutshell.

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Many people have reported profound and even highly creative states of mind from indulgence in the floatation tank experience, and this is possibly due to the shifting states of the brainwaves – from the normal beta state experienced in everyday, waking consciousness – to the much deeper alpha and delta waves that many people try to or do access through meditation.

Needless to say, this method of wellness and relaxation allows the participant to access these deep levels of the brain and mind in minutes rather than hours, or even years of training – at least if they  are able to ‘let go’ and experience the session to its fullest, that is.

The physical benefits that can be gained from this mind and body experience are also impressive, and include the speeding up of healing processes related to any existing injuries, a decrease in the production of ‘stress hormones’ like cortisol, lactic acid, and adrenaline, an increase in the production of ‘feel good’ endorphins, and relief of pain such as that stemming from arthritis, migraines, and injuries. Whew!

As if that weren’t enough wellness for one day, floatation tank sessions are also believed to further add to physical wellness by boosting the body’s immune function, improving circulation, promoting the distribution of oxygen and nutrients, and lowering blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate through reduced oxygen consumption.

Needless to say, this promotes feelings of total calm and peaceful relaxation associated with mental wellbeing, eliminates fatigue, improves sleep quality, alleviates stress, and ultimately energizes, and rejuvenates body, mind and spirit.

Could it get any better?

Well maybe it could, as participants frequently report improved mental clarity and alertness, feelings of creativity and problem solving ability, accelerates learning abilities, diminishing depression, anxiety and fear – and even more freedom from regular habits, phobias and addictions!

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The magnesium-based Epsom salts further promote physical wellness in that they soften and replenish the skin, also going some way to alleviate and counteract the magnesium deficiency that many people now have due to depleted magnesium levels in the soil.

The centre recommends at least three floatation tank sessions in order to really experience the benefits to the fullest. ​

Location: Hope Land Hotel (2nd Floor), 46/1 Sukhumvit Rd, Phrakanong (opposite W District — Phrakanong BTS station Exit 4), Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Telephone – 098-628-9599 (ENGLISH)
Hours: Open 7 days a week, 8AM-10PM on everyday (Appointment only)

6. Divine Yoga

No post related to the mind and body would be truly complete without at least a nod towards some yoga-inspired wellness. Whether you consider yourself an experienced practitioner or you just fancy this as a wellness option, then it may be worth heading on up to Bangkok’s Thonglor district, where you may encounter something divine.

Image by Shiv Yoga from wikimedia commons

Divine Yoga is a studio that bases its approach around a renowned Indian school of yoga known as Bihar, and the studio also a few more therapeutic-style classes than some of the other centres by way of its ‘Yoga Therapy’, ‘Office syndrome’, and Stress Management’ courses and classes, to name just a few.

The studio runs as many as 60 classes per week, which are pretty wide-ranging in terms of practitioner level. A nice stand-out point here is that all of the classes at Divine Yoga are conducted in English (with occasional Thai splashes for locals), adding a more diverse feel to the environment.

They do also a few other dynamic-style, high-energy and hybrid-type classes if that is more your thing, so check out the timetable to see what suits you.

Address: 283/40 Home Place Building, 13 Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok, 10110
Contact: +66 (0) 2 712 7100