Top 10 stunning beaches in the Netherlands


Image: Pixabay

We are in the land of tulips, coffee shops, canals, windmills, and the country with the most bicycles in the world. The Netherlands is a very beautiful country, with a variety of things to enjoy. 

Did you know that its capital Amsterdam has more than 1,200 bridges and is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe? 

It also has stunning beaches that are worth visiting, and here are ten of them!

1. Scheveningen Beach

Image: Pixabay

Scheveningen Beach is located in The Hague. Scheveningen is one of the eight districts in The Hague with a sandy beach, a pier, and a lighthouse! The beach is perfect for people who love sunbathing, having good food, enjoy nature, surfing, swimming, shopping and just having a great time near water. The more than three-kilometer beach is just between the Boulevard and the Pier. If you are in Amsterdam, a train ride will take you just about 1 hour 15 minutes from The Hague, where you will also take a tram to the beach! What’s amazing about this beach is that it is accessible during all the four seasons so you can attend concerts, events, markets, and many other activities all year round. There are various beach hotels near the beach so you can have fun without worrying about how to get back to The Hague or Amsterdam.  

2. Zandvoort Beach

Image: Wikimedia Commons

In the North Holland Province in The Netherlands is the Kennemerland coast where the Zandvoort Beach is located. One of the most interesting things about this beach is the fact that there are dunes, so marvelous you cannot miss it. The beach has its roots in fishing as a fishing village before beach tourism became a thing; and even then, the first tourism activities date back to as far back as 1828! During World War II, the area suffered damage and most of the buildings there were constructed after the war. You can get there by car, train, cycling, and train. The beach is best visited during Spring and Summer when the weather is much friendlier when shops and restaurants are open. You can also play beach volleyball, soccer, wind/kite surf, swim, fly a kite, ride a horse, and of course, sunbathe!

3. Hoek van Holland Beach

Image: Wikipedia

The areas around Hoek Van Holland does not just offer you a beach experience. It offers attractions like a museum on Po Music, Holland’s history, thee Atlantic wall, and a ton of other interesting stuff! Hoek Van Holland Beach is located very close to Rotterdam and has beautiful sandy beaches. You will also not miss bars and restaurants during your trip there; and it can be accessed using a wheelchair as well. The beach is unique as there are industrial factories nearby which give the place an interesting contrast! 

4. Texel Beach

Image: Wikipedia

Taxel offers beaches like no other. The beautiful beach rolls for miles and miles and one can comfortably whim in the summer since there are lifeguards around. And hey, you can also rent a beach hut for as long as you want and you get your deck chair and a parasol! The public beach also has markings for different activities and you can even let your dog run free in some areas. You can also fly your kite, sail, surf, and stroll in one of the cleanest beaches in Holland. You can also climb up the Texel Lighthouse and enjoy the breathtaking views of the area. 

5. Ameland Beach

Ameland Beach is an exciting place to take a stroll, walk your dog, or simply enjoy the sun and sand. The beach also has markings and flags that help people understand where to do certain activities. There are many beaches in the Amaland Area where people can sunbathe, surf, fly kites, eat some food, enjoy a drink, ride a horse and of course swim! There are showers and bathrooms and one can rent a beach chair and windscreens. The beach is also accessible using wheelchairs. Oh, and you can also go-karting! 

6. Egmond aan Zee Beach

Image: Pixabay

In North Holland, a few kilometers from the town of Alkmaar lies a beautiful and scenic one-kilometer beach. It is located in the Egmond Municipality and has a beautiful sandy beach, about a kilometer long. The Egmond ann Zee Beach is perfect for people who want to spend their summers at the beach with their families; there are restaurants and hotels for accommodation around so that is a good deal. From the beach, you can also see the Van Spyek Lighthouse and when you are not sunbathing and enjoying the water, you can visit the famous cheese market at Alkmaar. Also, depending on the month of the year you choose to visit, you will not miss the array of magnificent flower fields that the Netherlands is very well known for!

7. Strand Zuid


A beach in the city! Can you imagine that? Strand Zuid is a beach in the South of Amsterdam, near the Rai Event Center. Party lovers will love Strand Zuid; it has a vibrant nightlife and during the summer, people take strolls along the beach and also enjoy food in the restaurants nearby. It’s a very relaxed and comfortable beach; it is also loved by many since it is only a couple of minutes from the city center, and one has access to most things. 

8. Oostkapelle 


If you want to spend more hours in the sun during the summer, try out the Oostkapelle, a beach in the Zealand area of the Netherlands. The area receives the most sun hours in the country! The beach is also extremely beautiful and scenic, perfect for water sports, sunbathing and strolling. There are beach huts, restaurants, and cafes where one can eat and drink while enjoying the beautiful vies, and what’s more, you get ample parking space! The beach has been named the cleanest beach in the Netherlands four times and the International Blue Flag environmental award 31 times!

9. Terschelling 

Image: Pixabay


Terschelling is an island; the second largest among the West Frisian Islands. One of the beaches here is 30 kilometers long, and is wide enough it sometimes is 1 kilometer at some point! You should enjoy maximum sunshine as well as play sports such as beach volleyball and soccer as well as horseback riding, cycling and of course, swimming! It is also the best place to sunbathe and the nearby Oosterend Hotel will charm you with its 50s and 60s music!

10. Berkenbosch Beach

 Strolling on the beautiful Berkenbosch Beach is an amazing experience; one which you must enjoy in the Netherlands! The beach is located in the Duindistel, Oostkapelle. There are no buildings around the beach therefore is ideal as a getaway for picnickers who want to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. There are however beach facilities you can rent like cabins and pavilions as well as a shower and toilet. People can stroll, swim and enjoy some beach games in the serenity of the sandy beaches and the blue waters!