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Top 10 Delicious Dutch Desserts


Netherlands is located to the north globally. It bounders the North Sea to the north and west. To the east is Germany and Belgium to the South. It have a diverse population from Europe and internationally.

Their desserts, therefore are more of an English style and favorable to the international communities.

Netherlands is home to the most exquisite delicacies. In fact these desserts are good. In fact, they are considered famous. These delicacies are not only sugary but all have a twist in flavor and most importantly, the steps are insanely easy to follow.

Majority of the Netherland people prepare having desserts in the day and take a full breakfast in the morning while they have a heavy meal in the evening.

1. Stroopwafels


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To begin with we have a crunchy treat which is one of the most well-loved Dutch Desserts on the list. This treat is none other than Stroopwafels. One might confuse this treat with waffles but they are far from it.

Stroopwafels have two thin, crispy waffle-like wafer surrounding a creamy, caramel flavored center. Its famous for its messy but memorable after effect. This is a perfect choice for everyone with a sweet tooth.

The dessert is a choice for every generation from the young children having it for tea break to the old having it as a snack at any time of the day.

2. Arnhem Meisjes

These thin crackling cookies only need five ingredients but are very suitable for everyone desiring a crunchy snack. The gorgeous  cinnamon sugar coating makes the look advocate for the taste.

Not only that, but they can be accompanied by a cup of tea which makes them  perfect for afternoon tea with friends or even book club sessions. This treat has the power to make the winter season a little more comfortable and cozy.

Majority of the population in the Netherlands love this delicious dessert.

3. Dutch Apple Pie

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Apple pie might be American but the Dutch have switched it up a notch. From the gorgeous appearance to its apple goodness its worth every penny.

The warm flaky crust followed by the chunky sweet and spicy flavor makes the first bite incomparable. It can also be served with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For anyone who fancies a warm creamy dessert, this would be your favorite delicacy. An option that will leave your mouth watering!

4. Dutch Speculaas Cookies

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One bite of these spice cookies will make Christmas worth the wait. These almond – topped cookies are perfect for all ages but especially precious for early m

orning present opening on Christmas morning and for the kids, these cookies will be the best choice for luring Santa into your home.

Either way this treat will leave everyone craving for more and the children ready for Santa’s gifts thus making everyone’s day lively.

5. Oliebollen

This treat is better known as Dutch doughnuts is loved for its incredible taste and fun to say its name. This delicacy is very similar to beignets both in taste and texture.

For the sugar lovers, you can drizzle chocolate on top to make the flavours pop. Matter of fact with or without powdered sugar its still a good choice for a quick easy snack to make or even breakfast on a busy morning.

6. Dutch S Letter Cookies

These ‘s’ cookies are famous in many places worldwide and its understandable. These cookies are specifically for kids parties or events. But if you want a moment of nostalgia.

They’re buttery, flaky and nutty just the right combo for a school play. Especially the almond paste that nearly melts in your mouth. It’s simply perfect for children. They can be served with a cold glass of milk or warm depending on what you prefer.

7. Sweet Dutch Pretzels


What’s better than a soft buttery and sugary goodness at the end of the day? This treat surely will knock your socks off, they might take a long time to prepare but the process is far from difficult.

Either way this is the perfect snack to brighten up your day or carry to work or school.

8. Kruidnoten

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Dutch little spiced cookies are much thicker, rounded and don’t share the same nutrients as the speculaas.

These cookies are for all the spice lovers, it’s easy to make and don’t take long to make. If your looking for a late night snack then this is your best bet. With the burst of flavor and minimal ingredients literally anyone can make it.

9. Dutch Butter Cake With Almonds

They may not sound appetizing but, they are actually pretty incredible. It’s moist, soft, fluffy and is filled with an almond taste.

The flavor is rich and wonderful but also understated and not overpowering sweet. It is made with simple ingredients and the result is quite lovely.

It’s simplicity is what helps you remember all the sweet memories with your grandmother. It’s warm and comforting and feels a bit like home.

10. Tompouce

Is a colorful and flavorful dessert. To make it you only need five ingredients and the rest is a piece of cake. You simply begin with a simple layer of puff pastry followed by a simple pastry cream mix and whipping cream.

To top it up, you’d add powdered sugar and exciting food colors. This delicacy will give you a sugar rush but the burst of flavors is worth it all.  

This treat can be made for every holiday there is just as long as you mix up the decorations as much as you’d like. The options are limitless.

Everyone visiting The Netherlands longs to have such desserts as they are mouth watering and can be a snack for any time of the day.

Nevertheless, if you have a soft spot for sugary treats then look no further , Dutch desserts are all you need. Their easy to make and worth the patience.