The Best Shopping Streets in Amsterdam


You won’t be short on shopping streets in Amsterdam; this compact city center is one of the best places to blow some cash, especially on brands that you may not have access to elsewhere in the world. 

These are my personal favorite shopping streets in The Dam:

Leidsestraat in Amsterdam

Leidestraat is a lengthy strip between Koningsplein and Leidseplein. The street is packed with shoe stores, tech shops and fashion houses, but you’ll need to commit to walking quite a distance before you find each section (the street is spread across more than three bridges). 

Leidsestraat in Amsterdam – by Alper Çuğun – Wikimedia Commons

Leidestraat is close to the Amsterdam flower market, so be sure to pop in here if you’re in the area. 

Kalverstraat in Amsterdam

This is the most iconic, well known shopping street in all of Amsterdam. So much so, that it has become quite a tourist trap and is avoided by the locals these days. 

Don’t be surprised to find it constantly crowded, especially on weekends. Think sneaker stores, designer brands, souvenir shops and all the fast food you can eat! 

by Michiel1972 – Wikimedia Commons

Once on Kalverstraat, you’ll see that the road actually splits into two, wrapping around a number of central buildings. 

The 9 Streets in Amsterdam

For Amsterdam locals and trend setters, this is the place to shop. If you’re into vintage clothing and quirky boutiques, this is where you’ll find the widest array of options. From local treasures to handmade jewelry, this truly is a hidden gem of a shopping experience. 

The 9 Streets in Amsterdam – Milliped – Wikimedia Commons

Insider’s Guide to Vintage Shopping in Amsterdam

What do I mean by ‘The 9 Streets?’, these are nine alleys located between Singel and Prinsengracht. There’s no specific start or end to them, just get yourself into the general area and the shopping will commence organically. 

PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for luxury shopping options, then PC Hofstraat is the place to go in Amsterdam. Here you’ll find the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Cartier, Dior, Louis Vuitton and more. 

PC Hooftstraat in Amsterdam – David van der Mark – Wikimedia Commons

If it’s diamonds and jewelry you need, then PC Hooftstraat has this too, as well as designer home goods and imported furniture from around the world. 

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam

Shopping for antiques or modern art? Then Nieuwe Spiegelstraat is the road to visit. It’s adjacent to the Rijksmuseum, in an area governed by old Dutch architecture. 

Nieuwe Spiegelstraat – by Martin Kraft – Wikimedia Commons

It’s known for being one of the best shopping strips in the world for furniture, ceramics, art, books and general home deco. In fact, people come from all over Europe just to fill their car with goodies, before making the trek back into the neighboring countries. 

Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam

Just a short walk from PC Hoofstraat that we looked at earlier, this is a short side street situated behind the Concertgebouw. This is where the neighborhood locals do their weekly shopping runs, and it has everything one would need to get by on a day to day. 

Cornelis Schuytstraat – by Alf van Beem – Wikimedia Commons

It’s a fantastic place to have lunch in Amsterdam, away from the crowds and tourist-centric eateries. 

Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam

I’d be remiss not to mention this gorgeous strip in the heart of the city. Beethovenstraat is elegance in a road. Don’t believe me? Come here to shop for fine wines, chocolates and bespoke clothing. They even have a Japanese deli known for the best sushi in the Netherlands.

Beethovenstraat – by Ceescamel – Wikimedia Commons

A time warp of a strip where you can forget the rest of the world for a good few hours. 

Westerstraat in the Jordaan in Amsterdam

I love shopping here, simply because the Monday market is one of my favorite in all of Amsterdam. More than this, Westerstraat is a great place to shop for all things design and decor — the industry is booming out here, and locals love getting their interior design on with a weekend visit to this street. 

Westerstraat in the Jordaan – by Jvhertum – Wikimedia Commons

The area has since added a Saturday Farmer’s Market into the mix, which means fresh produce and other artisanal groceries once a week!