Amsterdam - Centrum Bar

Amsterdam – Centrum Bar, Photo by Yair Haklai-Wikimedia

10 Best Wine bars in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a significant city in the Netherlands. Being the country’s capital it’s a center for business, socializing, and full of entertainment. The city ranks among the best tourist destinations in Europe. Thus if you are looking for the best wine experience, here are the 10 best wine bars in Amsterdam for your consideration.
1. The Bubbles and Wines, Amsterdam
The bar area at The Amsterdam Bar in Dallas, Texas

The bar area at The Amsterdam Bar in Dallas, Texas, Photo by JCWilmore-Wikimedia

The service personnel and great wine in this wine bar shout aloud to earn a place among Amsterdam’s 10 best wine bars. The wine list is a representation of the world with the tastes of different countries.
You can opt for wines by the glass or buy bottles. The wine list has enough variety and tastings are possible. If you are not sure of what to pick, food, or drink the staff is ready and happy to assist and inform you about the wine list and or menu.
2. Wijnbar Paulus, Amsterdam
Wine bottles and glasses

Wine bottles and glasses, Photo by Luca Sartoni-Wikimedia

They focus on attending to customers the best way they can. This commitment and passion, make them score a place on our list of the best wine bars in Amsterdam.
You will leave the wine bar more knowledgeable about wines than you entered the facility. The wine list has plenty of considerations and you can taste up to half a glass.
3. Shiraz Jardindes Vins wine bar
The interior decor at Shiraz is beyond belief. It’s what makes the site receive recognition among the best wine bars in Amsterdam. The wine selection is awesome and you can buy bottles as well. There are outdoor tables that provide extra sitting capacity during busy times.
4. Glouglou wine bar
Natural wines are what the wine bar is famed for. It’s for the same reason they get a place on this guide of the 10 best wine bars in Amsterdam. If you like socializing, the crowds in this place will excite you. You can order wines by the glass or choose to buy a bottle. The menu is narrow yet perfected with skill.
5. The La Dilettante wine bar
Churchill's Port Wine bar

Churchill’s Port Wine bar-Wikimedia

They focus on natural wines. Because of that, they make it among the best of Amsterdam’s wine bars. They have snacks that can pair well with wines but the food is also perfected by professionals.
Vegetarians are well catered for and you can have vegan menus. Their staff is great in service delivery and in offering assistance within the facility.
6. The Winehouse Somm wine bar
They are committed to European wines so if that is what you are looking for this is your place. Their European wine collection sets them apart and that is why they got a position on this guide of Amsterdam’s best wine bars.
The service personnel is outstanding and is easy to get along with customers. They are knowledgeable of the wines and menu. You can tell it by how they explain the wine list to assist you to make a choice that fits your taste.
They have bites that pair well with the wines and they offer complimentary water. They have a decent wine by the glass list and the location of the wine bar is the best for those that prefer a calm environment. The neighborhood of Winehouse Somm is calm and peaceful.
7. The Fabus wine bar
This wine bar has authentic wines. Their wine by the glass list is original and you will not find it elsewhere. That is why this list of Amsterdam’s best wine bars honors their work by having them on the list.
The wine varieties are many. The wines available include natural wines. The service team is vibrant and happy to serve you anytime in a friendly way. Their knowledge of the wines and menu is commendable.
8. Bar Parry wine bar
Wines in decanters

Wines in decanters, Photo by Dave-Wikimedia


The wine by the glass list is full of choices you can’t exhaust and many of the wines are natural. Their wine list is innovative and is a blend of Italy, France, and Spain’s tastes. Bottles are available if that is your option.
The prices are reasonable and a perfect fit for the high-quality wine selection available. Their large wine list and the creativity brought in to provide a unique taste from three different countries is an advantage of the wine bar. That is why they reserve a place on our listing of the best wine bars in Amsterdam.
If you want a combination of Spain, Italy, and France wine and dining cultures Bar Parry will offer you that. They don’t open daily, so you may confirm the days they operate.
9. The Alex+Pinard, Amsterdam
For those that enjoy wine in calmness, this wine bar meets that expectation. It’s for that reason, that they get to be on this listing of the best of Amsterdam’s wine bars.
The wine list is large and is curated with a lot of creativity and diversity and it’s so for the menu. The staff in this wine bar are exemplary in their service and are jovial in their service delivery.
10. The Rayleigh and Ramsay Van Wou wine bar
The array of their wines is pleasant. It’s a minimum of 100 different wines that represent various parts of the world. Wine tasting is possible and orders of half-glasses can be made. That is a unique feature of this facility and that’s why they make it on this guide among the best of Amsterdam’s wine bars.
The menu has comfortable variety and is delicious and the desserts are a must-try should you visit. The service team is diligent in their work. They maintain constant checkups on you in a kind way that’s not annoying but to ensure you don’t feel neglected in any way.
That is not all about Amsterdam wine bars. The Café Enfin and Divino add up to the list. Clos Amsterdam and Wijnbar and restaurant Boelen are other wine bars you may want to check out. There are also restaurants and bars where wine delivery is not their major service yet they have a good taste and collection of it. Such as Bar Pif, De Wijnkaart restaurant, and the Blend Coffee and Wine restaurant.