All About Maserati


Italy’s fancy consumer brands are not only associated with fashion, jewelry and gastronomic pleasures. Italy is also famous for its luxury car models, such as Maserati.

How It All Started

As its tagline says, Maserati means ‘’luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars’’.  Maserati combines Italian class with world-class luxury.

Like many Italian brands, Maserati started as a family – run business venture in 1914 in the scenic town of Bologna, and soon after that, it turned into a major sports car producer, with influence in global cosmopolitan centers such as Milan, New York, Abu Dhabi, London and Paris.

Its current headquarters are in Modena, Italy, where unique Maserati models have been produced on a yearly basis. The idea behind the Maserati production is enticing – Maserati is the product of family-run traditions and it reflects three brothers’ passion for mega fancy automobiles and car racing competitions.

Throughout the years, Maserati has become a synonym for fast, sporty vehicles and the racy lifestyle associated with them. Maserati is the preferred brand of choice for athletes, celebrities, singers, and luxury style lovers from all around the globe.

It’s interesting to note that the Maserati cars are super-powerful with 16 cylinders, which does not only result in a fast engine, but also makes the car a major competitor to other sporty brands such as Mercedes, Ferrari and even McLaren.

The History Behind the Brand

The Maserati logo sign has been designed by Mario, one of the Maserati sons who has put time and effort into making it a unique symbol. What is common between the Maserati brothers is that they share common passion for race competitions.

Eventually, they created their own model that has started to grace the runways and compete with major existing brands and winning car race competitions throughout the world. Eventually the brothers decided to cancel their participation in car races.

The Maserati headquarters have moved from the scenic Bologna to the more industrial Modena which is also historically known as a producer of sporty and classy Italian car automobiles, and one of the centers of the thriving Italian car industry.

The Maserati production history has not been smooth throughout the years. It has been has stopped during the World War II.   A tragic accident in the 1950s has also affected the Maserati’s destiny.

The accident involved a sporty Ferrari car that flew into the crowd due to a loss of control by its driver and caused multiple fatalities among the car race observants. After the tragic accident, the sports automobile giant decided to cancel its participation in car races.

Maserati has been the preferred choice for numerous celebrities, such as the Shah of Persia Reza Rahlavi who requested the integration of a sports engine into the chassis of the original Maserati 3500 GT. The final result was the fancy Maserati 5000 GT, with only 33 models of that kind, available to few highly selected owners.

Maserati as a Celebrity Choice

Among the exclusive list of Maserati owners is the famous talk host Jay Leno, who has included a light blue-painted 1962 Maserati model in his intriguing collection of fancy car models.

Other celebrities driving a Maserati model include Bradley Cooper with his Grand Turismo Maserati and Gwynet Paltraw, with her Maserati Quattro Porte.

The Logo of Maserati – A True Italian Symbol

Image with 2012 Maserati

The logo of Maserati aims to reflect the ideas that the luxury car dealer is associated with – vigor, power, strength and resilience. Mimicking the marvelous (and famous) fountain of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore, the Maserati symbol is now omnipresent around the world as a synonym for luxury and class in the automobile business.

Neptune is considered the Greek God of the Sea and also a ‘’God of the Horses.’’  The symbolic logo also aims to provide insight into the Maserati’s ‘’what’s all about’’ theme.

Maserati – an Italian Legend

Maserati is one of the top symbols of modern car racing. It’s a status symbol, a power sign and an indicator of racy living all at the same time.

Maserati was once known as the Gangster’s Car, featured among the automobile possessions of the Soprano’s underground characters Johnny Sacrimoni and Christopher Moltisanti, and it’s also being featured in well-known ‘’gangster-themed’’ movies such as Scarface, which depicts the Miami underground world, and the Godfather III.

Maserati does not want its history associated with dictator’s tastes, but it’s interesting to note that one of its fans include Bento Mussolini who wanted his own V16 town car to be produced long before Hitler received his Ferry Porshe. The plan, however, didn’t materialize.

What makes Maserati a unique brand is the rich history associated with it. With ups and downs, the brand has made its way into the world of luxurious living, and become a favorite among movie producers, Hollywood figures and politicians throughout the globe.

The Maserati image of luxury has been consolidated with the elegant luxury theme behind it, the high price tags, the opportunity for customization, and its aerodynamic design.

Owning a Maserati makes a person distinct as the brand is a symbol of upscale tastes and also rivals other ritzy brands, such as Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

Maserati has become a leader in the world of automotive fashion, with its unique elegant designs and distinctive lines. Initially its designs were highly personal, curvy and rounded, but with the years, they have become longer and larger.  Some of Maserati models have exquisite vision to it, including the famous GranTurismo that was an object of impression by the Geneva Motor Shaw in 2007.

With its world-class charm and incredible form and design, Maserati has become a leader in the production of fancy sports cars. It is a competitor to mainstream sporty car brands, and has established itself as one of the leaders in the competitive auto market place.