All about Giorgio Armani…

The name of Giorgio Armani has always been associated with opulence, luxury, elegance and style. It’s interesting to mention that this well-known creative genius has started small and made it big in the fashion world.

In the beginning of his career, Armani had no idea what his calling was. He dabbled in various professional fields, including medicine, the military and department stores sales (one of his first jobs was the La Rinascente!), until he finally realized that he belonged to the fashion industry.

Eventually, Giorgio Armani launched his first fashion store in 1975, and soon after that, the designer turned into a frequent presenter of luxury outfits on the runways of New York City, London, Rome and Paris.

Image Sources by Hong Kong Tattier

In addition to his clothing collection Armani Prive, targeted to both men and women, the Italian designer has developed a more affordable fashion line called Emporio Armani.  With its more casual feel, the Emporio Armani clothing chain targets a laid-back, business chic audience.  The collection also features fine textures, fun accessories and uni-sex classy watches.

Armani does not only dress celebrities – the famous designer also produces clothing for the police and the military, and has already developed a collection of cab driver uniforms. The designer’s goal is to be able to reach an exclusive and mainstream audience both at the same time.

Armani’s world of luxury is not limited only to the world of fashion.  Through his architectural creations, Armani is also present in numerous cosmopolitan cities, such as Abu Dhabi, Milano and Miami.

His residence/hotel designs are unique and his building’s interiors evoke the notion of elegance and luxury. The secret of his success is in the ability to leave powerful impression in the minds of his audience. ”Elegance is not about being noticed; it’s about being remembered,” Armani has frequently been quoted to say.

Armani Hotels and Residences

Hotels and residences from the Armani brand are glamorous, luxurious and grandiose. They feature unique style and follow a consistent Armani trend. A good example of an Armani creative masterpiece is the Armani Hotel in Dubai, hosted in the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

Hotel Armani in Abu Dhabi, Image Sources by Armani

As soon as you walk into the hotel’s lobby, you’ll become part of the luxurious Armani world.  Creative floral motifs decorate the hotel’s foyer and guest rooms, and the cosmetics and shampoos that you’ll come across in the glossy bathrooms have the characteristic silken Armani-influenced feel. You will notice that every little detail of the setting reflects the exquisite taste of the fashion designer.

The Armani Fiori store in the lobby offers Armani-trademarked assortments of jelly, chocolates, candies and spreads for those who love sweets. For visitors in need of a shopping respite, the Armani Prive boutique displays the latest of the designer’s haute collections.

The serene spa area and the eight restaurants in the hotel are all designed by Armani for a true luxurious experience.

Armani Casa in Miami, Image Sourced by Cervera

The five-star pre-construction Armani residence in Miami has quickly turned into a hub for potential luxury buyers. Five-star amenities, spacious pools, state-of-the-art gym and an oceanfront setting are just some of the features that make the Miami-based Armani Residence a unique destination for jetsetters from around the globe.

The extravagant 60-story project will be located in Sunny Isles Beach and will feature spectacular ocean views.

Other Armani Projects

The Armani brand also finds expression in the designer’s fancy dessert business Armani Dolci, with roots in Florence where the ‘’’magical’’ cocoa ingredients that the confections have been made come from.

Armani has also ventured into the flowers & creative plants business with his floral line Armani Fiori, which features mixed flowers, flower motifs in wooden vases, floral decorations and creative flower arrangements.

Armani Fiori, imaged sources by Armani

Armani’s Personnality

Armani has also been notoriously known for his perfectionism, attention for detail and extremity of focus. He does not tolerate faults and strives to create irreproachable pieces of art.

”I didn’t have a happy childhood,” Armani has once said. Whether it was the bitterness of his childhood or something else, an experience in his life has certainly fueled the progress that he enjoys today.

His rise to the top has not been smooth and easy, so Armani is aware of the qualities necessary to achieve the success that many are nowadays envious of.  He has stated in numerous interviews that hard work, leadership potential and the fostering of a good team environment are a must for the success of a business venture.

Armani is aware of the competitive market that he belongs to and has been heard saying: There are so many things to take into account – your ambition, your ego, the press, the consumers. You can never be sure that you’ll be on top of the pile again.

The Fabulous Armani Brand, image by Raymond Meier

Giorgio Armani is not only a creator and an artist. He is a business man, finance professional and and a historian – he has expressed interest in many of those fields, and solidified his image of an intellectual with an inquisitive mind.

With his fascinating fashion and architectural creations, Giorgio Armani has become one of the mainstream designers of the Italian and global moda worlds.

While there are many other budding designers that try to mimic his ideas or  compete with him, his talent remains unparalleled and unique. Evidently, his calling is to be one of the voices of the fashion world, dictating new trends, rules and concepts in what we consider ”a new epoch of changes, ideas and progress.”

He also jokes that ”I am glad that people can buy Armani even if it’s a fake – I like the fact that I am popular.”