All About Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace…the mysterious life of this controversial fashion icon has been marked by passion, drama, and romance before it came to a fatal end at the doorsteps of his iconic Versace mansion in Miami.

Who was Gianni Versace? What was his life really like?

Most people associate Versace’s turbulent life with fashion, art and extravagance.  In fact, fashion design was an integral part of the early life of the Calabria-born designer.

His mother’s work as a seamstress influenced Versace’s penchant for creativity and design since teenage age.

Throughout his youth Gianni observed his mother Franca grow her seamstress’ studio to a local favorite with 35 workers on staff.  Versace remembered her as a driven Catholic who would start her daily routine ”crossing herself” and with a prayer.

Versace specialized in architecture before the fashion world began calling him later in his life. His first job was for Byblos, a Genny’s line targeted to youth, and his success was unparalleled.

After a few more ventures in the fashion field, he presented his own clothing line for women at the Palazzo della Permanente Art Museum of Milan.

Initially, Versace designed costumes for the movie and theatrical world, and his first boutique in Milan opened on Via della Spiga in 1978.

Soon after that, fashion became his way of life.  The high-profile designer has successfully designed chic clothing pieces that have been featured on the covers of various international magazines.

Versace Clothing, Image by JWC Daily

What are the Gianni Versace’s clothing models really like?

They are colorful and glamorous, with a well-defined touch of eccentricity. The renowned fashion designer has masterfully mixed rubber, aluminium, mesh and leather for a dramatically unique effect. Those for an eye for fashion and design will clearly recognize the icon’s models on the runways and in fashion magazines.

Admired by the likes of Elton John, Cher and Madonna, the brand became fast a celebrity-preferred clothing choice in cities like Milan, Rome, London and New York.  Versace also won numerous fashion awards,  including the Maschera D’Argento prize in 1987. During his life, the designer authored several books including The Art of Being You and Men Without Ties.

Versace and Madonna, Image by Today in Madonna History

Versace’s fashion style frequently became a synonym for extravagance, with the dominating themes in his designs including metal, bondage, leather and rock symbols. His flashy taste found expression in the movie ”Showgirls”, which many viewed as channeling vulgarity and provocation.

During his whole life, Versace has openly expressed his homosexuality, and one of the affairs that has been most frequently featured in the media was the designer’s romantic story with his business partner Antonio D’amico, a former model, whom he met in 1982, and had been inseparable with for many years.  The two shared affinity for party lifestyle and were remembered as being actively involved in the international party scene.

Gianni Versace and Antonio, Image by Fox News

The end of his dynamic life came on 15 July 1997, when he was only 50.  The designer was  fatally shot on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion after he had just returned from a morning jog on Ocean Drive Boulevard.

Maybe it was the fatal word of destiny but that was one of the few mornings in which Versace walked by himself to pick up his mail. That’s when Andrew Cunanan, who was reportedly a complete stranger to Versace,  shot the renowned designer to death. Cunanan committed suicide a few days after that, which left a lot of questions regarding Versace’s murder unanswered up to date. The designer’s murder has attracted worldwide attention, and has been depicted in the recent movie ”American Crime Story.”  According to numerous speculations, both Versace and his murderer were fond of the social scene, were homosexual and frequently hung out in the same promiscuous circles. Some of them claim that Cunanan was secretly obsessed with Versace’s success, viewing it as an achievement he never had.

Versace Mansion CNN

Gianni Versace’s fashion empire generated more than $800 million.

In September 1997, it was announced that Versace’s brother Santo and Jorge Saud would be CEOs of Gianni Versace SpA fashion brand, with Donatella heading the design department.

The life of Gianni Versace has been a symbol of dynamics, creativity and passion. Versace has turned into synonym for art, and is continuously associated with eccentricity and creative freedom.

What were Versace’s hobbies and passions?

A creative individual with a versatile personality is what describes Gianni Versace with one single phrase. His personality was personality of extremes – he was communicative, bubbly, and loved to be ”on stage” in the middle of the audience, earning its admiration. But on the other hand, he was a loner who admired his space and needed peace so that he can work and develop creative projects.

His affinity for loneliness has put up some barriers in his personal life, which he has guarded passionately from the media and public scrutiny.

For many fashion enthusiasts, Gianni Versace continues to symbolize rebellious, revolutionary fashion ideas up to date. His murder didn’t bring the creativity of his brand to an end. The brand continues conquering the hearts of numerous people, and is being channeled through the creative ideas of his sister Donatela, who is continuously present in the world’s fashion scene.

Despite the ups and downs of his personal life, Versace has been able to preserve the consistency of his fashion ideas which make the designer one of the most distinguished characters of the fashion world. His clothing art is still present on the runways, and people who know about fashion can distinguish between his extravagant clothing models and other fashion outfits.