A Visit to La REcyclerie of Paris


La REcyclerie quickly became one of my favorite places in Paris as soon as I walked in for the first time. The space itself is incredible, it’s located in the old Ornano train station in the 18th arrondissement, with views of the former railway tracks from the large windows. The ceilings are high, there is a definite shabby-chic-industrial vibe going on and they have dozens of tables just waiting for you to settle down at.

The ambiance is cool, the owners and staff are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and the food and drinks are delicious and healthy. What more could you ask for?!

Keep reading for my tips and tricks to enjoying a morning or afternoon at Le REcyclerie in Paris!

Practical Information
Address: 83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris
Open: Monday-Friday 8am-12am, Saturday 12pm-2am, Sunday 11am-10pm
Metro: Porte de Clignancourt

What is La REcyclerie?

As I mentioned, La REcyclerie is located in a former train station. The tracks that you can see from the windows are a part of section of old railroad tracks that circle Paris which is called La Petite Ceinture, or, the little belt. There are various entrances around Paris to check out La Petite Ceinture, in particular one in the 15th arrondissement. A new initiative has popped up in recent years as well that is dedicated to creating new walking paths and bike trails on the old tracks!

One of the bars at La REcyclerie

One of the bars at La REcyclerie – image courtesy of La REcyclerie’s Facebook page

Let’s get back to La REcyclerie. This place really prides itself on 3 actions which you may be familiar with: reduce, reuse, and recycle. They don’t call it La REcyclerie for nothing, after all! Even the decor in the space focuses on reusing older materials in order to make something new. The counter of the bar was once an old floor, there are old Parisian lampposts in use, and the tables and chairs were found in secondhand shops and at moving sales.

In addition to the café and restaurant side of the establishment, there are different workshops, cooking classes and DIY activities that take place weekly, if not daily (much more on that later!). There is also what can only be described simply as a mini-farm, with chickens, goats, an herb garden and bee hives! Don’t forget about the compost heap that uses left over products from the kitchen which are in turn reused to grow their herbs and feed their animals.

I have become more and more conscious about how what I consume effects the environment in the past few years. I’ve tried to cut down on my meat consumption, and make an effort to recycle and reuse as much as I can. La REcyclerie helps to take the heavy lifting out of doing something good for the planet.

What can I do at La REcyclerie?

I think a more appropriate title for this section would be what can’t I do at La REcyclerie?! You can eat, you can drink, and there are so many other activities to do as well.

Upstairs section of Le REcyclerie

Upstairs section of Le REcyclerie by Ian Campbell – Flickr

The space consists of a large main seating area filled with tables and chairs, a special library section with shelves overflowing with books, an outdoor seating area, and of course, the small farm. Don’t miss the semi-hidden upper level, with a large table, chairs, and the most awesome vintage typewriter I’ve ever seen!

La REcyclerie has a repair service where you can bring small household items and pieces of furniture to be repaired, rather than thrown away. They sometimes host “swap” parties that promote using a trading system rather than money.

Different ateliers, or workshops are held constantly, and the themes vary! These workshops are headed by an associate called Les Amis Recycleurs, or The Recycling Friends in English. Their aim? You guessed it: recycling and sustainability! The association puts on three main activities: L’Atelier de René, eco-cultural programs, and tips for urban farming.

The urban farm at La REcyclerie

The urban farm at La REcyclerie – image courtesy of La REcyclerie’s Facebook page

At l’Atelier de René, you can count on learning more about the notion of “use,” and how you can reduce your consumption. Their eco-cultural programs works to raise awareness on the value of eco-consumption, and the urban farm activities will teach you how to experiment with farming and agriculture in an urban environment like Paris! Are you interested in signing up yet?!

La Recyclerie also puts on yoga classes, relaxation sessions, and live music. There’s a greenhouse outfitted with tables and chairs, and they put on huge yard sales on the edge of the old railroad tracks. I could go on and go!

All in all, La REcyclerie is working hard to move towards a more sustainable life. If we could all work as hard as they do, I think we’ll be moving in the right direction!

What can I eat and drink at La REcyclerie?

As I’ve mentioned, you can be sure to find plenty of yummy food and drinks to try at La REcyclerie. The restaurant and café pride themselves on using fresh and local produce, and everything is handmade. They are also focused on cooking without waste. Anything that they truly can not find a use for they then donate to different associations that specialize in donating food.

There is a definite concentration on vegetarian and vegan meals at La REcyclerie, as they are conscious that the meat industry contributes significantly to waste and practices that are harmful for the environment. That being said, that do offer some options with meat! Don’t miss their signature burger, using locally raised and grass-fed meat.

They also have a juice bar, fresh filtered coffee at just 1 euro per cup, and organic wine is available for purchase by the bottle!


As I write this while enjoying my 1 euro coffee I just purchased at La REcyclerie, I hope that I’ve inspired you to make a trip to this amazing place. I’m thinking about bringing a pesky broken chair I’ve wanted to fix for ages so that they can check it out. While I’m at it, I think I’ll try to go through my things to see if I can bring anything to their next swap party. I’ve also been wondering how to grow tomatoes in my window box…

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Anyways, as you can see, there is no shortage of activities and things to do and see at La REcyclerie! If you find yourself in the 18th arrondissement after say, exploring Montmartre all morning, head here to fuel your mind and body.

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