A male’s guide to Parisian street fashion

It’s no secret Parisians know how to dress well. Their effortless, timeless yet elegant style goes hand in hand with the busy lifestyle that comes with living in Paris. Parisian men are no exception to that rule, as I’m sure you’d have noticed if you’ve ever been to Paris. Are you looking for a male’s guide to fashion in Paris? Do you often wonder how to dress like a Parisian man? Keep reading!

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Well, if you’re here, it means you too are looking for those well-guarded secrets that make Parisian men so simple yet fashionable. And don’t get fooled by this minimalistic aspect! Parisians men actually take time and pride in taking good care of themselves. And of course, that comes with a lot of effort. Finding their perfect Parisian style is actually a perpetual search for the sophisticated, yet chic and minimalistic vibe.

Are you looking for that perfect balance? Have you ever been in awe when looking at how gracious Parisian men are? Look no further, I will deliver the ultimate guide for everything you should know for you to perfectly emulate our beloved Parisian men street style, the key items, the dos and don’ts (or “fashion faux pas” as we love to call them here).

Here are my top 5 tips and tricks for you!

1. It’s actually about the way you carry yourself…

A parisian man standing behind a white car – Source: Unsplash

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about Parisian men, it is that they have this very unique vibe that gives them that little je ne sais quoi that is often talked about online. I actually spent quite some time analyzing that and I came to a very clear conclusion.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now, especially if like me, you love spending hours watching those classic French movies where you get an insight on what being a Parisian men looks like.

Parisian men all have one thing in common: that elegant, effortless way to carry themselves. No matter how you dress, what is your style or taste, if you do not carry yourself elegantly, you can’t achieve that unique Parisian street style. It’s actually very much embedded in what it means to be a Parisian and French culture more generally.

People in Paris pay a lot of attention to the way you behave. So forget about bragging and get yourself some actual confidence! There’s no need for you to overdo it, stay low-key and mysterious! Do I need to go on? Avoid being obnoxious, loud, or noisy in public. This type of attitude will ruin your image in Paris, so no matter if your croissant order is taking forever to get there, stay respectful! Being elegant actually goes a long way, and it’s not simply restricted to the way you dress for Parisian men, it’s a lifestyle. So get into the mindset: stay easy-going and natural!

Pro tip: Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect this new mindset to come overnight!

And if you want to read more about the mindset of Parisian men, click here; I have written an extensive article with everything you need to know to understand this very particular mindset.

2. You will definitely need that classic white button-down shirt

Man wearing a white button shirt – Source: Unsplash

Well, this is quite an obvious one if you’ve ever been to Paris. The classic white button-down shirt is a wardrobe staple in every Parisian men’s wardrobe. This is heavily tied to their on the go, fast, Parisian lifestyle.

Although it may sound like a cliché, it’s actually true: Parisian men don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. And that’s a good thing: finding one is not hard as they are sold everywhere. You might be delighted right now already searching for the one I am sure you already own, well hang on to it!

What needs to be emphasized here is the importance that Parisian men give to this key piece: they actually spend a lot of time looking for the perfect one. And let me tell you: that should be a full time job in itself! You not only need to find one that perfectly fits you, but also frame your figure elegantly and beautifully.

So yes, you can get rid of that stuffy, wrinkly, white button down you already own. Now is time to level up. Get yourself a classic button-down that actually flatters your figure and fits right for your silhouette. Things you should look for include fabric quality, silhouette, and versatility. Parisian men pay a lot of attention to the little details because they know this is what will make the difference in the long run. They wear this classic piece in both casual and relaxed outfits as well as dressier one. This allow them to look awake, sharp and smart.

Pro tip: role the sleeve for a casual look and tuck the front of your shirt into your bottoms for a dressy outfit!

Where to buy your white shirt in Paris: although there are endless possibilities when it comes to this piece, look for places like Uniqlo, Maison de la Chemise (personal favorite of mine), Figaret Paris and Maison Standards.

3. Invest in a great tailored black or gray suit

Elegant man wearing a check grey suit – Source: Unsplash

This is another key item in every Parisian men wardrobe that shouldn’t be forgotten. A sharp, well-tailored black or blue suit help Parisian men achieve a look that is sharp and confident. They are simply obsessed with it and for good reasons, they get to wear it in casual gathering as well as dressier events, just like the white button down shirt.

Do you notice a pattern here? Yes, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, Parisian men know the importance of owning those versatile pieces, that not only can be worn for several occasions, but throughout the whole year, no matter the season. From the office, to weddings, to that oh so very important first date, the answer is the same.  And trust me, they look sophisticatedly chic. The classic black or blue color goes well with everything, and is slimming, could you possibly ask for more?

Pro tip: wear it with white sneakers for a perfect mix of sophisticated yet relaxed!

Where to buy your classic black suit in Paris: Anthony Garçon is an affordable and good quality option (between 250 and 275€), Suitsupply (personal favorite of mine), Atelier Mesure (lots of different options there), or Pini Parma.

4. The vintage fit jeans

Man wearing a blue vintage jean – Source: Unsplash

I don’t think this comes to a surprise to any of us, vintage denim is what you should be looking for! Not only is it very trendy, it’s the perfect piece for your on the go, fast and busy lifestyle. Parisian men love that piece for its versatility and comfort.

And don’t get mixed up: you do not have to spend a fortune looking for one. It’s actually quite the opposite: Parisian men love to thrift this timeless piece to find the perfect vintage yet affordable jean. This piece is actually one where you can express your personality and let it shine through, have some fun with it!

Look for a relaxed fit, and that classic mid blue color… the rest is up to you! Finding the perfect pair for your style is actually quite life changing, as you will finally be able to depend on something in your wardrobe you sure know will make you look amazing every single time. Imagine that: endless options for styles, washes and fits! Parisian men know the importance of this piece and how versatile it can be: wear it no matter the season, with thousand of different looks.

Pro tip: look for that classic Levi’s 501, and roll it up on the bottoms for some fun!

Where to buy your vintage jeans in Paris: if you are looking for that perfect thrifted jean, here’s our article on the best thrift stores in Paris.  You can also check out our insider’s guide to vintage shopping in Paris. However, if you are not a fan of thrifting, Uniqlo is a really good place to start. They offer really good quality jeans for a price that won’t hurt your wallet, what more could you ask for?

5. White tennis shoes are everything in Paris

Man wearing white casual tennis shoes – Source: Unsplash

White tennis shoes are an absolute must-have in every Parisian men wardrobe. This classic and timeless street style piece allow them to look relaxed while staying on top of their game. Not only is this piece trendy, it’s also very convenient: once you find your perfect pair, you will never feel like wearing anything else.

And that’s what actually makes their wardrobe unique to them: finding those pieces you can wear on the daily that will become your staple. This will allow your style to be unique and recognizable, yet timeless, simple and trendy… just like them.

Pro tip: keep them clean by avoiding to wear them on rainy days.

Where to buy your white tennis shoes in Paris: look no further than Footlocker: it is the perfect place to find your classic white tennis shoes. Not only that, but you get to have personal advices by the sale man in store to help you pick the shoes of your dream!

And here it is, everything you need to know to perfectly emulate the timeless and chic street style of Parisian men! As I’ve mentioned throughout this whole article, it’s all about owning those key items and letting your personality and creativity shine through! Don’t underestimate the power of owning the right mindset when it comes to finding those key pieces.

If there is one thing I think you should remember from this article, it is that tayloring is everything. The parisian man typically has very few items in his wardrobe, but these key pieces he owns are excellent quality and fit him perfectly. You should be building your wardrobe around the key pieces I have mentionned in this article, and make sure  each and every one of them fits you like it should before you start investing in extravagant pieces.

One or two taylored blazers, 3 button downs (black, blue and white); 3 simple oversized t-shirts (black, white and the color of your choice) a black or grey suit; one great tie; 2 pair of vintage straight jeans (black and blue); white tennis shoes; black formal shoes; a flannel shirt; a cashmere turtleneck; one more formal pair of pants; a leather belt; a scarf; an elegant warm coat and a lighter and more casual jacket are wardrobe essentials that you should master before you start buying anything else.

The key to achieve great parisian style is to make sure the pieces you own are simple yet timeless and will go with anything. For example, if you decide to look into buying a pair of camel jeans, know that this is an extravagant piece that you should not acquire if you still do not own your two pairs of blue and black vintage straight jeans.

I have often mentionned Uniqlo in this article; this japanese brand has openned several branches in Paris and quickly became a staple of Parisian street fashion precisely because they produce so many simple and classic yet great quality pieces. A lot of parisian men own a uniqlo cashmere sweater or turtleneck, and will typically wear it all winter tucked into some straight jeans with a blazer on top. This is a universally flattering look that is only an example of the multiple combinations you can come up with if you invest in the key pieces I mentionned.

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