Best Ice Cream Parlours in Lisbon


The summer is ending, but don’t worry! Lisbon is a city with beautiful temperatures and never leaves anyone disappointed. Even in winter in Portugal you will feel like a good icecream! From fruits, chocolate to cookies and so many others, in this list are the favourite icecream shops in Lisbon, all highly rated by locals.

Ice cream

Ice cream by StockSnap by Pixabay

1. Davvero

In 2015, the Davvero ice cream shop opened its doors. One of its founders belonged to another ice cream shop called Nannarella and decided to found Gelato Davvero with a friend (Davvero translated means “true ice cream”).

Every day, they go to the Ribeira market to buy fresh fruits to make their ice cream. They use water and milk sourced from Portuguese farms, but the nuts are Italian and the sugar comes from abroad.

Various sizes of ice cream are available, from Piccolino to large. They also have the option to take away in 0.5L to 2L ice cream boxes. Personally, whenever I go there, I ask for a large size! We should always take advantage of artisanal ice cream!

Davvero opened in Cais do Sodré last year with a new “ice cream bar” concept. From mojito, margarita, caipirinha, lemon vodka, black vodka to cherry and many others.

Alcoholic ice cream is served in cocktails or shots. This new ice cream bar concept opens at night like the bars around it. Despite this, they also have the normal ice cream portion that works since lunch time.

Davvero ice cream

Davvero ice cream by Catarina Ribeiro

Prices: Piccolino 2 €; Piccolo 2,5 €; Average 3,5 €; Great 4.5 €
Train station: Santos

2. Conchanata

Queue for Conchanata icecreams, sourced from their website

Conchanata was founded in 1948 by the Italians Quintilio and Alfo Tarlattini, grandfather and father.

Since the beginning, the Conchanata Cup has never left the menu. This traditional dessert is served in an isothermal cup in case you want to take it home.

A famous option that had ceased to appear on the menu and came back last fall was the waffle with sauce and ice cream, after orders (very insistent, it seems) from customers and friends.

Strawberries ready to become gelato, image sourced from their Facebook

All Conchanata ice cream is gluten free and, fruit ice cream except coconut does not contain lactose or eggs. Good news, therefore, for those suffering from dietary restrictions.

Address: Avenida da Igreja, 28A, Alvalade, Lisbon
Metro Station: Alvalade
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 14h00 to 22h00
Price: A cone with two balls costs € 2.50 and a Conchanata costs € 4

3. Artisani

Artisani gelati, image sourced from TripAdvisor

Artisani started in 2009 and quickly its ice cream became a reference of the best ice cream made in Portugal. They are natural ice cream and made every day. Produces its ice creams with Vigor milk and its sorbets with Luso water. They owners of Artisani respect the origins of the ingredients, from the nuts, cocoa and to the fruits. They work with the seasonal fruit and privileges the national fruits.

Prices: Conchanata Cup – 4 € / Cone with two balls – 2.50 €
Address: Rua da Igreja, nº28, Alvalade
Schedule: 14h00 to 22h00 (closes in winter)
Metro Station: Alvalade

4. Amorino

Amorino is one of my favourites. You can choose whatever flavours you want, and they will arrange them in the iconic flower shape. It’s more for the amount of flavours I can chose that I actually like this ice cream shop. Amorino was founded in 2002 by two friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi. Their ice cream shops are all over the world, like Spain, France, England, Italy and USA. There are 5 sizes of ice cream that you can ask for. From the small to the “bucket” called “to be shared”, you are free to choose what you want!

Amorino ice cream

Amorino ice cream by Amorino18 by Wikimedia commons

Price: a small is 3,60€; a medium is 4,70€; a large is 5,80€; a giant is 7,80€; “to be shared bucket” is 9,90€
Schedule: 10:30 to 24:00
Address: Rua Garrett, 49, Chiado, Lisboa 1200-203
Metro station: Baixa-Chiado

5. Santini

Santini when it first opened, image sourced from their website gallery

Santini is a classic for the Portuguese. In 1949, Santini opened its doors to the Portuguese and for the last 70 years it has been feeding the Portuguese families and the enthusiasts for ice cream. Attilio Santini opened his first shop in Tamariz, right next to the beach. Eventually, they closed in Tamariz and opened more shops in Cascais, Carcavelos and in Chiado, in the Lisbon district.

Price: small size is 3,20€; medium size is 4,30€ and the large size is 5,60€
Schedule: 11:00 to 24:00
Address: Rua do Carmo, 9, Chiado, Lisboa
Metro station: Baixa-Chiado

6. Nannarella

Nannarella gelato, image sourced from TripAdvisor

Nannarella is another reference handmade ice cream shop in Lisbon. They started from the bottom in a small store and eventually attracted so many people that they grew up and became recognized.

The fruits of the ice cream are national such as the orange of the Algarve, the pear rock, and blueberries Resende. The owner of the ice cream shop also founded Pizza di Nanna, a pizzeria with its customs.

Prices: small ice cream is 2.50 €; medium size is 3 €; large size is 3.50 €; giant coppa is 4 €
Schedule: 12:00 to 22:00
Address: Rua Nova da Piedade, 64A, São Bento, Lisboa
Metro: Rato

7. Pizpireto

Strawberries and cream popsicles, image sourced from their website

Pizpireto is an innovative Portuguese ice cream brand that stands out from cone and cup ice cream. These have a much higher fruit percentage than the usual artisan ice cream, and between 50-70% of products are popsicles.

Prices: 90mL fruit and creamy ice cream are 2 €; of 130mL is 2,50 €
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday at 13:00 to 20:00
Metro: Marquês de Pombal
Address: Rua Padre António Vieira, 44A, Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa

8. Hey Mate

This ice cream shop started when two friends gave up on their job to start travelling and explore the world. On their trip, they learned some techniques on making rolled ice cream and they brought that idea to Portugal, in 2016.

The different shape of ice cream made the Portuguese interested and curious about it. Soon they spread the word and this ice cream in Portugal made a huge success.

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Hey mate ice cream

Hey mate ice cream by Catarina Ribeiro

Price: between 3,50 and 4€
Schedule: 11:30 a 22:00
Address: Rua Acacio Paiva, 4A, Alvalade, Lisboa 1700-003
Metro station: Alvalade