7 Ways to Celebrate your Bachelor Party in London



Your last weekend of freedom. How will you spend it?

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You finally mustered up the courage to propose to your partner, and they are now your fiancé. The moment was magical, the engagement has been a breeze, and your wedding day is soon approaching. Only one more event you need to enjoy before you are no longer a single man – the bachelor party.

A weekend of fun, debaucherous activities, and hopefully good decisions before you are set to walk down the aisle. You round up the elite squad of your closest friends, and try and decide where to go for the raucous weekend.

The consensus is in – London. A city of everything – unlimited places to go, attractions to see, bars to frequent, and people to meet. You book your flight, get a nice little bachelor pad in the center of the city, and start to pack your suitcase. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best ways to spend your bachelor party in the English capital, so all you have to do is show up. Here we go.

1. The Stag Company

After a day’s pub crawl around London’s oldest pubs. Not a literal representation! Photo credit by Digi PD from Pixabay.

If you’re a little unsure of the organization of your crew, or you don’t think any of you are willing to take charge for the weekend, we recommend checking out The Stag Company. This reputable company has a team of experienced planners that can schedule your time for you, and book all the activities so you don’t have to.

Located in the coastal city of Brighton, this team has over 15 years of experience in putting together unforgettable ‘stag’ weekends, finding destinations for you, booking activities, and even finding your accommodation. For a groom-to-be who doesn’t have the best organizational skills, this is a good route to go down first.

2. Adrenaline-filled activities

If you’re more independent and want to go with the flow, we recommend starting with some adrenaline-filled activities before you start the boozing.

First up, you can book yourself a speedboat tour along the famous River Thames, letting you get a different perspective of the London skyline. Check out Thames Rockets River Tour and fly down the river in a bright red cruiser. This tour is the fastest and packs in the most sights, so you’ll never be bored.

Second, you could try your own luck behind the wheel at Capital Karts – one of the longest indoor racing tracks in the country. Reaching speeds of up to 45 mph, you’ll be racing around one of the 20 corners and flying down the 80-meter straight-away stretch. You can choose between a 20-minute sprint or a 50-minute one for the endurance racers.

After you enjoy some heart-pounding racing, you can head to the lounge and challenge your buddies at a game of pool. To relive the experience, you can customize your helmet with one of the cameras offered, and watch your race back on the plane ride home for some nostalgia.

Another adrenaline-filled adventure on the list, climbing the O2 has to be one on your list. This 90-minute climb takes you to the world’s most popular entertainment venue, clipping in to the walkway and beginning the vertigo-inducing climb. With unforgettable views and a first-hand experience of the unpredictable London weather, this is a great way to start your trip.

London has many other exciting activities to kick off your weekend, like Go Ape, a high-ropes course, or high-speed cycling at Lee Valley VeloPark. No matter what you choose, this will get you and your friends ready to take on the weekend in front of you.

3. Dine in style

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms – Image sourced from Unsplash

If you’re a little bit hungry after all that activity, you’ll definitely enjoy bringing your friends to some of the best restaurants in the city. You can find a traditional pub, an upscale steak house, a hole-in-the-wall cafe, or an eclectic venue. No matter the case, London has an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to dining.

We recommend checking out May Fair Kitchen for a selection of dishes to share with your mates. This fancy establishment offers Italian and Spanish dishes that are paired with fine wines – may be best for the first night, before you really start your drinking.

Head to the Churchill Arms in Kensington for an abundance of flowers, locals on the stools, Churchill memorabilia, and Thai food. You could also hit up Steak & Lobster in Bloomsbury for some high-quality and fresh food. With simplistic offerings, this is good for the picky-eaters in your group. This down-to-earth spot is unpretentious and offers a relaxed vibe, perfect for chowing down on a steak and hanging out with your friends.

For a traditional dinner meal, head to Scoff & Banter for some mouth-watering fish n’ chips. If you’re into burgers for a quick and easy dinner, you’ll find numerous places scattered around the city, our favorites being Dirty Bones in Carnaby (seriously you have to try their Mac Daddy burger) and Patty & Bun with their famous Ari Gold burger.

From fancy to a burger joint, London has unlimited dining options that are sure to fit your group of friends. We recommend trying to visit a nicer restaurant on your first night – before the booze kicks in.

4. Head out for a few bevvies

After a day of activities and a food-coma-inducing meal, it’s time to do what London does best – drinking. This city is no stranger to bars and pubs, and any block you walk down will have at least one local watering hole to keep you going. People usually try to go out in their local neighborhoods, with each area having its own vibe.

Victoria is expensive and is home to a busy train station, theatres, and some chain bars. Brixton is inexpensive compared to the center of the city and has more of a neighborhood/local vibe. This area is great if you’re searching for happy hour or bars that are open, and busy, until late.

Soho is one of the most popular going-out areas, with bar and club-lined streets all throughout the neighborhood. Despite being pretty touristy, this is also the LGBTQ section of the city, so you’ll always find this area pretty packed any night of the week.

Camden houses the hipster crowd and combines expensive craft beer joints with some less-expensive corner pubs. You can easily decide where you want to go based on the energy you want and the type of people you want to be around. No matter where you go, you’re sure to find a good time.

5. Whiskey, sports, and table-tennis

First up on our list of best bars to hit for some pre-drinks before a club, we’d recommend hitting up one of the many whiskey bars in the city. Head to Golden Arrow in St. Pancras for a wee dram from one of their 200+ whiskeys available. You can try one of the monthly tastings or ask one of the experts working there for their advice as to what would match your preferences.

For an international mix of whiskeys, head to The Hyde Bar to choose between Scotch, Japanese, Taiwanese, Swedish, or Canadian whiskeys. After a dram, head to one of the many sports bars scattered throughout the neighborhoods.

For some die-hard Premier League fans, check out Bar Kick, a football-themed pub that has memorabilia on the walls and a foosball table that can get quite competitive after a few pints. If you’re near Haymarket, head to Rileys Sports Bar to catch a big game on one of the many screens.

If you’d rather partake in some friendly competition, head to one of the many Bounce locations, a ping-pong themed bar where you can pay to play table tennis or beer pong. If you really want to be a millenial, sign up for some digital beer pong, where the traditional game is transformed into a computer game.

With cheap prices, neon lights, and making you feel like you’re in college again, this is a great spot to have a few drinks and get the night headed in the right direction.

6. Keep the night goin’ with a trip to one of the many clubs

Ariel Fabric – By Detech 02 at English Wikipedia [Public domain]

If you want to head out after your bar/pub drinks, then London is filled with clubs that are calling your name. This city is not shy of staying open and staying loud until the wee hours of the morning, and the clubs and hidden venues spread throughout the streets easily show that.

We recommend heading to a live music bar one night to see some locals perform, with the 100 Club and The Camden Assembly consistently playing quality live music. For some louder music with some lower lights, head to one of the many clubs. First up, head to Fabric in Farringdon to experience this legendary venue and listen to electro, techno, and disco music.

Try your luck at getting into Heaven in Charing Cross, and join 1,000 other party-people for a night you won’t forget – or definitely will. If you want to feel like you’re going through a hidden passageway to another dimension, head under the railway arches in Shoreditch to find the secretive Cargo, a music venue hosting a wide range of live music and club nights.

For those who want to get lost among the crowds, Printworks in Canada Waters can hold up to 5,000 people. Despite being a little outside the city center, this always-busy old printing place is consistently bringing in big names in the music industry and reaching capacity on weekend nights.

If you’re a techno and dance fan, XOYO is just around the corner in Shoreditch from Cargo and features regular club nights. Last up, for the artsy-type, you can head to Corsica Studios in south London to witness some experimental sound and the younger generation.

Regardless of what venue you choose for your London clubbing experience, you are sure to listen to some great beats, dance the night away, and quite possibly be able to witness the sunrise the next morning. Sounds like a win-win.

7. Kick the hangover with a thought-provoking and heart-pounding activity

To fend off your hangover, you really gotta get up and get moving the next day. There are a few alternative ideas that you can do to brighten your spirits and fight the hangover blues.

First up, we recommend trying a helicopter tour. Yes, you heard right. Potentially not the best idea when you have a splitting headache, but the birds-eye views and the beautiful skyline of the city will bring fresh life into you.

If you want to stay on the ground, you can head to Urban Golf, a virtual golfing center that makes you feel like you’re out in the countryside. You can enjoy a good old hair-of-the-dog with some refreshing craft brews or cocktails while listening to the live DJ pump the tunes.

After an 18-hole course on the Old Course or Pebble Beach, you can also try out the golf version of beer pong – we’re discovering a trend here in London.

If you’re in the mood to try to get your brain cells working again, you can head to one of the escape room challenges throughout the city, and test your knowledge against the puzzles.

Head to ClueQuest to live your fantasy of being James Bond and help Mr. Q save the world. For something a bit strange, head to Lady Chastity’s Reserve to help her find her aphrodisiac wine. For Sherlock Holmes fans, try out Hidden City: Moriarty’s Game, and travel across London to find the enemy safe house.

You will receive clues to your phone, text the answers, and frequent some watering holes during your quest – to fight off the hangover, no doubt. No matter what activity you choose for your post-club adventure, we are confident it will bring you back to life – and ready for the next round of pints.

Get ready for a weekend you and your mates will talk about for the rest of your lives…

London – by
Luke Stackpoole – Unsplash

London is a place where anything goes. There are themed bars, various club nights, expensive restaurants, cheap to-go food trucks, amazing architecture, and bustling underground stations. The adventure and excitement are never-ending in this city, and we can’t think of a better place to have a bachelor party.

Bring your closest friends to enjoy a weekend of adrenaline, great food, quality pours of pints, loud music, dancing, and hangover-busting activities. The only issue we find is finding the motivation to leave and catch your flight – it’s harder than it sounds.