6 Best Coffee Shops in Eastern Paris


The Eastern part of Paris, covering the 10th, 11th, 12th and 20th arrondissements is home to some of the city’s hippest locales. And where there are hipsters, there’s usually (very good) coffee.

Whether an excellent coffee is your main goal or not, Eastern Paris is certainly worth a visit. This section of the city comprises the Bohemian heart and soul of Paris. And with this vibe, comes the center of the city’s food and drink movement. So come with me and let’s discover the best coffee shops in Eastern Paris!

1. Café Oberkampf

Courtesy of Café Oberkampf – Sourced from their website

Located in the middle of the 11th arrondissement, Oberkampf is a cool, trendy neighborhood. This area was one of the first in Eastern Paris to really be gentrified, and become a foodie hot spot. And Café Oberkampf is no exception.

Easily one of the best coffee shops in Eastern Paris, Café Oberkampf walks the fine line between casual brunch spot and serious coffee shop. When you walk into Café Oberkampf, you get the feeling people care. The quality is there in the coffee, the food and the service. Choose from classic coffee offerings and bright brunch fare. Flat Whites, Oat Lattes, Ristrettos, banana bread, avocado toasts, smoothie bowls and shakshuka are all on offer.

practical information:
CafÉ Oberkampf – 3 rue neuve popincourt 75011
Open daily 8AM-3PM
metro: parmentier

2. Aussi(e)

Coffee – by Airair – Wikimedia Commons

Just down the street from Café Oberkampf is another great Eastern Paris coffee spot. Located in one of the neighborhoods’ hippest areas, Aussi(e) is a cool Australian-inspired café and restaurant. This café features typical Aussie decor and serves up Australian style coffees and snacks (excellent and affordable flat whites, at just €3.50) as well as draft beer and upscale bar fare.

Aussi(e) provides a chill and laid back atmosphere during the week; perfect for a study sesh or a cozy coffee. The place gets a little rowdier on weekends, and they often show live Rugby matches from a projector. Worth a repeat visit as the menu changes regularly, and the friendly service is top-notch.

practical information:
CafÉ Oberkampf – 4bis rue neuve popincourt 75011
metro: parmentier


3. Ten Belles

Courtesy of AFAR.com

Without a doubt, Ten Belles is one of the best coffee shops in Eastern Paris. In my opinion, in all of Paris. This place takes good coffee seriously and has been consistently serving up tasty brews since day one.

Whether you want an artisanal latte, a pour over, or just a perfectly-balanced espresso shot, Ten Belles is a good bet. This coffee shop features both some of the best local and international brews. And their original location on Paris’ Right Bank has a cozy second floor, which makes a great study or work space.

Located just a couple blocks from the Canal Saint-Martin, Ten Belles is also a great option if you want a coffee or picnic snack to go. And while on the subject of picnics, it’s worth mentioning that their homemade sourdough bread is incredible. It’s for sale by the kilo, so don’t hesitate to try it!

A second location just opened on the Right Bank, just next to the Bon Marché. So for all of you loyal fans, you can now get your Ten Belles fix on the other side of the river.

practical information:
ten belles – 10bis rue de la grange aux belles 75010
open daily 8:30AM-5:30PM
metro: goncourt

4. Le 50 Belleville Brûlerie

Courtesy of Belleville Brulerie – Sourced from their website

Located on the bustling Rue Belleville in Paris’ 20th arrondissement, le 50 Belleville Brûlerie is a unique coffee shop in the city. Step inside and the delightful scent of freshly-roasted coffee fills your nostrils. Everything is fresh, like really fresh. Here, they roast their own coffee, which is served on-site, as well as sold to other merchants around Paris.

Full of depth without being bitter, Belleville Brûlerie’s coffee is the golden ticket. Whether you want to stop in for a meal (they have homemade sweet and savory options) or just grab a coffee to go, this place is one of the best in the area. Their expansive terrasse is one of my favorite spots to enjoy a coffee during Summer months, and the comfortable interior feels welcoming year-round.

practical information: bellville brûlerie – 50 rue belleville 75020
open wednsday through friday 8Am-4pm
open saturday and sunday 9:30am-5:30Pm
metro: pyrénées


5. Coffee Spoune

Courtesy of Coffee Spoune – sourced from their Facebook page

Our next stop on the best coffee shops in Eastern Paris again brings us back to the Oberkampf area. Coffee Spoune is your typical trendy coffee spot with perfect latte art, minimalist decor, and excellent brews.

The  laid back atmosphere and spacious tables make it an ideal spot for a work or study day. It’s also a local favorite for brunch, since Coffee Spoune serves tasty homemade food as well. Classic café offerings abound, but there are also vegetarian and gluten-free meal options.

practical information:
coffee spoune – 36 rue saint-sebastien 75011
open monday through friday from 8am-6PM
open saturday and sunday 10AM-5PM
metro: filles du calvaire


6. Passager

Courtesy of Passager – Sourced from their Facebook page

Nestled in the heart of one of the city’s coolest neighborhoods is Passager. Part café – part coffee shop, this is one of the best there is. The classic artwork and brick interior create a warm, welcoming environment, and the overall vibe is very chill.

Some of the best coffee in Eastern Paris awaits you behind their concrete counter, equipped with a state of the art espresso machine. Not only is the coffee is Passager fresh and delicious, but so is their food! Their brunch-themed menu pairs perfectly with the coffee offerings, and you can choose from sumptuous yet healthy options all day long. Think salmon avocado toast with a generous side salad, or a fruit smoothie bowl topped with homemade granola.

The choices here are tasty yet well-balanced and not too indulgent. Passager is definitely a great spot for a weekend brunch in Eastern Paris. Plus, afterwards, you’ll be right in the middle of one of the city’s most popular bar districts. Maybe a local watering hole is the perfect place to continue your Parisian evening.

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practical information:
passager café – 107 avenue ledru-rollin 75011
open tuesday through saturday from 8:30AM-6:30PM
open sundays from 10am-6:30pm
metro: ledru-rollin