Barbès Rochechouart


Barbès Rochechouart is a subway station that marks the spot where the 9th, 10th and 18th arrondissements of Paris come together at one single point.  It is located east of Montmartre and Pigalle.  This neighborhood is very cosmopolitan and often associated with immigration from people of Northern Africa as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

1.La Butte Montmartre

Montmartre dominated by the Sacré Cœur – Wikipedia

Montmartre is a very authentical, very Parisien neighborhood. It is famous for the Sacré-Coeur basilica that you can see in the picture above. It is worth climbing up as you will have the most beautiful view of Paris you could wish for. The top of the hill is accessible by taking the funicular railway which is the same price as a subway ticket. Sporty people will certainly prefer to make their way to the top by climbing the 222 steps across the Louise Michel park…

After visiting the basilica you can go visit the Place du Tertre that is famous for its many caricaturists, the Dali space or Montmatre’s vineyards. By the way, if you are interested in discovering this picturesque “village of Montmartre”, Discover Walks run a free walking tour over there, find out more here.

2.Barbès’s market

Located just under the aerial metro, it is the cheapest market you can find here in Paris. It takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The atmosphere is pretty intense, there are many people especially at around 11 am. Get ready to get jostled. Still, it offers fresh fruits and vegetables. You can, for example, get cherries at 1 euro per kg that you would pay five times the price in supermarkets.

3.The Louxor cinema

The Louxor cinema – Wikipedia

With such beautiful architecture, the Louxor is more of a theatre or an opera than a  movie theater. It has balconies, velvet chairs and is decorated in an Egyptian kind of style.  It is considered as an independent cinema as it shows mostly independent movies for the ridiculous price of five euros (in another Parisien cinema you could pay up to 12 euros for an adult ticket…). The best room is the first one. It has the best sound and the best screen. You can also have a drink there, on a terrasse, before or after your screening.

Fun fact, the Louxor almost became a Tati shop in the 80’s. It was also a gay club in 1988 before the project dropped out. It only came back to be a cinema thanks to the district’s inhabitants. Indeed, many of them gathered and signed a petition to save the place. It ended up with the town buying the cinema in 2003.

4. The Tati shop

The Tati shop, “the cheapest prices” – Challenges

Tati was founded by Jules Ouaki in 1948 and the first-ever shop was opened here, in Barbès Rochechouart. Bit by bit, the brand bought all of the surrounding buildings. By the 1970s the shop was 2.800 meters square with 40 000 people daily. In the morning, people would queue in the street waiting for the shop to open.

Tati’s success is due to its very low prices. As the advertising slogan is saying: “Tati, the cheapest prices”. You will find some clothes, knickknacks, things for your home, weddings, and parties in general. Still, you should know that it is not always of the best quality. Sometimes products can be damaged or a piece can be missing from an ensemble.

5. Meïso

L’oasis Meïso – Les voyageurs audacieux

Meïso is a Parisien startup that offers to make you experience a state close to meditation by being inside a special chamber that isolates you completely. Concretely, you float naked inside a bath filled with salty water and the whole experience happens in complete darkness (did you say Stranger Things? )According to some people, you get to feel what a baby feels in its mother’s womb.

On a medical point of view, those chambers would be very efficient in the treatment of sleeping disorders, pain, and hypertension.  Count around 49 euros a session.

51 Boulevard de la Chapelle, 75010 Paris – Tel: 07 67 14 20 32

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