5 Parisian Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


If you didn’t post it on social media, did it even happen? The existential millennial dilemma we’ve all had to question and one point or another; whether to post our every move to Instagram or resist the urge to be so constantly connected.

Thankfully there exists an army of Instagram users who dedicate their time to sharing the beauty and secrets of Paris.

By simply following one of the many Paris based Instagram profiles you’ll receive daily content and targeted inspiration for this beloved city.

Paris rooftops – by Paris With Me Instagram – Sourced from their Instagram

Whether you’re planning a trip to Paris or clinging to the memory of a trip gone past, these Instagram accounts will keep the flair of the French capital alive for years to come.

Some profiles focus on the attraction aspect of the city; the museums, the Seine and the Eiffel Tower making frequent appearances on the curated grids.

Others explore Paris from a cuisine level; where to find the best vegan croissants in Le Marais, how to enjoy foes gras, why Montparnasse makes the best crepes.

Finally, Paris from a creative mind is the last of the Instagram bunch. The designers, the fashion and the art coming from the youth of the city.

Here are 5 Parisian Instagram accounts you need to follow.

1. Baci Di Dama


Chiara is an Italian woman originally from Naples who has recently made Paris her home. She runs this account as a courtesy to everyone who lives gluten free or with celiac disease who plans to visit Paris.

Traveling gluten free is not the easiest thing in the world. It requires daily effort to find suitable foods that wont cause harm. Having an Instagram account solely curated around where to go and what to see to enjoy Paris to the fullest without risk is a godsend.

Baci Di Dama – by Baci Di Dama – Sourced from their Instagram

On Baci Di Dama you’ll enjoy a flurry of beautifully photographed meals from all over Paris. Thrown in the mix are a few notable sights and Parisian landscapes for you to enjoy as well.

Even if you’re not gluten free, the food Chiara finds around town is delicious and worth hunting down! You won’t have to walk the streets in search of the best cafe in Montmartre — she’ll show you exactly where to go .

2. See My Paris


See My Paris is one of the most popular Parisian Instagram accounts currently in activity. It was founded by a woman named Benedicte who also curates @wonderwanders.

See My Paris is now run by a team of individuals who work together to add consistency beautiful shots from their walks through Paris. Essentially they are like a virtual free guided walking tour that brings Paris straight to your smartphone daily.

See My Paris – by See My Paris – Sourced from their Instagram

The images range from attractions to beautiful streets, coffee shops to plazas — as the team roams, so do you.

What’s great about this profile is the diversity of areas that you get exposed to through their many contributors. You are hardly ever limited to just a few arrondissements — you’ll jump everywhere from the 1st to the 20th and all in between.

3. Paris With Me


It seems Anna lives in a Parisian dream world — one that we’d all like to get involved in.

Follow her Instagram and be whisked away with her daily adventures, meals and uncovering of hidden gems. Paris With Me is a great addition to your Instagram feed for both the posted content and stories.

Paris With Me – by Paris With Me – Sourced from their Instagram

What’s wonderful about Anna’s Instagram is that although it appears to reflect this whimsical, dreamy city, it never feels unattainable. Her morning croissant overlooking Le Marais or her rooftop sundowner with the Eiffel Tower lingering nearby are experiences that can be had by us all when visiting the city.

Anna loves to travel and her feed often features other notable destinations around the planet. Call it 80% Paris and 20% world — a healthy mix.

4. Candice Perrin


Candice Perrin is a Parisian Art History student living in the city center. Her Instagram is one of the best curated feeds available when it comes to Parisian content.

Most people are astounded to learnt that she solely takes images on her iPhone. She has a beautiful eye for colors and lines; her city images are moody without being deterring.

Candice Perrin – by Candice Perrin – Sourced from their Instagram

She is also one of the few Instagrammers who will take to the streets the minute it begins to snow in Paris. Throughout her feed you’ll flow with the seasons; the blooming of spring right through to the depths of the winter time.

Not many of her posts are location specific, they are more so a general feel for Paris. She will, however, reply should anyone query where exactly a specific place is found.

5. Airbnb in Paris


One thing to note about all of the above Instagram accounts is that they all have a classic Parisian home base from which they run. Having beautiful accommodation during your stay in Paris is imperative to setting the scene for your own Instagram curations.

Hotels and hostels are great, but sometimes staying in a typical old Parisian apartment is far more preferable. Airbnb in Paris holds some of the best in the world.

Airbnb in Paris – by Airbnb – Sourced from their website

Whether you want to feel like an early 1900s poet in a Bastille loft, or a struggling artist living in a back room in the Latin Quarter — Airbnb can make it happen.

Use their Instagram and social media to browse the best of what Paris has to offer during your stay. With the right eye you’ll be on your way to becoming the next notable Instagram account worth following, right from your Parisian balcony.

Stay connected to Paris wherever you are in the world with just the click of a follow of any of the above. Keeping the charm of the city alive relies a lot on the work that these curators do — its an art worth supporting.

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