5 Most Beautiful Picnic Parks in Lisbon


Lisbon, as the capital of Portugal, has sufficient resources for outdoor activities and sports in the fresh air. All the sights are good, without them Lisbon would not be Lisbon. But, you see, sometimes you want a little distraction from their contemplation and take a more relaxing holiday.

Especially if you come with children, then they definitely want to take a break in between museums to run on the grass and climb on various structures specifically designed for this purpose. Even during the hot season, it is so convenient to throw a little picnic in the city and enjoy the Lisbon vibe.

In Lisbon, there are several similar places that I can recommend:

1. Parque Florestal de Monsanto

Parque Florestal de Monsanto

Parque Florestal de Monsanto, sourced from Wikimedia

Today I would like to start a story about green areas for outdoor activities and a perfect picnic place with a large forest park located in Lisbon. Occupying almost 10% of its area –  Parque Florestal de Monsanto (Park Florestal de Monsanto).

This is a large recreational area with a forest park, children’s amusement parks, observation platforms, radical sports parks, picnic places, mountain climbing and other opportunities for active recreation. Yes, and just walking there is very nice!

You can easily see on the map that it is located almost in the geometric center of the city. If you want, you can combine a visit to the sights with a visit to the park Monsanto, the benefit is it is located near the historic district of Belém (Belen).

Here you will find the park Monsanto (Parque Florestal de Monsanto) on the map.

2. Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina (Park Recreativo do Alvito)

The park also has a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (Centro de Recuperação Animais Silvestres), which is located in the Reserve Zone (Espaço Biodiversidade) of 16 sq. Km, where the Monsanto flora and fauna are kept in their original form.

Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina (PRAS) or it is also known as the Park of the Indians. The park is well equipped and has various attractions for children and their parents. On the other hand, this park is a real observation deck, offering a wonderful view of Lisbon.

Lawns, numerous trees, and shrubs, as well as the presence of ponds, have a walk. There is also a restaurant, a park for picnics, as well as a driving school for children.

It is one of the most important children’s parks of Monsanto, and indeed of all of Lisbon. Recently renovated, it offers new and more reliable equipment: tents, a caravel, and a wooden train. The equipment is distributed by children’s ages: one zone with multifunctional towers and swings for children up to 6 years, followed by an area for children from 6 to 12 years old and Adventure Park.

If you want to have a picnic with family and friends, there are several and one of the best is Parque das Merendas in Monsanto Park. This is a specially equipped place for picnics in nature. There are tables, benches, in some places, there are also places for kebabs. It is forbidden to make a fire inside.

There are also places for sports with specially equipped routes with exercise equipment.

3. Parque Recreativo dos Moinhos de Santana

This park is located in the lower part of the scheme; It can be reached from the Restelo area. And it has 3 basketball fields for free use.

The Parque Recreativo dos Moinhos de Santana (PRMS) has 5 hectares of extensive lawns, trees, and bushes. The pond and the cascade invite to walk along the paved paths that cover the whole territory.

This park is located on a fairly high place, offering a great view of Lisbon and the Tagus River. The park has sports equipment, a restaurant, a park for picnics, a children’s park, a place for skating, a ring for roller skating, as well as a route for playing sports. There is also an open-air amphitheater, accommodating up to 180 people.

This park is located behind the Ajuda Palace.

How to get there

By foot via Monsanto or by bus 728, 732, stop Rua Tristão Vaz

4. Outdoors on wheels – Alameda Keil do Amaral

Barriers and ramps for skateboard, BMX and roller skates. Mountain bike and BMX Freestyle with a picnic park. Here is where it located on the map.

5. Adventure Park – Parque Aventura

Adventure Park - Parque Aventura

Adventure Park – Parque Aventura, sourced from Wikimedia

Route Adventure. Mini-basketball field. Climbing wall at 8 meters. Park for picnics. Route for sports. It’s located over here.

6. Stone Park – Parque da Pedra

Climbing wall artificial with 130 m2 usable area and a maximum height of 12m. Three blocks for climbing (Boulders). Adventure route with 18 overhead obstacles. Park for picnics.

Location: Pedreira da Serafina

7. Mata de São Domingos de Benfica

Mata de São Domingos de Benfica

Mata de São Domingos de Benfica, sourced from Wikimedia

This place has diverse vegetation and is widely used for environmental education. Mata de São Domingos de Benfica has the following equipment: a basketball field, a picnic park, a recreation area, a children’s park, toilets, walking trails, a sports course, and parking. Here is the Adventure Park (Parque Aventura) – a zone for radical sports.

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Rules for children’s amusement parks and Picnic areas

  • It is forbidden to enter with animals, only the entrance of a dog is possible.
  • It is forbidden to ride a bike and skateboard.
  • It is forbidden to walk in high heels in the area of the children’s park.