5 Ideas for a Bachelorette Night in Rome


Numerous couples head out on a romantic journey in the Eternal City. The ability to tie the knot amid scenic panoramas and ancient buildings is one of the most unforgettable experience that the Eternal City can offer to those couples in love.

Honeymoons in Italy are also quite common. However visitors – please do not forget that Rome is not only a romantic destination. It is also a place where you can enjoy your bachelorette night to the max! Rome has so much to offer for future brides-to-be.

5 Exciting Ideas for a Bachelorette Night in Rome
1 .   Girls’ Wine Night

Image by the Umbra Institute

First option:  book a wine night with your girlfriends. There are numerous wine tasting options with combined winery tours, and there are also wine tastings that feature appetizers reflecting the flavors of the particular region they represent.

My recommended choice for a wine night out on the town is the Food and Wine tour that takes place in the historical Trevi neighborhood.  This tour also features delicious Italian wines such as the Tuscan Montepulciano, the Sicilian Nero D’Avola, and many more!

Once you are part of the tour, you will be guided  into all unforgettable historical spots in the area including the always packed Fontana Di Trevi, the charming Pantheon and the scenic Spanish steps.

Your itinerary will include stops at cool locations where you can snack on and sample traditional Italian appetizers, including prosciutto, cheeses, and pizza slices with various toppings, and after that you can indulge in some authentic Italian gelato.

The tour will also guide you through the iconic Camp de’ Fiori market where you can sample locally produced fresh ingredients.

The starting price for this tour is $101.

You can book it here:

2. Enjoy a spa night out on the town

Cavallieri Spa, Image by Luxury Spa Destinations

A bachelorette night party should not be always wild and full of of nightlife adventures.

A bachelorette party might mean a night of bliss and tranquility at one of Rome’s chic spa spots. For a girl’s outing we recommend the Cavallieri Grand Spa Club, where you can immerse in rejuvenating body rituals that will refresh and invigorate your body and mind.

You can sign up for a customized facial or a massage, and you have numerous massage ingredient options to pick from, and those include caviar, honey and spice, all of them with soothing and hydrating qualities that will bring you to haven.

Prices start from 120 Euro.

Cavalieri Grand Spa Club  Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel
Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 · +39 06 3509 2950


3. Rent a Hotel Room (big!) or a Private Venue and Throw a Roman-Style Bachelorette Party

Party Roman Columns, Image by DHGate.com

This is a unique idea for a Roman-inspired bachelorette adventure. Advise all your guests to wear Roman attire, such as Togas! Please put that in your invitation email to make it clear to all your guests that they will be part of a Roman feast.

You can either rent or buy your Roman costume. Roman style columns can be found in a party store in Rome, but call in advance to make sure that what you need is in stock.

You can serve finger food, reminiscent of the past Roman times, such as a Cesar salad or a plate of stuffed grape leaves.  Team it all up with red wine or Prosecco.

Party World Rome, Via Properzio, 2/B, 00193 Roma RM
4. Soft Rafting on the Tibet River

For a girls’ day out, choose some aqua adventures on the Tiber river.

With packages starting around 40 Euro, you will have the option to sight-see the beauty of Rome from a raft.

Before you initiate this activity, a guide will explain all the safety techniques related to paddling so that you can move smoothly on the water. You will have to  familiarize yourself with the equipment and other safety procedures related to occasional drop offs into the water.

While you raft, you will be able to enjoy the grandeur of the St. Angelo Castle and the fantastic Dome of St. Peter all spreading in front f your eyes.

Address: Ponte Milvio, 00135 Roma RM Phone+39 391 708 8061
5. Limo Ride for Girls on a Bachelorette Night

Image by Tours in Rome

Party Vegas style in Rome with a fancy limo ride. Get together for a 2 hour ride around the city, with a bottle of good champagne and indulge in the sights of Rome with your girlfriend.

Dress sexy so that you can hit a  night spot after your happy ride. Most of the limo ride options provide up to 2 bottles of champagne, but you can stock your limo up with more if necessary.

Initiate a city tour by booking a limo ride.
Rome In Limo Rome InLimo Tours and Excursion
Address: Via Colonnello Tommaso Masala, 42, 00148 Roma RM   Phone: +39 349 759 6920

There are numerous other options for a hen party in Rome,  from party bus rides to fancy limo rides and boat rides, the opportunities are endless.

You can also book a VIP table at  a night club or a vibrant venue in Trastevere, or you can find a park to throw a picnic at. Bring fancy baskets full of food and a bottle of good wine and enjoy lunch over mimosas and a good conversation.

No matter what activity you choose for your special hen night in Rome, you will certainly enjoy it. Rome offers so much for tourists that you will certainly enjoy mingling with the cosmopolitan crowds, enjoying your last single days in style!

Book all in advance, so that you enjoy an organized night out on the town with your favorite girlfriends in the Eternal City!